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 1D at Musique Plus Studios in Montreal, Canada. ♥
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One Direction was interviewed, and performed, in the Musique Plus studios in Montreal Canada - 27th March 2012.
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Instead, we're delivering on our promise and releasing the final video of fun facts from the boys of One Direction!

Here is the last highly anticipated, exclusive video of J-14's video series "4 Things anda Don't Know About Me" with the adorable and sweet Liam Payne!

What do anda think Liam chose to tell us about himself? Watch the video below to find out four new things about him. And we'll apologize for the last time for the poor lighting. We were backstage which was exciting, but dark!

Congratulations on unlocking the final One Direction video in our series! Here is Liam Payne with 4 things anda never would have guessed...
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Dear Liam Payne,

WOW um i don't know what to say well i do its just this letter would have to last 3 days to read. I Cinta anda and u r my idol and would do LITERALY ANYTHING for anda atau to meet anda atau to see a concert. and if u are Membaca this ( which i wish u were) that would be a dream come true and if u are i would Cinta for u to komen on my wall. i wish i could go to one of ur concerts but i can't. The reason y is because i live in Vermont and u guys rnt com in to VT my parents won't even let me go to boston atau new york atau jersey to c u and thats the closest u guys r com in to VT. my parents won't let me unless someone buys me a ticket and kets me come with them atau brings me. my mom says she won't drive 2-3 hours to c a konsert but i don't care i would drive across the world to see u if i wus old enough i really would. well i should be going now i lot u liam u r a super hero lov- anna victoria<3
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