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posted by gublerlover1
my mind is hazy yet u make it clear
with u i can go through life without a fear
time goes on and so do people
yet never shall we part at the steeple

the world to me without u would be nothing but war
but when ur here its like sitting on the sea shore
time and time again i see ur shining face in the nights sky
i feel like im above the clouds as i float and fly

the only thing i want is to Cinta and be loved sejak u
and i could only hope u feel the same way too
so all ways be sejak my side an i will be sejak yours
an forever will we sit on those sea shores

Always and forever.
posted by I_love_Mikey
I don’t understand love, and I don’t think anyone ever has atau will. Emotion is such a complex thing, and hatred is passionate, and strong, and almost unbreakable – nothing can touch true hatred. Nothing can touch it at all; nothing can touch it but love. Cinta is stronger than anything this world can offer, and unfortunately this world greatly lacks it. Cinta is something that can affect anyone and anything.

    Love also leaves anda irrational – it’s debatable, however, because some people think that Cinta can leave anda seeing clearer than anything ever has. But what...
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1.Tell someone anda truly trust about your trouble.
2.Talk to your friends.

3.Go outside (somewhere anda can relax when anda visit) and don't say I am not in the mood.

4.Cry when anda feel that anda need it and don't think crying is weakness.

5.Bring a piece of paper and write/draw whatever anda want .

6.Take a pancuran, pancuran mandian with a cold/warm water .

7.Listen to classic Muzik .

8.Drink a Buah jus atau anything cold.

And in the end remember that life goes on and never stops ...You have to live it as it is and it's your choice to be happy atau sad :)
posted by asinlove
 you've known..
you've known..
ok. this is a poem i dedicate to everyone who is havin a tough time with Cinta now... atau not. atau just heartbroken.. atau devastated. okkk it can be confusing but that;s how my life is.. juz read it and give me your review... ps: i could go with some pujian tooo. hihi

all this times...
you've known all along...
where we are heading..

you've known all along
that this path we are taking,
is dead end...

you've known all along
that this won't work...

you've known all along
that i'll be hurting inside
when i got to know about her

anda chose to lead me
trough all the roller coaster rides..

yet anda keep playin this game along.
but now...
i realised..
i've faced up and downs alone before...
i'll do the same without you....
posted by everjoy
He stares at anda a lot- He hits anda a lot(playfully)- He uses the first thing that pops into his head to start a converstaion with you- He yelled, "HI"to your mom that hari she picked anda up from schoo- He blew off his buds to go see "Brown Sugar" with anda cuz anda couldn't get another girl pal to go and didn't want to go alone- He tries to make anda laugh anyway even if he gets hurt in the process- His voice gets softer when ever anda two talk-You hung up on him. He called anda back- anda where invited sejak him to a group outin- He called anda to talk about nothing at all.- He imitates your laugh Which...
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I woke up in the morning only feeling lebih lazy.I wished that I could sleep more.But before I could think of anything else,I heard my mom's voice-

"Liana,Don't even think of going back to sleep!!" She commanded.

"I won't mom" berkata I.

"Just get up quickly and get ready for school atau else anda will be late" Mom shouted as if I was deaf.

"Just give me a break mom" I said.

BTW my name is Luciana.Big name, right? Wait till anda hear my full name.Actually my name is Luciana Lucinda Gruen.My parents and Friends call me Liana.Liana is my nickname.Everybody calls me liana except for my brother.As if Liana...
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Ok a few steps if anda wanna do flirting, dating, Ciuman and getting a tarikh with the one whome anda love....

Step 1. anda gotta know anda spouse be Friends be good Friends

Step 2. When your good Friends with your spouse try flirt a little try to do a little try not to do a lot of flirting cause when u get too freaky and weird that's when your relationship goes down that'll make 'em wanna walk away if it goes wrong that's ok it's your first try just try it again in 5 days give 'em a few days to forget what happened that hari then try it again only different try not to go crazy

Special tip: before...
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posted by gublerlover1
the rain like tear drops falling from my eyes
landing on the ground
the pain is deep
as i think about how we had everything
how anda were so full of life
how anda made me smile when i was sad

i remember walking side sejak side
and ill never forget how your skin felt
and i will always remember the Cinta we shared
and no matter what i will never for get that day
when anda fell to the ground i did to
for i knew the treatment didn't work
and i would lose you
we rushed to get anda help
the news sliced deep
as the words came out the doctors mouth
it was as if a pisau had been stuck in to my heart

and now i sit in the grass
surrounded sejak the smell of roses
and the soft sobs around me
sitting in front of a stone
with Cinta always carved below anda name
with those same rain like tear drops
poring from my eyes
posted by shinju-chan
The way I feel my hati, tengah-tengah beating

Is the way you'd touch a Drum.

