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[Charlie looking very sweaty trying to play guitar.]

LOCKE: Charlie. Charlie. How about anda and I go for walk?

CHARLIE: No. No thanks, Locke. I think I'm going to stay in today.

LOCKE: Come on. Fresh air will do anda good.

[Charlie looks terrible. They stare at each other a moment.]

[Cut to Jack holding Kate's mug shots.]

KATE: [entering] I take better pictures than that. Smaller, too, if anda want something for your wallet.

JACK: I just came sejak for a few things and this was. . . this was with my stuff. [He hands it to her].

KATE: So you're not staying?

JACK: Call me a broken record, but caves are a natural shelter. And a hell of a lot safer than living here on the beach.

KATE: You're mad at me.

JACK: No. Kate, I'm -- I just don't understand why anda won't come with me. Us. It's maybe a mile up there, if that.

KATE: We crashed 8 days ago, Jack. I'm not setting up house here.

JACK: I want off this island too, but we both know that's not going to happen any time soon.

KATE: Sayid has a plan.

JACK: Yeah, to find the sumber of the distress code, I know.

KATE: The signal's coming from somewhere on the Island. If we can find it. . .

JACK: The signal has been running on a loop for 16 years, Kate. And the woman that left it, she wasn't rescued. What makes anda think it's going to be any different for us?

KATE: I believe it.

JACK: Well, I wish I shared your faith.

SAWYER: [entering] Wouldn't mind sharing a few things with her myself.

KATE: What do anda want, Sawyer?

SAWYER: Heard the doctor was vacating the premises. Thought I'd best lay claims to my new digs before somebody else did [he drops his suitcases]. I could fix this place up real good. Might even find somebody to share it with me [looking at Kate].

JACK: [to Kate] I'll talk to anda later.

[Kate watches Jack leave with a sad look on her face. Sawyer, smiling, waves.]

[We see Charlie walking in the jungle. We hear animal grunting sounds.]

CHARLIE: Locke, is that you?

CHARLIE: [running, slow motion, VO] Bless me father, for I have sinned.

CHARLIE: [in a confessional with priest] It's been a week since my last confession.

PRIEST: Go ahead my son.

CHARLIE: Last night I had physical relations with a girl I didn't even know.

PRIEST: I see. Anything else?

CHARLIE: Yeah. Uh, right after that I had relations with another girl. Then straight after that I watched while they had relations with each other. anda see, it's, it's my band, father, Drive Shaft. We've been playing the Kelab in Manchester. And, uh, we've been getting some heat, a following, anda know, and, uh, the girls. There's some real temptations that come with the territory, if anda know what I mean.

PRIEST: Well, we all have our temptations, but giving in to them, that's your choice. As we live our lives it's really nothing but a series of choices, isn't it?

CHARLIE: Well, then, I've made my choice. I have to quit the band.

[We see Charlie leaving the church. Someone is there drumming on the pews.]

LIAM: And the meek shall inherit the earth.

CHARLIE: Liam, what are doing? This is a church.

LIAM: Relax, choir boy. I bring good tidings of great joy. We've just been signed. A recording contract. You're going to be a rock god.

[Shot of Charlie running from a boar. Some luggage falls, the babi, babi hutan is trapped in a large net trap.]

LOCKE: Nice work, Charlie. anda make excellent bait.

CHARLIE: [angrily] I'm glad I could oblige. Now give me my bloody drugs.
sunting Act 2

CHARLIE: Did anda hear what I said? I want my drugs back. I need 'em.

LOCKE: Yet anda gave them to me. Hmm.

CHARLIE: And I bloody well regret it. I'm sick, man. Can't anda see that?

LOCKE: I think you're a lot stronger than anda know, Charlie. And I'm going to prove it to you. I'll let anda ask me for your drugs three times. The third time, I'm going to give them to you. Now, just so we're clear, this is one.

CHARLIE: Why? Why? Why are anda doing this? To torture me? Just get rid of them and have done with it?

