Greetings to Mr. Neeson.
When I read in the newspaper how anda still felt after all these months Natasha was gone, I felt this urge to write to anda these lines. Your Cinta is real; the feelings remain and its in anda cause the hati, tengah-tengah is talking. That is probably another reason why your peminat loves anda too.
Two things I want anda to know:
Please accept our sincere regrets from all canadians who felt this same sadness.
There is a time that comes; after a while, when we feel real gratefullness, of the privilege we had to be able to spent all these years with this wonderfull person; no one will replace her and this is exactly the menunjukkan of strong love. Your grief is lebih than understood and shared with all the people who are in a deep relationship in their marriage. Second, even though it sounds perticular, please know that her leaving has nothing to do with God calling her atau a bad destiny; it just happened. Please, as a friend, make peace with God cause He really loves anda and wants to reach to you. I felt very strongly inside I had to write this. I'm totally sure The Lord sees what is going on in your life. Call upon him and He will answer.
Sincerily, Pst Eric