Leyton Family<3 Personality countdown #2 ; Nic: Round 17} Pick the female among his bahagian, atas 20 that he's LEAST like, personality wise!

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Brooke Davis
Santana Lopez
Monica Geller
Miranda Hobbes
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 XxXrachellXxX posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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XxXrachellXxX picked Brooke Davis:
Round 19:
Round 18:
Round 17:
Round 16: Rachel Green
Round 15: Carrie Bradshaw
Round 14: Robin Scherbatsky
Round 13: Amy Farrah Fowler
Round 12: Jess Day
Round 11: Penny
Round 10: Izzie Stevens
Round 9: Piper Halliwell
Round 8: Haley James Scott
Round 7: Lily Aldrin
Round 6: Lexie Grey
Round 5: Miranda Bailey
Round 4: Phoebe Buffay
Round 3: Quinn Fabray
Round 2: Charlotte York
Round 1: Peyton Sawyer

Very good top 4 <3
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Nicolas97 picked Brooke Davis:
YES <3333

and now it's definitely Brooke! I relate to her constant switch from "I'm not good enough" to "I'm one in a million" I definitely change my mind about my value every day! And we share the same kind of humor, non-thinking tongue, love for fashion and hope of a family, we also put our friends very high in our lives that's why we might be harsh on then when they hurt us even a little because we invest everything on them. And we have the same parent issues most of the times! My mom is always there for me however, but she is always criticizing/judging my choices (I know it's for my best) and my dad, I know he adores me, but he doesn't care about how I feel or who do I wanna be, he just wants me to be healthy and successful in life! But other than these little things, she is way to perfect to relate that much to her, it's like she is unreal! She's strong, smart, helpful, brave, original, trustworthy, reliable and much more that I'm not.

The other three have imperfections I can definitely relate the most too!

Miranda - Everyday I relate a little bit more to her! She's sarcastic and cynical in every situation that has happened in her life at first, she's funny and the comical relief of the group, she's dynamic but also really insecure about her self and especially body, she's sometimes harsh and judgmental to her friends because she loves them and make their problems her problems and is bothered when her friends get stuck up on guys! She does not need a significant other in her life, or at least she makes herself and the others believe that, she loves her job more than anything (well if I become what I want I'll too), she is reliable and always there for her friends with the price of a sarcastic comment at first, and she is in love with chocolate and television! I don't think there's anything I don't relate to that woman.

Santana - ok some of you *glare at maria* state I'm nothing like Santana and I'm only relating to her because I adore her that much. Well I accept all of those choices I don't mind different povs, and I won't pressure anyone to keep her inside if they don't want to. But I'd like to point out why I relate to her that much! First of all the bitchy part, I will never be as good a HBIC as her and I'm not even sure I want to, but on human levels I come off as a bitch 90% when I feel even a little bit insecure or offended. I don't like people calling me names because I haven't even found myself and I don't allow anyone else to push me into it. Santana is both emotionally strong and weak at points, the same points as mine. When her classmates and school does not accept her she can burst into tears or slap the person that betrayed her or she thinks that betrayed her. She will shout and scream and be cheap sometimes because she's right or because she feels she gets pity or hate at that moment. When, however, a family member won't accept her, she's weak to react, she's hurt and she just stands there like a piece of garbage letting people telling her what to do or not do. Until she's had enough. Santana either thinks she's not worth of good things to happen to her, or thinks she is underestimated and deserves more than she gets, she goes madly crazy bitch when someone make her realize that sometimes she might be pathetic and that's the way she deals with her inside fears. She walks so mad at the world because she's fighting with her self and deep down inside she's afraid of everyone else in her life.

Monica - Mon is the funny part of me and also the annoying part of me. I will always be disappointed when I lose and it's just something that has always been in me and I will not be ashamed of it, I love winning and I play to win, I don't play to have fun ok? I'm also bossy. I want to make my friends do what I think is best for them even when they wanna be careless, but I won't take advice on me! Nuh-uh! I love rules in games, I hate when people mess with the rules because to me it's only fun with rules! She's sarcastic (even though it's hidden when she's next to Chandler) and she makes fun of her friends, Rachel in particular, all the time! She maybe come of as a hard person sometimes because she wants to motivate people to be better and better because that's what she wanna be! Finally our moms love us but always gonna judge every move we make, literally every move we make! One thing we differ though is cleaning obsession and organization obsession! I could never have my house fully organized, it's always messy!

I'm so sorry for the article but I thought I should start explaining myself ;-)
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XNaley_JamesX picked Brooke Davis:
Dude, I'm way to tired to read all of this ;P
I believe you! ;)
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Piu95 picked Brooke Davis:
Like Celine said, I believe you but I did read all of this :p
and omg with Miranda's description. I feel like you talk about me?! 'Except the in love with chocolate' part but oh well :p But you really think I'm a Carrie ? Actually I did took a quiz that was like 'how much Carrie are you?' or something like that and I got 'You're a Miranda' :p
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Nicolas97 picked Brooke Davis:
^ Watching SATC I think you're a mix of Carrie & Miranda! But watching TCD makes me connect you so much to Carrie! I see some kind of alike personalities and talents and problems and stuff! After TCD I'm deffo sure you're a Carrie but I see a lot of Miranda's personality in you! It's the exact opposite of me imo, I am a Miranda in every way but sometimes I have a lot of Carrie moments and actually we have same taste in style (I'm not that fabulous though!!!!) we tend to prefer strong colors both up and down even if it's a fashion rule when you wear a powerful color up you must wear a pale color down but I never do that, and we're both bold with our style choices even if sometimes we can off as weird or unfashionable! But after style & passion for writing / writing technique, Carrie's personality is far from mine a lot of times :)
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