LOCKE: If I did that anda wouldn't have a choice, Charlie. And having choices, making decisions based on lebih than instinct, is the only thing that separates anda from him [indicating the boar].

[Locke grabs the boar's ear and goes to Slash it's throat. Charlie looks away.]

[Shot of an antenna on a pole. Sayid, Boone and Kate on the beach.]

SAYID: Three antenna. Three points of a triangle. One here on the beach. Another, Kate will position in the jungle, roughly two kilometers in, and the third I'll take to high ground, up there. If the French transmission is coming from somewhere within our triangulation, I'll be able to locate the source. But there are two complications.

BOONE: Of course there are.

SAYID: The power cells I grafted onto the antennas are dry. There's no telling how long they'll last. A minit -- maybe more, maybe less.

KATE: So we have to wait until we're in position before we switch them on.

BOONE: Wait. Wait a second. How are we going to be able to tell that we're actually in the right position? We have no way to communicate with each other.

[Sayid grabs bottle rockets from a pack.]

KATE: Bottle rockets?

SAYID: Thank God for fireworks smugglers. Now, when I'm in position I'll api, kebakaran off my rocket. When anda two see it, anda api, kebakaran yours. As soon as the last one has gone up we all switch on our antennas.

KATE: Okay, but anda berkata there are two complications.

SAYID: The battery in the transceiver is dead. Without the transceiver all of this is for nothing. Something from a laptop computer would probably work, but I've not been able to find anything.

KATE: I think I might know where to look.

[Shot of Kate at Sawyer's place.]

KATE: You're hoarding like a pack tikus since the crash and anda don't have a single laptop?

SAWYER: We are testy. Still upset about your little break up? anda and Jacko?

KATE: It must be exhausting.

SAWYER: What's that?

KATE: Living like a parasite -- always taking, never giving.

SAWYER: Well, anda got me pegged, don't you?

KATE: I get it now. anda don't want off this island because there's nothing for anda to go back for. Nobody anda miss. And no one misses you.

SAWYER: Oh, you're feeling sorry for me.

KATE: I don't feel sorry for you. I pity you.

[Sawyer looks hurt, then smiles, then reaches into a suitcase, pulls out a laptop, and gives her the battery.]

SAWYER: All anda had to do was say please.

[She reaches for it, and he pulls it away and then hands it to her again.]

[We see Charlie playing guitar. Charlie notices Hurley and Jack carrying luggage into the caves.]

HURLEY: Dude, what's in these things, cinderblocks?

JACK: I packed everything I thought might be useful here without leaving the Others shorthanded.

CHARLIE: Hey, anda guys need a hand? [Hurley and Jack drop what they're carrying]. I used to load the band's equipment, before we had roadies, way back in the day. Here let me.

JACK: Charlie, the zipper's. . .

[Charlie grabs a bag and everything spills out.]

JACK: ...broken.

CHARLIE: Sorry, just trying to help.

JACK: I know, I know, it's okay. [to Hurley)] Hey, want to help me grab the rest of those bags?

HURLEY: Oh, could I?

[Shot of Charlie riffling through the bag looking at the Rx bottles.]

JACK: What are anda doing?

CHARLIE: Oh, uh, I have a headache.

JACK: [grabbing the bottle Charlie's holding] Diazepam. That's for anxiety.

CHARLIE: I was looking for aspirin.

JACK: Pretty strong stuff for a headache.

CHARLIE: Yeah, right.

JACK: Hey, anda okay? You're looking a little. . .

CHARLIE: No, it's nothing, it's just a headache.

[Charlie starts cleaning up the spilled suitcase.]

JACK: Charlie, leave it. Go get some water. Maybe you're dehydrated. Charlie, I got it. Go take care of yourself, man. We don't need anda right now.

[Charlie goes back to his gitar looking grumpy and lonely.]

[We hear the sound of church bells.]

LIAM: Come on, Charlie boy. We can't do this without you. anda are bloody Drive Shaft.

[We see nuns walking by.]

CHARLIE: Watch the language.

