What made me give Brucas a saat look- their little moments :)
So… with the baru-baru ini news that I suspected I was beginning to like BL, I have received numerous questions, and concerns (out of pure shock) from not only my fellow LP fans, but BL peminat-peminat as well. So I thought I would take the time to just further explain, and clear up what my official viewpoint/stance on the couples are!

Yes, it’s true, I recently declared that I had started to discover a “new found appreciation” for Brooke & Lucas. While making a big selection of BL icons, it forced me to re-visit their story a little bit. And as silly as it sounds, I will gladly admit that… it did slightly open my eyes, and alter my view of them. For the past… eight years (?) I had simply forgotten, atau overlooked many of BL’s small, story building moments. Moments such as Brooke saying that Lucas “meant everything” to her in season 1. The way that Lucas fought, in every way he knew how to get Brooke back, even all the way down to trying to perfectly choose the right Halloween costume, to impress her in 3x04. Him later saving Brooke’s feather from her Halloween costume. Brooke ripping down all of her pictures of Ciuman other boys, but keeping the one up of her and Lucas. Brooke talking about the “ache in her heart”, where Lucas used to be. Lucas saying that he couldn’t imagine life around pokok bukit without her. The passion in Lucas when he explains that there is a girl who is part of his history, and he had to see her because he felt like she was slipping away. The ache that anda can see from Lucas, as Brooke tells Karen that they are “just friends”. Them both declaring to other people that they are “the ones” for each other.

…just all of the moments that prove that they were so much lebih than just never ending drama, and shallow games. If anda look beyond all that, and look at WHY they did the things that they did…you’ll see there were definitely real, strong, and deep feelings there. What some (even myself at times) simply see as “immaturity”, was really just them trying to cope with their pain and hesitation, and grow as a couple the best way that they knew how. And all the while, even if to some of us, they handled their build up in a less than ideal way, they did still have genuine and sincere feelings for each other. And I do acknowledge, and respect that now.

What I’ve come to appreciate about BL
1. Their passion- there’s no denying that whatever BL did, they did it with passion, and intensity. Whether it be Brooke pouring her hati, tengah-tengah out to Lucas on his doorstep, atau Lucas pouring his hati, tengah-tengah out to Brooke in the rain. There was always definite emotion there. It was never just Membaca lines for them. Their emotion, and passion for each other always shines through, no matter what the scene.
2. Their ability to change each other- I find it extremely admirable how BL took each other outside of their comfort zones, and they were okay with it. She brought out the fun, spontaneous, free spirited side of Lucas. And he brought out the vulnerable, dependant, commitment, “giving a rat’s ass” side of Brooke. Partners that are able to mold atau transform each other from their usual ways, just from simply being around each other really proves how much of an effect they have on each other.
3. Their longing for each other- I forgot quite a bit just how much BL really did long for each other, individually. There’s something really beautiful about the way they both deep down wanted the same things, but were just unable to voice it during the right times, atau tunjuk it properly. Brooke sleeping with Chris, Lucas hanging around Rachel, Brooke Ciuman and skinny dipping with other guys, Lucas Ciuman Peyton in 3x16, Lucas making Brooke feel like he didn’t need her… underneath the surface of all that, their hearts were only with one person, and they only longed to be with one person… each other.
4. The “little” moments- As I already explained above, it was all of their little moments such as the examples I listed, that made me really re-think just how much there really is to there story, and forced me to kind of give them another look.

But with all of that said… does that mean that I like them? Mmm, not quite. I thought maybe I was starting to, but I’ve come to the realization that I like certain parts of them, sure. But those parts are still way outnumbered sejak the things about them that I dislike. I appreciate their keseluruhan passion, and their feelings for each other that were very much there at one time. But I just can’t overlook all of the problems that they did still have.

The things that will always prevent me from really liking BL
1. Their never ending battles of failing to really understand each other, make each other feel 100% comfortable, and secure in their relationship, etc.- It’s because of these types of problems that I will just never be able to look at them as a couple who had the potential, atau proper make up to really last. atau as a couple who are MEANT to last.

As opposed to LP- whose Cinta (platonic atau otherwise), connection, understanding of each other, prioritizing of each other, and ability to properly be there for each other and let each other in never waivered, atau failed. While BL without a doubt did certainly Cinta each other, I very much see Peyton as the girl for Lucas, and I always will. She understands him. His interests, his beliefs, his family background and struggles, even his healing process… after all, she’s “the same way”. It was even quite often because of her, and her ability to understand and get through to Lucas, that BL were able to succeed at times. For instance, LP’s conversation in 3x17, and Peyton’s komen to him about “letting Brooke help him out with this one”, and “Brooke giving him her heart, and he should give her his hati, tengah-tengah back” was what made him even realize that he should let her be there for him, like she was trying to be. Peyton gets him, and she gets how his mind works. After he found out about Dan killing Keith, she let Lucas have his space, without feeling insecure about it. Unlike Brooke, who broke down, jumped to negative conclusions, and just couldn’t handle it when Lucas kept his distance during his healing process, after Keith died. Simple, small things like that just prove how much Peyton really gets him, and how much lebih secure, and comfortable she is in their relationship than Brooke ever was.

2. Peyton really appreciated him; unlike Brooke- This one’s plain, and simple. Peyton never saw Lucas as merely something to conquer, whether it be sexually atau as means of pride atau revenge. She just loved him, that’s all… quietly, and from afar. She sat back and watched Brooke play games with him, use him, and flat out take her relationship with him for granted… as she all the while was willing to “give anything” to be with him. Brooke never realized atau appreciated what she had, while she had it. Unlike Peyton, who realized it all along, even when she wasn’t with him… and even lebih so when she was. For instance, her ability to recognize the seriousness of her and Lucas’ “first time” in 4x17, and it having as much of a toll on her as it did (her staring out of the hotel room window, thinking // her later explanation, “I Cinta anda Lucas, and it’s a big deal”), just shows how much Lucas meant to her, and how she really took every part of them to heart. I don’t recall Brooke ever really taking in any of BL’s moments like that, and appreciating them for what they truly meant. Instead she spent a lot of her time with him either stringing him along, sending him mixed signals, atau just irrationally lashing out towards him, about things that she really didn’t need to. In my opinion, it was a rare occasion for Brooke to spend her time with Lucas just… being happy, content, and appreciative.

I could really go on, and on. I won't get into ALL the things that I still favor about LP, because that could turn into a whole other artikel in itself. But the whole point I’m trying to make is that while I do appreciate BL’s passion that they once had for each other, I will always just see LP as a couple that goes SO much deeper. A couple who truly understands how important each other are, how to make each other feel that importance, how to make each other happy, what it truly means to have a soul mate, and just understands each other in general. They have the necessary essentials to last a lifetime, and they always have. Even when they were dating, and in Cinta with other people… those qualities for them were still there. Peyton's feelings and actions regarding Lucas were ALWAYS 110% genuine, and made with the best of intentions. And I (or anyone) just can’t say the same for Brooke, and BL. I appreciate parts of BL’s relationship, and story… even lebih so now, than ever. But I simply cannot support, atau think of them as a couple who should be together. Especially not over a couple as right for each other as I feel Lucas & Peyton are.

Appreciation for Brucas? Sure. Team Leyton? ALWAYS <3