Your man <33
[u]The Enzo/Michael and Lord of the Rings queen!![/b]

Holly: My little Frenchie! Ines and i just started talking one day, and our friendship just grew and grew every day! We both have a passion for Haiwan and i Cinta hearing about her little "zoo" as she calls it! Ines is funny and kind and very loving. I Cinta how unique she is and how she's always making everyone smile and laugh!
Ade: Ines is my kegemaran french girl on Fanpop <3 She is such a cutie and I Cinta talking to her because she's really realistic, passionate and very mature. We don't share that much fandom but we
share about personal life/experiences and she has been of a huge help this year. Also, I need to mention I ADORE her ikon-ikon so much. Definitely one of my kegemaran people on line <3

Bee: Ines and I are completely different ends of the spectrum, yet we get along just fine. She's so caring, strong and beautiful, inside and out. We haven't spoken much lately but I can't wait for that to change!
Nerea: we know each other for years and she is still one of my best friends. I only have good words for her: she is amazing, one of the best persons I have ever met! She is so lovely, friendly, creative and she always has kind words for everybody. Besides, as we have similar tastes, thanks to her I’ve met some of my current favourite things.
Atie: Ines is an amazing person.She's so friendly.She's very unique and different but in the best way possible.She's highly creative.I Cinta her ikon-ikon and fanarts.She's always so great to talk to.Love her <3
Jess: I'm just back with Penulisan with her and still - she is amazing, she is so nice and fun to talk to! Also whenever I think of her I think of TVD and also GOT and I think its amazing that she also knows DH and I can talk to her about that :=
Elle: We are slowly starting to get to know each other, and I am loving finding out things about anda such as TVD and PLL. I Cinta how anda are always supporting people through commenting on people’s dinding posts and offering to be there. I am loving getting to know your wonderful personality.
Maria: Super talented and super Brave . Even though we don't have much in common I can always talk with her ,she's great . And I Cinta the fact that she has her own personal style<3. Cinta you<3
Nic: My other Frenchy!!! My goth metal princess<333 She's the most different from me style-wise but we've bonded so much over some small things that we have in common! She's always there and up for chat atau games, and one of the best Friends in general! Lexi to my Stef forever<333
Fatemeh: Zoey to my Madison <3 We aren’t as close as I want us to be but you’re very nice and talented. I Cinta how you’re different from all of us. (not in the bad way :P) but anda still get along with all of us just fine. I hope we talk lebih in the future. I Cinta you.
Amber: I Cinta how dedicated Ines is to the things that she loves! And I Cinta how she always takes the time to komen and compliment people on their work, which I really admire. I see her as such an inspiration, especially in how true to herself she is. She is also so open minded and indedpendent, and just yeah she’s the best :D Cinta anda <33
Aline: I just Cinta that even though you're from the 'new blood' that came into the family, you're just invested 100%, always there to make picks and stuff. Besides your dedication, I think is your willingness to welcome and gather everyone together that I Cinta most. anda would do anything for your Friends and defend them if need to be, which is awesome.
Rach: Inés is such an awesome, unique person. She is so honest without ever being rude, she's caring and creative, and she is very easy to talk to. She is super talented at like everything and I am very lucky to call her my friend! I think she is going to do such amazing things in her life and I can't wait to see every one of them! Cinta anda loads, hon <333
Rana: Ines is awesome! We don’t really have that much in common, but when we do talk it’s always fun! She’s just a really great and caring person. She’s also very understanding and understands when she is wrong about something. She also makes me laugh! Cinta anda my Gabrielle.
Kir:Such a sweet girl! My TVD and GOT fangirl buddy <33
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Also your man <33