LIAM: [holding the record contract] This is our shot at the big time. What? anda don't want to be famous?

CHARLIE: It's not about all that. I only care about the music.

LIAM: Yeah, your music. Your songs that got us signed. I'm just a clown with a pretty face that sings them. And anda want to take away my chance to be somebody?

CHARLIE: Liam, it's not about you. It's -- I Cinta the band. It's not who I am. Sometimes I just get Lost in it.

LIAM: Won't happen -- because I'll be there looking out for you. We'll look out for each other. That's what brothers do, right? Right?

[Liam starts horsing around with Charlie.]

CHARLI: Wait, wait, wait wait wait. Just promise me one thing. If things get too crazy no matter what, if I say we're done, we walk away.

LIAM: We walk away.

CHARLIE: Liam, promise.

LIAM: We walk away. You're the rock god baby brother.

[Big smiles and then they run around, playing.]

[We see Jin getting water in a bowl from the spring. Shot of handcuff still on his wrist. Sun approaches.]

SUN: 손목을 의사에게 좀 보여줘야겠어요. [Subtitle: anda should have the doctor look at your wrist.]

JIN: 괜찮아. 나아지겠지. 옷이 그게 뭐야? 너무 야하잖아. 긴 거로 입어. [Subtitle: It's fine. I will heal. What are anda wearing? (Sun's wearing a camisole type top). It's indecent. Cover yourself.]

SUN: [defiantly] 긴 건 너무 더워요. [Subtitle: It's hot.]

[Shot of Hurley walking into the caves carrying a guitar.]

HURLEY: Hey, dude. This yours?

CHARLIE: Oh yeah. You're probably wondering because I play bass in Drive Shaft. I wrote a bunch of tunes on that -- You, All, Everybody.

HURLEY: Listen, uh, man. Jack just wants anda to find another place for it. He's moving supplies and says it's in the way.

CHARLIE: [walking inside the cave where Jack is] anda know? A lot of people look up to me. They respect me. And you, anda just treat me like I'm some bloody child. Like I'm some useless joke.

JACK: What are anda talking about?

CHARLIE: Charlie's not good enough to do this, Charlie's just in the way. Put Charlie onto that.

JACK: Sit down. Let me take a look at anda man.

CHARLIE: Oh, you're going to look out for me, yeah. We'll look out for each other, that's how it is? I'm not interested.

JACK: Charlie, just calm down, alright. You're not yourself.

CHARLIE: anda don't know me. I'm a bloody rock god.

[Then the cave caves in.]

HURLEY: Oh, no.

[Jin and Sun look. Hurley, Jin and Sun run up. Charlie runs out of the rubble.]

HURLEY: Charlie, where's Jack? Where's Jack?
sunting Act 3

HURLEY: Jack, Jack can anda hear me?

CHARLIE: I don't know what happened. We were just talking and it -- and it came down on us -- all happened so fast.

HURLEY: Dude, we gotta get help. Charlie, go down to the pantai and get help.

CHARLIE: Okay, I'm on it.

HURLEY: And make sure anda tell Kate.

[Shot of Kate and Sayid walking in the jungle.]

KATE: What we're doing -- chasing some phantom distress signal -- what are the odds of this working?

SAYID: No worse than the odds of our surviving that plane crash.

KATE: People survive plane crashes all the time.

SAYID: Not like this one. The tail section broke off while we were still in the air. Our section cart, troli wheeled through the jungle and yet we escaped with nothing but a few scrapes. How do anda explain that?

KATE: Blind, dumb luck?

SAYID: No one's that lucky. We shouldn't have survived.

KATE: Sorry, Sayid, some things just happen, no rhyme, no reason.

[We see Charlie running onto the beach.]

CHARLIE: Hey, hey, we need help.

MICHAEL: What's wrong, man?

CHARLIE: It's Jack, he's trapped.

BOONE: What?

CHARLIE: A cave collapsed. We don't even know if he's alive. Come on, we've gotta go.

MICHAEL: Hey, uh, uh, Scott?

