Love-Taylor13 Taylor pantas, swift Picture Contest!!!

miley30 posted on Apr 29, 2012 at 10:49AM
Taylor Swift Contest...

1st winner-10 props
2nd winner-5 props
3rd winner-3 props

-Please the pic should be in big size or medium.
-Don't post the pic which is already posted.
-No stealing.
-Don't post pics if the round is closed.
-You're only allowed to submit ONE picture each round.

Rounds-5 Rounds

1.Post a pic of taylor swift with a guitar (CLOSED)
1st place-Smilebaby05
2nd place-Reema11
3rd place-Mileym


2.Post a pic of taylor with her fans (CLOSED)
1st place-Love-Taylor13
2nd place-Naina2
3rd place-Smileymiley216


3.Post the most beautiful pic of taylor(CLOSED)
1st place-Sweety63
2nd place-Lumina_louella
3rd place-Reema11


4.Post a pic of taylor swift with taylor launter (CLOSED)
1st place-Blader1367
2nd place-CullenEG
3rd place-lumina_louella


5.Post a pic of taylor in jeans (OPENED)
1st place-10 props
2nd place-5 props
3rd place-3 props

You can see this example shown below:

 Taylor pantas, swift Contest... *PROPS* 1st winner-10 pujian 2nd winner-5 pujian 3rd winner-3 pujian *R
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