It beats.

The way I feel the keys

Is the way anda touch my heart.

It's harmonic.

The way I feel the rumput underneath my back

Is the way anda touch my hand.

It's soft.

The way I feel about Scary movies

Is the way anda touch me when I'm scared.

anda Give me a hug.

The way I feel about anda leaving

Is the way anda touched me in the end.

anda pushed.

The way I feel the cold ground

Is the way anda touch the sky.

anda have no limits.

I feel my heart, I press the keys, I held your hand anda hugged me when it was frightening. And then anda left me.

anda beat the drum anda sang the song anda held my hand anda held me tight inside your arms, I trusted you. But then anda left me, and shattered my porselin heart.
posted by AlizeeCruz
Thou art perfection, though thou hast imperfection,
For thou art human, and humanity itself is an imperfection.
Only Bidadari could compare with thee,
For thou art lebih perfect than the fullest moon,
Than a cresting wave,
Than the sun on a summers day.
Thine perfection doth surpass that of the Whale's song,
And the Kingfishers dart,
The clear blue Sky,
And the pure white Hart.
It reaches beyond the Stars,
And into the Earth,
And blessed was the hari of thy birth,
For thou hast now stunned my lips to fail,
Thou art worth lebih to me, than to any Christian a hundred thousand Holy Grails.
And thine perfection shall...
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posted by shinju-chan
 "People build up walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down." (*☻-☻*)
"People build up walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down." (*☻-☻*)
A is for absolute.

B is for beautiful.

C is for confusing.

D is for decisive.

E is for equal.

F is for forgiveness.

G is for generous.

H is for hope.

I is for impossible.

J is for jokes.

K is for kisses.

1 is for laughter.

M is for marriage.

N is for new.

O is for outstanding.

P is for perfect.

Q is for questionable.

R is for respectable.

S is for silly.

T is for truthful.

U is for unconditional.

V is for Valentine

W is for Wonderful.

X is for 'X'treme.

Y is for yes.

Z is for zoo.

There are different types of love. Cinta can be a zoo. Not crazy, but in varieties.
posted by MineTurtle
Just to let anda know, this is NOT mine. I found it on another website.

My Child,

You may not know me, but I know everything about you. Psalm 139:1

I know when anda sit down and when anda rise up. Psalm 139:2

I am familiar with all your ways. Psalm 139:3

Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.
Matthew 10:29-31

For anda were made in my image. Genesis 1:27

In me anda live and alih and have your being. Acts 17:28

For anda are my offspring. Acts 17:28

I knew anda even before anda were conceived. Jeremiah 1:4-5

I chose anda when I planned creation. Ephesians 1:11-12

You were not a mistake, for all your days are...
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posted by shinju-chan
 Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades
Two days ago,

Three birds were sitting on a branch.

A fourth one came flying in and asked,

"Do anda have five worms?"

"No, not even six." They replied,

Shaking their heads seven times.

Eight days later there were just two.

A robin with

nine lebih days to live,

And a chickadee with ten days until they die.

The robin asked,

"Will anda be the Queen of my heart?"

The chickadee replied,

"Only if you'll be my king for the rest of my days.

They had a small chick named Jack,

And he filled their hearts.

But it was too soon.

Kids found the dead bodies and beat them with clubs,

And I found them and buried them with the spades.

I used diamonds as the gravestone.

Looks like Cinta can come from a broken heart.

Not even the Joker can make me laugh now.

But an ace of cards told me this story.
posted by shinju-chan
Ten Wishes-

The tenth is for peace around the world,

The ninth is for the sad, lonely girls.

The eighth is for the Cinta I'll never have.

The seventh is for mom and dad.