STEVE: I'm Steve.

SCOTT: I'm Scott.

MICHAEL: We've got an emergency, grab a couple of guys and let's go.

CHARLIE: We've got to go now.

[Boone starts running off with them, but runs back to Shannon.]

BOONE: Shannon, anda have to be ready to do something really important, okay? At 5 o'clock sharp anda have to be ready to turn that antenna on over there. There's a switch at the base.


BOONE: Because Kate and Sayid are triangulating the French signal. But the antenna's power's really weak so anda have to wait until they api, kebakaran their bottle rockets. Then anda api, kebakaran this one. Then anda turn on the antenna. Got it?

SHANNON: The switch is where now?

BOONE: Did anda hear a word I said? Can anda atau can't anda do it?

SHANNON: Yeah, I can.

BOONE: Okay, [hands her the bottle rocket], okay.

CHARLIE: [running to go back to the caves] Wait. Kate. Hey, we have to tell Kate about Jack.

SAWYER: Sorry sport, anda just missed her. Her and Mohammad headed into the woods about 10 minit ago.

CHARLIE: Which way.

SAWYER: Don't sweat it, amigo. I know which way they went.

CHARLIE: Yeah, but.

SAWYER: I'll tell her. anda just keep doing whatever it is anda do around here.

[We see Drive Shaft on stage. Liam takes Charlie's part singing. We see Liam being greeted back stage and Liam pouring booze. Charlie's pissed.]

CHARLIE: What the hell was that?

LIAM: Put on a kick keldai show. anda were bloody brilliant.

CHARLIE: I sing the chorus to anda All Everybody.

LIAM: Oh yeah, sorry about that. [a photographer approaches]. Got caught up in the moment. The crowd wanted it, anda know.

CHARLIE: Yeah, I know. If I start and then anda come in after me. . .

LIAM: [to security] She's cool. Let her in. (to Charlie) I won't let it happen again. I promise. (Liam gets the groupie, pulls out some drugs and Charlie sees). Chill, baby brother.

[Charlie back at beach.]

[We see people at the caves moving rocks out of the way. Michael runs up with Walt and Vincent.]

MICHAEL: Wait. hei wait.

HURLEY: Jack's in there.

MICHAEL: Let me check it out before anda start moving things around. If it's unstable. . .

HURLEY: Well, how do anda know. . .

MICHAEL: 8 years of construction work. hei Walt, get back, man, I don't want anda near the rocks, okay, and take the dog with you.

WALT: anda guys need Mr. Locke.

HURLEY: Locke's out in the jungle killing stuff. Who knows where he is.

[Michael looks around at the cave.]

MICHAEL: Alright, this area here is load-bearing. We've got to dig where there's no danger of the dinding buckling in on itself. Here, we dig in here so the dinding doesn't collapse. Four at a time, sejak hand, until we can find some kind of shovel. We take shifts, and go slow. Whoever isn't digging should be clearing the rocks that we clear out and bring the water to whoever is working, okay. Let's move.

[Shot of Walt looking on, proud of/surprised sejak his father.]

[We see Kate and Sayid in the jungle. Sawyer enters.]


KATE: What the hell are anda doing here?

SAWYER: Easy. Just came to tell anda something.

KATE: What makes anda think I'm interested in anything anda have to say?

SAWYER: [after a long pause] Just came to tell you, anda were right about me that I don't help anyone but myself. Well, here I am, ready to pitch in.

KATE: You're here to help?

[Kate and Sayid walk away.]

SAWYER: Hey, anda act anymore surprised and I'm going to get offended.

[Shot of Locke skinning the babi, babi hutan and Charlie enters looking bedraggled.]

LOCKE: Something wrong, Charlie?

CHARLIE: Yeah, Jack. He's a -- there's been an accident at the caves. Jack's trapped in a cave-in.

LOCKE: Is anyone trying to get him out?

CHARLIE: Yeah, there's a bunch of people there now.

LOCKE: Then why aren't anda with them? anda didn't come here to tell me about Jack, did you?

