Leyton Family<3 {Male personality countdown ; ROUND 1} Rana; pick the male character who anda think is LEAST like Rana personality-wise! (READ descriptions, please)

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Jack Pearson
Jess Mariano
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Brian O’Conner
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Tyrion Lannister
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Alex Karev
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Lucas Scott
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Ryan Atwood
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Jasper Frost
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Randall Pearson
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Logan Echolls
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Killian Jones/Captain Hook
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Dominic Toretto
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Caleb Rivers
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Steven Hyde
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 Elbelle23 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Elbelle23 picked Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold:
1)    Jess Mariano (GILMORE GIRLS)
Smart and quick-witted. Sarcasm is his defense mechanism. He starts off as being this jerk who can’t communicate for the life of him but eventually grows up to be this mature, kind guy who still kept his core personality 

2)    Brian O’Conner (FAST AND FURIOUS)
He always struggles between right and wrong, he doesn’t believe in “black/white” believes there’s a grey area. Would do anything for his family and frieds. 

3)    Tyrion Lannister (GAME OF THRONES)
Very sarcastic, humorous, light hearted. Tries to put out a tough exterior but is actually very soft on the inside. If he loves you he’ll do anything for you. 

4)    Alex Karev (GREYS ANATOMY)
He comes off as very mean and often pushes people away because he’s had a rough upbringing. But once you get to know him you find out he’s a total sweetheart and would do anything for the people he cares about. 

5)    Lucas Scott (ONE TREE HILL)
Struggles between right and wrong, loses his way often, but has a kind heart and has somewhat of a hero complex. 

6)    Ryan Atwood (THE OC)
Comes from a rough background and has a hard time letting people in. Very protective, kind, and sarcastic. 

7)    Jasper Frost (THE ROYALS)
When you first meet him he’s very stone cold, has no emotions, comes off as very distant. But once you get to know him he’s the biggest dork ever and is also very insecure. 

8)    Jack Pearson (THIS IS US)
Kind hearted, super amazing, funny, warm, would literally do ANYTHING for his family even if it means sacrificing things he loves. He came from a rough family background and doesn’t want his family to go through the same 

9)    Randall Pearson (THIS IS US)
He often feels like the outsider and the loner. He’s very hardworking, dedicated, and the biggest dork ever. 

10)    Logan Echolls (VERONICA MARS)
sarcastic, messed up, can come off as super rude and mean but is actually very sweet and kindhearted 

11)    Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold (ONCE UPON A TIME)
Super misunderstood. He’s very insecure about himself and that often drives him to do crazy things. He struggles between good and bad 

12)    Killian Jones/Captain Hook (ONCE UPON A TIME)
Sarcastic, tortured, badass. Originally was evil and didn’t care about doing the right thing but after some good influences and life experiences he slowly started to change his ways. 

13)    Dominic Toretto (FAST AND FURIOUS)
Badass, family guy. Would do anything for the people he loves. Super kindhearted and sweet. 

14)    Caleb Rivers (PRETTY LITTLE LAIRS)
Techy, smart (street & book), if you mean something to him he’ll do anything for you. Sarcastic, baddass, etc. 

15)    Steven Hyde (THAT 70S SHOW)
Paranoid, doesn’t trust anyone, especially the government, sarcastic, funny, would do anything for the people he cares about but would never show it 

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Elbelle23 picked Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold:
Pretty much the same as Amber really...I know Rana adores him but I don't know
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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Nicolas97 picked Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold:
^ Agree with Elle
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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XNaley_JamesX picked Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold:
^^ me too

Btw, Rana's descriptions are so on point! ;P
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Kirkir picked Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold:
Yeah ^^^
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mooshka picked Jack Pearson:
@Celine, lmfao my description are so short and basic compared to everyone else!! But hey you guys don't have to read a lot for mine, so you're welcome :P

Anyways, I would be okay with Rumple going out right now because I love him but I don't really relate to him, but I definitely relate to Jack the least. He's just such a perfect soul and i could never live up lol
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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marakii picked Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold:
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