The six the is for this world to be real,

The fifth is for three filling meals.

The fourth is for beauty and grace,

The third is for a shatter less day.

The saat is for my personality not to be a drooper,

And the last is for the man I Cinta named Cooper.

I wish for these at least. If you'd like some more, consider these.

The eleventh is for a less twisted soul,

The twelfth is for some sup in a bowl.

The thirteenth is for a longer life,

The fourteenth is to be his wife.

The fifteenth is for a laugh from his mouth

The sixteenth is for hope he won't go south.

The seventeenth is for his emotions and happiness,

The eighteenth is for him without sadness.

The nineteenth is for a utama with him,

And the final for our Cinta filled to the brim.
posted by canal
I awoke to see myself in a cemitary not unusual i am a vampire.I decided to walk through the park thinking that noone would be there but i was wrong.There sat i little boy and what looked like a fifeteen tahun old i was fourteen so i was in the clear.The little kid was at the park and the other boy was at abench watching the boy.I sat down beside him."I didn't expect people to be here so early"i said."Neither did i"he said"I'm Jake".I didn't have a name the vampire clan just called me fangs so i took the name of my last victim."Im Alli"i said."Cool name"Jake said.After talking for a while we...
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posted by eightiesgirls
Hello fellow Fanpop people.
I know this isn't quite the place to put this but I am desperate.
So, my name is Andrianna and my Friends name is Ellissa and we share this account. We Cinta to write imagines and preferences and Cinta eighties Filem so we are Penulisan imagines for eighties movies. We write them for mostly The Outsiders, The Goonies and Stand sejak Me, but we can try and write for a different eighties movie if anda would like. There is one problem: we dont have requests! So if anda would please request to our profil and we would have the imagine up in less than days! All anda got to do is request a movie, a person if its a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of theme and a scenerio! So easy! We would post it on the profil on Fanpop of the movie anda requested and notify you. There is lebih information on our profile. So please, request! C'mon! Do it for Johnny!
posted by TrueImagination
--Chapter 1--

The moaning from upstairs made me jerk up 'They're probably at it again' I thought to myself. I checked the clock to see that it was only after two a.m. 'Great' I thought. Lifting my body from the bed, I pulled on a hoodie, jeans and my converse.

I packed my bag and everything with spare clothes and grabbed it along the with my school bag. I made my way out the front door and started walking. My aunt lived a couple of streets away and she knew exactly how I felt.

In no lebih than 10 minit I was in a sort of...Complication. I was making my way to the other side of the jalan when...
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posted by Eternalmike
There was this boy who was in high school.He never had a girlfriend and he's very lonely.He sits alone in the lunchroom and has zero friends.One hari when he was getting to chemistry, it all changed.

Karon was on his way to chemistry. He had his chem folder and notebook in his arms.He was ready to get through chemistry.But just he was near the classroom, he bumped into a girl."Oh I'm so sorry" The girl berkata picking up his chem folder and notebook."It's ok" Karon said. Then Karon suddenly gazed into her beauty. She had luxrious curly waist length dirty blond hair. Her skin was a bit lighter...
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"He was soooo cute!" I told my firends. sad thing is, I can't even remember what he looks like. But something feels special about him. Something makes me feel like I shouldn't care....

I would never of thought I'd be waiting sejak the phone. Most of the time i just think "Well if a guy doesn't want this, he can't have it." But something is amking me feel like I want him lebih than anyone else. Something is drawing me towards him. something makes me feel like if anyone's hati, tengah-tengah will be broken it'll be mine. And I just met him! Wait....I don't even know his name!

While Luna was worried about that....
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posted by rangarajvignesh
On my back, I lie, squinting at the twilight,
As splutters of rain drops fall on my cheek;
Light cold breeze strikes and takes me off-guard,
‘Cause it felt like your breath,
Slow, but fast and weak, but strong.

I close my eyes as a thunder tears open the sky,
But, in stead of blackness, I see you, your smile;
Come alive, my five senses,
To gaze at her beauty, to get a whiff of her scent,
To devour her lips’ taste, to hear her Enchanted voice,
And feel the delicacy of her skin.

The first drop of my tears roll down my cheek
And mix up with the everlasting rain,
As I remember your face tilting to the other...
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