CHARLIE: [looking like he going to cry] I want my stash, Locke. I can't stand feeling like this.

LOCKE: Come here. Let me tunjuk anda something. [They walk to a plant with a cocoon on it]. What do anda suppose is in that cocoon, Charlie?

CHARLIE: I don't know, a butterfly, I guess?

LOCKE: No, it's much lebih beautiful than that. That's a rama-rama, gegat cocoon. It's ironic, Rama-rama get all the attention; but moths -- they spin silk, they're stronger, they're faster.

CHARLIE: That's wonderful, but. . .

LOCKE: anda see this little hole? This moth's just about to emerge. It's in there right now, struggling. It's digging its way through the thick hide of the cocoon. Now, I could help it, take my knife, gently widen the opening, and the rama-rama, gegat would be free. But it would be too weak to survive. The struggle is nature's way of strengthening it. Now this is the saat time you've asked me for your drugs back [he holds the heroin up]. Ask me again and it's yours.
sunting Act 4

[Shot of people moving rocks. Michael struggling at the opening, then something gives.]

MICHAEL: Hey, we're through, we got a hole.

HURLEY: Jack? Jack? Can anda hear me, Jack? Come on dude, answer me.

[Sounds of moaning.]

HURLEY: I hear him.

BOONE: [to others behind him] He's alive.

HURLEY: Jack, bro, anda okay?

JACK: I'm pinned. I can't move. I can't move.

HURLEY: [to Michael] What do we do? How do we get him out?

JACK: Charlie was with me.

HURLEY: He's okay. He made it out.

MICHAEL: hei listen, Jack, we're going to get anda out of there, okay?

[Shot of Jack moaning and coughing.]

[Shot of Sayid, Kate, and Sawyer hiking. They reach the 'high ground' area.]

SAYID: We'll place the saat antenna here. [to Sawyer] anda want to help?

[Sawyer nods, Kate pulls the antenna out of Sayid's pack and hands it to him. Sayid hands it Sawyer.]

SAYID: Attach this antenna up in that tree, as high up as anda can.

SAWYER: Golly, thanks, boss. [He walks toward the tree].

SAYID: [in a lowered voice to Kate] Five o'clock. Watch for my flare, then it's your turn. I don't trust him.

KATE: Who does?

SAYID: I don't trust him with you.

KATE: I can handle him.

[Shot of Sayid leaving. Sawyer up in the tree.]

[Shot of people at the caves, Michael moving through the shot.]

MICHAEL: Okay, we can't safely make that tunnel any bigger, but since Jack can't get out, one of us is going to have to go in and un-pin him.

HURLEY: What, crawl through that?

BOONE: I think we need someone smaller.

JIN: 내 와이프가 당신들 때문에 위험에 빠지는 걸 볼 순 없어.

HURLEY: Dude, we don't understand Chinese.

MICHAEL: Korean, man. They're Korean.

CHARLIE: [off camera, entering] I'll do it.

HURLEY: Charlie?

MICHAEL: No, man. Look, you're still too shook up. I might be able to squeeze through. . .

CHARLIE: Hey, who's going to take care of your son if something happens. [he points to Sun] She's got a husband, [to Boone] he' got a sister. I'm alone here, no one on the Island. Let me do this.

[We see Sawyer sitting on the ground. Kate is standing with the bottle rocket, looking at her watch.]

SAWYER: Still ain't five, just like the last time anda checked your watch.

KATE: I just don't want to miss Sayid's signal. Remember, I'll api, kebakaran the flare, anda set off the antenna.

SAWYER: I just thank the good lord I've got anda here to keep reminding me.

KATE: It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.

SAWYER: So what is it about that guy -- Jack. [Kate sits down sejak Sawyer] What it is about him makes anda all weak in the loins.

KATE: Do anda try to be a pig, atau does it just come naturally?

SAWYER: So, he's a doctor, right? Yeah, the ladies dig the doctors. Hell, give me a couple of band aids, a bottle of peroxide, I could run this island too.

