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I don't know what to call this article, because I just need to get this out of my system. anda don't have to read this, no one is making you. (Unless anda happen to be Tim Roth, and tied to my chair with duct tape over your mouth, then ya, I AM forcing anda to read this) But in the HIGHLY unlikely event that anda are...(for now)...feel free to leave at any time.

So...Lie to Me*. It has aired 4 episodes so far, and already each of them are single handidly better than all episodes of House combined. There is something about this tunjuk that will have a huge impact on my life, but I'm never going to...
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posted by callianltm
hiii!!:) lol

Well, I don't any Twitter atau Facebook account, cauz my parents--' But, I'd like to help to save Lie to me.
So, help me, Share my pictures on your accounts, please..

Thank anda very much:D

( I did those pictures with my cellphone XD)

I'll maybe add some other pictures, but I don't know when... I'll add a fic too, about Callian ( of course, that's my pseudo lol^^) you'll can read it when it will be on the callian spot:)

On 16th May, We will know if there will a 4th season, Keep your fingers cross:)
posted by Sweet_Pants
Here are some of my fave quotes;)

Lightman: “What do anda see?”

Foster: “I see a skeptical, emotionally distant scientist obsessing over facial twitches.”

Foster: “Look I’ll...I’ll meet anda there later, ok, but let’s get Torres involved, she’s a natural, she’s got phenomenal instincts—“

Lightman: “Doesn’t mean she knows the science.”
Torres: *walks in* “Dr. Foster berkata anda wanted to see me?”

Lightman: *looks at Gillian accusingly*

Chief: “Dr. Lightman, my first concern is the safety of every woman in that platoon. That’s why we’re investigating, but Sergeant...
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posted by Juliana_House
Sorry for the late update, folks! My reviews will be on time seterusnya week, I promise. =D

So this won't be long...I'll just keep it short and simple.


That's pretty much it.


This is probably my first review when I didn't take any notes, so I won't run over the entire episode, but I will simply talk about how I thought it went...and holy crap, It had me sitting on the edge of my kerusi, tempat duduk the whole hour. (Well...43 miunets withought the commercials)

The opening scene was great, and...just everything about this episode was amazing. I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!!

I loved Tim's haircut...I...
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posted by Jello12423
Well it happened, fox has let go another great show.
As of May 10, 2011, fox announced they have canceled: Lie To Me, Human Target, and The Chicago Code.

In season one, LTM had 11.06 million views.
Then Lost some in season two, dropping to 7.39 million views.
Sadly, it dropped some lebih for season three.
Falling down to only 5.84 views, there was no hope for LTM.
Still, every peminat is devastated. And already people are hopping some other broadcasting Televisyen tunjuk will buy LTM.

Human Targets Viewing:
Season one: Started with 10.12 million views, then the end of the first season, it had dropped to 8.23 million views.
Season two: Only made 6.59 million views.

Sorry, no ratings on The Chicago Code.

It's sad to see LTM leave, please someone! BUY LTM!
posted by Juliana_House
From here: link


A couple of months ago, I was asked if I'd like to host an epal, apple Store Q&A with Tim Roth to help promote the saat season of his fox procedural, LIE TO ME. Even though I'd only watched the pilot and maybe one other episode, I immediately accepted the offer, figuring I could quickly catch up with what had only been a half-season run. I also figured I'd be a fool to turn down the opportunity to sit up on a stage lobbing soalan at one of the most boundlessly talented actors working today.

On LIE TO ME, Roth plays Dr. Cal Lightman, a "human lie detector" atau sorts who can...
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posted by Juliana_House
In the new TV Guide's pratonton of returning fall shows, the blurb for Lie to Me mentions that Cal will discover Emily has been drinking and sexually active, and there will be all kinds of issues with him having to deal with it.

Sounds to me like there will be ALOT to deal with this season.
Personally, I think that they should have left these kind of 'typical' teenage issues out of Emily's character and out of the SHOW...but I guess we'll have to see how it plays out.

I mean, Cal is a protective father, now just imagine him discovering this from his daughter...O.o

He's going to beat himelf up about it, and (Dare I say it) even HER if this goes to far. But THAT situation ever unfolding is FAR beyond Cal's character.
posted by Juliana_House
And a blinding case it was. Both literally, and mentally. This episode deffinatly deserves a full plot outline and observation...I hope it's not too much to ask for, but I think that if I filled up a whole page and a half of notes, I think I might as well use them.

We open with our dear Cal in jail....he get's called a bi***, he starts a fight, get's beat up (Welcome back to your 'Reservoir Dogs', and 'Made in Britian' days, Tim!), and gets 'caught'. And for what we know, he screwed up. Now apparently no one has been able to read Cal withought any decption training, so once he got caught, I...
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A Game Played Alone

She loved him, but that wasn't enough.

He searched for the truth, but he didn't want to hear it.

She loved him but she wasn't enough.

He wanted poppy, roulette, games, challenge.

She was solitaire, no challenge in that.

Nothing to raise the pulses, kick in the adrenaline.

Why couldn't she be poppy?

Just for one night.

Entice him, excite him.

How would it feel, his hands wrapped in her hair.

His eyes devouring her body as she lay naked on the katil before him.

His body pushing against hers, pushing into hers, harder, deeper.

His stubble raking hers breasts, arousing her nipples in readiness...
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As her head shot up from the menu, her eyes met those hazel lasers that were Cal Lightmans eyes.

Realizing that her mouth was open but nothing audible was making an appearance, she quickly closed it.

She was however, unable to break the lock of eyes that Cal had instigated.

“I’ll take that as a no then”

With the total air of authority that always seemed to surround him, the minit Cal raised his hand a waiter seemed to materialise out of thin air.

