Leyton Family<3 10 things I hate on certain shows. What one do anda agree with??

Pick one:
Glee: That Rachel still gets blamed for everything.
Glee: Quinn knows what it's like to be bullied, and yet she treats Rachel like cr
Glee: Finn being a hypocrite about cheating and not letting Rachel alih on, while
Glee: They never adresed the Shelby/Beth suituation in season 2
One pokok Hill: Peyton getting all the hate when LP cheated, though Lucas gets not
One pokok Hill: People calling Haley dramtic for her suicide attempt
The OC: Marisaa never trusting Ryan
The OC: I hated Theresa for lying to Ryan about losing the baby.
Gilmore Girls: I hated that Rory Lost her virginity to Dean
Gilmore Girls: How Chris tried to ruin Luke and Lorelai's relationship, not carin
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