KATE: You're actually comparing yourself to Jack?

SAWYER: [looking hurt] The difference between us ain't that big, sweetheart. I guarantee you, if he had survived a few lebih weeks on this island you'd have figured that out.

KATE: What did anda just say?

SAWYER: Ah, damn. Didn't I tell you? Word from the valley is Saint Jack got himself buried in a cave-in.

KATE: What?

SAWYER: Look at the bright side, now anda have someone else to pity.

[Shot of Kate tossing the bottle rocket at Sawyer's feet and running off.]

[Shot of Charlie, Hurley, Michael back at the caves.]

MICHAEL: Listen, man, go slow. Try not to nudge any of the rocks around you.

CHARLIE: Anything else?

MICHAEL: Yeah, good luck.

BOONE: [handing Charlie water] Be selamat, peti deposit keselamatan man.

HURLEY: Good luck, Charlie.

CHARLIE: Alright, thanks guys.

[Shot of Charlie looking into the opening, then looking back at everyone. He starts into the tunnel.]

[Shot of Charlie after a gig. People shouting "Drive Shaft! Drive Shaft!" He goes into the green room. Liam is there, sitting on a sofa, kerusi panjang with a girl on either side.]

LIAM: [to the girls] Everybody wants more, everybody wants to have a piece. All these people, they can't leave anda alon when you're...

CHARLIE: Bloody hell.

LIAM: Hey, baby brother, grab a bird and sit down.

CHARLIE: [to a girl standing at the buffet table] Get out. [to another girl] anda too, get out.

LIAM: Oh, I spilled on myself.

CHARLIE: [to the saat girl] Out!

LIAM: Out?

CHARLIE: [to the girls on the couch] Come on, now!

LIAM: Come back in five minutes.

[The girls leave the room.]

CHARLIE: Sound check, anda missed sound check, anda don't tunjuk up for rehearsal. We've got a tunjuk in an hour.

LIAM: [clearly high] Oooh, show. I like shows.

[Liam gets his drugs. Charlie looks on worriedly.]

CHARLIE: Alright, that's it. After tonight, we batal the rest of the tour.

LIAM: What?

CHARLIE: We walk away.

LIAM: Are anda off your head?

CHARLIE: We're walking away like we berkata we would if things got. . .

LIAM: Walk away and go where?

CHARLIE: Liam, you're killing yourself with this junk, you're destroying Drive Shaft.

LIAM: [yelling] I am Drive Shaft! Nobody even knows who the sodding bass player is. This is it, Charlie -- end of the rainbow. anda really think anda can walk away? Then what, eh? Face it, if you're not in this band, what the bloody hell use are you?

[Liam staggers out.]


LIAM: Piss off.

[Charlie, devastated, alone. He goes and does the drugs Liam left behind. Crying.]

[Shot of Charlie squeezing through the tunnel. It starts rumbling and bits of dirt start falling. Shot of Michael and Hurley looking in from the entrance.]

MICHAEL: Charlie? Charlie move! Charlie?

[Shot of Charlie crawling as fast as he can to the opening cave-side. The tunnel collapses. Charlie finds Jack.]

CHARLIE: Hi. I'm... I'm here to rescue you.

[Jack smiles at him. Charlie smiles back.]
sunting Act 5

[Shot of Hurley, Michael, Boone at the caves. Shot of Kate entering.]

HURLEY: I say we try again.

BOONE: We can't just leave them.

HURLEY: If we don't move, they're going to run out of air.

MICHAEL: Would anda stop talking, I'm trying to think.

KATE: Where is he? Where is he?


KATE: Where is he? Where's Jack?

[Shot of everyone looking helpless, and they don't want to tell her.]

HURLEY: [nodding toward the now rubble-filled tunnel entrance] He's in there.

KATE: Does anyone know if he's alive? Is he alive?

MICHAEL: We don't know. Charlie went in there through a tunnel that we dug, but it collapsed.