“Yeah, can I get this meja, jadual set up for two please, I’ll have a single malt and just bring the bottle of whatever Dr Foster here is drinking...
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Gillian sat on the very edge of Cals bed, her still damp hair sitting against the kolar of the baju he had telah diberi to change into. Cal had insisted she used his on suite bathroom whilst he had shuffled off to the main one, both of them having decided that after all the events of the day, a good hot pancuran, pancuran mandian was called for.

She found herself taking in the full impact of the situation whilst she was still on her own.

She, Gillian Foster, was sitting on Cal Lightman’s bed, her body covered only in his shirt, about to slip between his sheets, rest her head his on his pillows,…and soon, very soon,...
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The sudden glare of the overhead lights blazing into life shocked both of them as much as a gunshot would have. Both heads turned in unison as the passionate almost trance like haze they had been in was shattered, and there, standing in doorway looking almost as shocked as they were, was Emily….

“Err… I was just…err, well, looking for anda dad, I just,,errr was wondering when anda wanted to go….Sorry, I…I’ll just “ The door was abruptly closed.

“Shit” Cal started to disentangle himself from Gillian “Oh bollocks” as he stabbed his foot on the ‘lie detector’ on the floor...
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Cal sat in the semi darkness. Most of the lights in the office now turned off, and the last of the staff long since gone home.
The soft filtered light of his meja lamp was shining down on the files scattered across the surface. His pathetic attempt at a reason for staying so late at work as he had so many evenings lately.

Emily was off on her first un parented holiday with some friends. He was concerned obviously, but ultimately he knew his daughter would be ok. Despite everything she had grown up with common sense and he knew he could trust her. No, any fears he might entertain about Emily were...
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posted by Juliana_House
 Because Brendan Hines got to sing in this episode, he deserves his own section. =D
Because Brendan Hines got to sing in this episode, he deserves his own section. =D
Well, as far as the Fall season finale is concerned...this is probably as good as it gets. Now since Lie to Me is set up into two main episode formulas (A and B story, atau just an A story) the first formula tends to be predictible and difficult to follow. This episode, on the other hand, was a mixture of both formulas and pulled it off effortlessly. The plot was fantastic, and we got to hear Eli sing!! (A song that will be shortly put on my MP3 player)


As the episode tajuk suggests, we literally begin with a man in the Tractor, as he cuts down a sign that says "My name is Harold Clark, I want...
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posted by Sweet_Pants
A/N: I was bored, so i made a short oneshot about Torres mostly, with alittle of Lightman in it too. After Unchained. No relationship implied. I know this isn't good.


Ria knew it was late. atau early, whichever way anda looked at it. The night gave off a subtle glow of approaching day, its stars dimming, but the streets were still empty except for the occasional hurried car. The air on the balcony numbed her senses, cleared her mind as she was hoping it would, but the panic was still felt under the surface, ready to break through her carefully built...
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posted by Juliana_House
The season finale already?!?! What happened!? That was the fastest 13 episodes of my life! It began on Wedsnday January 21st....and ended Wedsnday May 13th. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 2!!

Now, on a serious observational note, this episode was VERY case heavy due to it's intensity. Hello, bombings are a very serious issue, and I have to give kudos to the writers of this episode for gracefully playing this tunjuk around such a touchy subject matter. But lets begin!

We begin with a VERY House like beginning. Almost the same music, and everything that's expected to happen, does. The bus blew up! This...
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posted by Juliana_House
After last weeks 'somewhat slow' episode, this week follows up with a formula it knows how to do well. It WAS, predictable, I'm not going to lie (sorry), but it was good. And when it comes to a tunjuk like this, it means it was amazing.

Now I'm going to say right off the bat, I found myself smiling like an idiot when I watched the opening scene between Cal and Gillian. The way they played off of eachother was a real treat to watch, and even how they handled the situation after the fact was something else. (I, for one, never thought Cal would bring up Gillians "fib"; "So anda like being tied up?"...
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posted by Juliana_House
 Zoe returned this week, and I hope to see her stick around for a little longer!
Zoe returned this week, and I hope to see her stick around for a little longer!
Another week, and another fantastic episode. From what I can recall, this tunjuk has never had one single 'bad' episode. Each week, after the most amazing, bone chilling, jaw dropping episode, it comes back with even lebih to give. This tunjuk just keeps getting better every week.
And after an episode like last weeks? I don't know how it manages to keep things so fresh, and amazing........but it does.

Now, I've noticed a trend over the past few episodes (including the last few before the 5 bulan break) and that would be just the ONE story. Just one case to focus on, with 2 different perspectives....
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For the saat episode of the saat season this was sejak far one of the best episodes yet in this series. It wasn't the case, it wasn't the amazing quotes, it was the story. The acting, and all of the emotions that were uncovered in this case that really made this episode stand out. I'm gonig to do things differently and start with the B case (Gillian and Loker's case)
So let's get on a role, shall we?


Now Gillian and Loker's case. They get a semi-interesting case, it dosen't heat up until the end, but all in all it was a meaningful case for Gillian. They go to visit a Church Compound and meet...
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posted by Juliana_House
Once again fox has decided to mess with the intended order of the episodes so HENCE all of the major plot holes.

Quite an interesting case, and it was a good one to start up the November Sweeps. The only downside, it was WAY to confusing for me to piece together during the episode. Too many names and events to piece together and write down, so just try and ignore my messy plot outline. ^_^


I was glad that the writers finally got together and wrote Reyonalds' backstory. He now had a decent history that we can base his character off of for the rest of the season and a reason as to why Cal wanted...
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