KATE: Why is nobody digging? [she starts digging, the others follow].

[Shot of Jack and Charlie in the cave. Charlie is trying to get some leverage on the rock pinning Jack.]

CHARLIE: Okay, one, two, three. [He moves the rock, Jack yells out in pain, and holds his shoulder]. Sorry, Jack. Sorry. anda alright?

JACK: My shoulder's dislocated.

CHARLIE: [looking terrified] What?

JACK: You're going to have to pop it back in.

CHARLIE: No, I can't.

JACK: I need your help on this, man.

CHARLIE: I can't do it, Jack.

JACK: Yes anda can. Yes anda can.

CHARLIE: Okay, what do I -- what do I do?

JACK: Take my hand. . .

CHARLIE: This hand? Okay, okay, wait, okay, okay [Charlie positions himself].

JACK: Now, when I tell anda to, pull as hard as anda possibly can.

CHARLIE: Jack, I don't know, I don't, I don't. . .

JACK: anda can do this, Charlie.

CHARLIE: Okay, okay, okay, okay.

JACK: Now.

[Charlie pulls his arm. Jack yells out, grabs his shoulder.]

[Shot of a wind chime on a porch. We see Charlie walking up to the door of nice house, and the door opens.]

LIAM: [off camera] Charlie? What are anda doing here?

CHARLIE: A bloke can't pay his big brother a visit once in a while?

LIAM: Of course anda can. Why didn't anda call, anda lunatic. [They hug]. What are anda doing in Sydney?

[We see Charlie and Liam in the yard. Liam is pushing his young daughter on a swing.]

CHARLIE: It's all lined up, Liam. 8 weeks on tour opening for some band called Meat Coat. First gig's in Los Angeles. LA, Liam. This is a chance to get back on a label, a real one.

[Liam sets is daughter in a sandbox. Liam and Charlie sit down at a table.]

CHARLIE: This is our comeback.

LIAM: Charlie, I don't want to come back.

CHARLIE: Yeah, right. Well, here's the thing. They won't book Drive Shaft without you. So I'm asking as a brother, the way anda asked me.

LIAM: anda were with me the night I missed Megan's birth. anda were the one I was stumbling around Dresden with trying to find a sodding fix. Oh man, you're still using, aren't you?

CHARLIE: Don't change the subject.

LIAM: That's why anda haven't been returning my calls.

CHARLIE: Look, are anda going to go on tour with us atau not?

LIAM: anda berkata anda were going to get some help, man.

CHARLIE: I Lost your number.

LIAM: You're still a junkie.

CHARLIE: anda did this to me. It was about the music. The music, Liam. anda took that away from me.

LIAM: Listen, why don't anda stay with us for a few weeks. Karen and me, we can get anda help. Sydney's got some really good programs.

CHARLIE: Forget it. [He gets up and walks away]

LIAM: Don't go.

CHARLIE: Thanks for your help, brother.

LIAM: Stay, please. I'm just looking out for you.

CHARLIE: [angry] anda never looked out for me. I have a plane to catch.

[Slow motion of Charlie walking away.]

[Shot of Charlie in the cave. His hand is shaking.]

JACK: How long has it been, Charlie?

CHARLIE: I don't know what you're going on about.

JACK: How long since your last fix?

CHARLIE: Almost a hari and a half.

JACK: How's the withdrawal treating you? Any hallucinations?

CHARLIE: Apart from the conversation I had with anda about an jam lalu in the jungle, no, not really.

JACK: Why didn't anda say anything? I could've helped anda through this.

CHARLIE: Yeah, anda think I'm useless, and a junkie to boot.

JACK: Useless? You're not useless. That took a lot of guts getting in here and trying to rescue me. I won't forget that.

CHARLIE: [ironically] For the rest of our lives?

JACK: At the rate we're using our oxygen in here, that won't be too long.

CHARLIE: This place, it reminds me of confession, those little claustrophobic booths.

JACK: I wouldn't have taken anda for a religious man.

CHARLIE: I used to be. Hey, anda want to hear my confession? Might take a while.

JACK: Hey, I'm no saint, either. [Charlie sees something] What's wrong?

CHARLIE: It's a moth.

JACK: A what?

CHARLIE: Right behind you, look. There's a bloody rama-rama, gegat in here. Look. [Charlie starts to follow it].

JACK: Charlie, what are anda doing?

[Charlie is feeling around in the cave.]

[Shot of people on the outside pulling rubble away.]

MICHAEL: hei Kate, anda need to take a break.

KATE: I'm fine.

MICHAEL: We've got enough people to dig. anda keep going at this pace your going to kill yourself.

[Back in the cave.]

CHARLIE: There's light.

JACK: What?

CHARLIE: I can see light.

[Outside they are digging. Inside Charlie is crawling. Shot of ground outside. Then Charlie's hand comes up through the ground. Shot of people outside digging. Shot of Walt. Vincent barks.]

WALT: Hey, it's the doctor.

[Jack and Charlie enter. Kate gives Jack a huge hug.]

JACK: Ow, easy, my shoulder, careful.

HURLEY: How'd anda get out?

JACK: Charlie, Charlie found a way out.

HURLEY: Dude, anda rock.

[Congratulations all around. Shot of Charlie looking proud/happy.]

[Shot of Sayid as he looks at his watch. He says a quick prayer and lights the bottle rocket.]

SAYID: [to himself] Alright everyone, now it's your turn.

[Shot of Shannon laying on pantai talking to a female redshirt.]

SHANNON: We're in Malibu part of the year, but the guys there are such idiots.

[We can hear the sound of the rocket exploding. The redshirt points to the sky].

SHANNON: [hurrying] Dammit! Dammit, dammit, dammit. [She lights the rocket].

SAYID: [seeing the pantai rocket explode] Come on, come on, one more. Come on Kate. Come on.

[We see the third rocket go off.]

SAYID: Yes. Yes. [He gets the transceiver out of his pack and turns it on. The little screen says, acquiring signal.] Where are you? [The little screen says Receiving Signal] Yes!!! [The little screen shows a strong signal] Where are you? Where are you?

[We see movement behind Sayid. We hear some noise. Then Sayid gets whacked on the head with a big stick and falls to the ground unconscious.]
sunting Act 6

[Shot of Hurley getting some water from the spring. He gives water to Charlie and Jack.]

HURLEY: [to Charlie] Dude, anda feeling okay? anda look a little. . .

JACK: Flu. He's got the flu.

HURLEY: Oh man, that's rough after all you've been through. Take it easy, man.

[Shot of Charlie looking gratefully at Jack.]

[Shot of Locke waiving a palm frond over the babi, babi hutan which is cooking on a spit. We see Charlie watching him.]

CHARLIE: I think I'm going to stretch my legs.

[Shot of Walt and Michael]

WALT: This place is cool. Can we live here?

[Michael looks over at Sun. She returns his gaze.]

[Shot of Jack looking at the fire. Then we see a rag being put over his head. Kate has brought him a sling.]

KATE: Made anda something.

JACK: Awww. My very first sling.

KATE: How's that?

JACK: Good. Thank you.

KATE: So these are the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan caves you've been going on about.

JACK: This was a fluke. Michael checked out the integrity of the rest of the caves and gave them an okay. So you're heading back to the beach, huh?

KATE: Sayid should be back there sejak now and if his plan worked then. . .

JACK: Then we're one step closer to getting off this island.

[Kate looks down (thinking about getting off the Island).]

JACK: Thanks for the sling, Kate.

KATE: You're welcome.

[Locke brushing the boar. Charlie walks up.]

CHARLIE: Give them to me.

LOCKE: This is the third time. Are anda sure anda really want them?

CHARLIE: I've made my choice.

[Locke hands the drugs to Charlie. Charlie looks at them and throws them in the fire. Locke smiles.]

LOCKE: I'm proud of you, Charlie. Always knew anda could do it.

[Charlie looks up and sees a moth.]
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