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posted by lunehedgie
Their will atau will not be a chance that I may atau may not do a comic that involve some Rawak things I dunno
I have to draw it in paper because my computer broke in last Krismas because I was playing sonic.exe well I padam it and it won't work well it does is that the internet won't work.

So I use traditional art

So I can do that but yeah this may be hard for me to say...

Their May atau May not be a chance that I may make a comic not sure atau a doodle

So this may take a while for me to muat naik anything to
Fanpop so yeah also it may take a while because I have
Like a lack of school work and I'm still...
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posted by lunehedgie
Lune: wow

(An jam later)

Celestia and Bloom walks in and Saw Luna and Lune asleep

Bloom: those two must had a great time

Celestia: yeah....

Blossom: well I'm going utama now (use her horn to carry Lune)

And they left

Next day

Luna wakes up

Luna: Lune?!? (Gets up and goes to celestia) sister where is she?

Celestia looks

Celestia: they left last night

Luna sighs

Celestia: anda two seemed to get along fine...

Luna: I didn't get the chance to say something before she left utama

Celestia; don't worry anda can tell her later...

Luna: ok

Lune: (at the school she looks up and took one step

Lune heard a giggles

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posted by lunehedgie
The employee sat Lune down the table
Echo: why were anda in the kitchen?
Lune: well I heard some weird noises from their.
Echo: like?
Lune: never mind
Echo: Lune tell me
Lune: well I hear a little screech and umm man I forgot!
Echo: anda sure?
Lune: yeah.
Echo: (sigh) ok
Employee: (gets the cake)

Everyone sang the birthday song but Lune got the pisau and was about to cut the cake, flash stopped her and tolled the employee if they could cut it. Well I would understand Lune is way too young to use the knife.

When everyone was eating the cake Lune quietly sneaks back in the dapur and saw Foxy and the gang...
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They went to the hospital)
Victoria: hey, y'all forgot about me!
Flash and Echo: sorry ^^"
Lune: (laying their while her arm was bleeding)
Lune father: ( goes to talk to the doctor) will she be ok?
Doctor: I'm not sure sejak the look of her arm we probaly have no choice but to put a robotic arm on her.
Flash: (looks at Echo) so what happened to Lune? (Abit worried)
Echo: wait anda didn't see it?
Flash: no because those guys didn't let me go... (Grabs a toy to play with)
Echo: (gets his toy nerf gun) well let's just say the fox bite her arm.
Flash: wait it did?!
Echo: yeah.

Victoria: foxy bite her arm?!
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When it was Lune's birthday she was about 3 years old and her brother flash was always on her side except when he was playing with his friends. Lune heard freddy say "come on down kids because were gonna call foxy!". Lune stood their but she excitedly got up and ran where the stage was.
Freddy: ok kids help me call Foxy!
All the kids cheer in excitement

Freddy was shouting
Freddy: Foxy!
All the kids excitedly shouted
Kids: Foxy!!
Freddy: louder kids! Oh Foxy!
Kids: FOXY!!
Freddy: one lebih time, Foxy!
Kids: Foxy!!
Foxy appears which he swang from the rope
Foxy: Arrg welcome to the pirate cove! Freddy...
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posted by lunehedgie
Ok I re installed skype and everything was fucked up

1. Everyone's ikon won't show

2. It says that everyone is online (which their not.)

So I logged out and signed in again and it is STIlL LIKE THAT!
Geesh I need to chill anyways, I was like "wtf?!" And yeah I almost threw my phone of anger temper......( tbh I hate it when app doesn't work like bad and that it is like lembu, lembu jantan crap well yeah anda get what I'm saying sejak its wasn't working)

I was soo pissed that I had to go calm down and yeah
(I'm a impatient type well sometimes I get impatient when something exciting goes on).

Have I even suffered enough today?

(My mom wouldn't let me do the ALS Ice challenge and my cursing cousin ends up getting me into trouble)

Like yeah I haven't I suffered enough SKYPE?!?

(Sighs) forget it I'm probaly gonna uninstall it and use kik....
posted by lunehedgie
Celestia: (was waiting)

Luna: (waiting) ... I bet she does not like the night

Celestia looks and sighs

Luna: btw how did anda met them?

A ball rolled to Luna gently and it was the same ball that rolled to Luna

Luna looks

Luna: ! A-a night ball?

Luna hears a giggle

Lune: umm

Celestia giggles

Lune ran to get the ball but saw Luna,stops

Luna looks at her and smiles

Luna: hello their, what's you're name

Lune looks shyly

Celestia: oh um Luna this is Lune. Lune this is Luna

Lune giggles

Luna: what's so funny?

Lune: you're name almost sounded the same except the last letters~

Luna laughs

Luna: well that's true

Luna sat...
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posted by lunehedgie
Luna: What does it look like!

Celestia: sorry I was welcoming a new kuda, kuda kecil and a filly.

Luna: this better not be another lie!

Celestia: I'm honest!

Luna: fine, I want to see them tomorrow

Celestia: ok Luna

(Next Day)

At 2:00 am

Celestia went to where lune and her mother lived

Lunes mother: (opens the door) you're highness come in

Celestia: (goes in)

Lunes mother: my darling is sleep right now, would anda like some tea?

Celestia: sure

After that)

Celestia: well I came because I just want to know everything is alrigh

Lunes mother: why thank anda you're highness

Celestia nodded)

Celestia; welcome (was done and...
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Celestia wanders around the canterlot to check everything is ok
A filly was chasing after a big blue with stars ball but the ball rolled to celestia, the filly ran to her to get the ball, looks up

Filly: hi

Celestia smiled)

Celestia: why hello their anda must be new here

Filly: why yes it is, we just moved from ponyville

Celestia: my name is princess celestia and I had a princess there.~

Filly: wow you're a princess!~

Celestia nodded

Celestia: yeah, so where's you're parents?

Filly: I only got a mother, my daddy passed away..

Celestia: I'm so sorry..

Filly: it's ok

Celestia: so what's you're name?

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posted by lunehedgie
Lucario was running but he kept running into wild pokemons Lucario was pissed off so he took a short cut.

Lucario looked both ways when he spotted a house in a fat distance and Lucario ran but he ran into Eggman.

Eggman: oh Lucario~

Lucario looks up but in the angry way

Eggman: don't be angry Lucario~, I just want to help~~ -evil grin-

Lucario: -uses aura spear-

Eggman gets hit and he flew off and he landed to the ground

Lucario ran to the door of the house and yeah he ran the door bell.

Dark: -opens the door- oh wow, I wild Lucario!!

Light: -w- anda do realize that is Keke Lucario?

Dark: why say that?...
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posted by lunehedgie
Narrator (me): ok why the hell we are fussing over a god damn egg?

(I get punched in the face)

Narrator: X_X

Lune: shut up and continue the story!

Me: ugh fine....
Ok anyways the teacher suddenly came and saw sunset shimmer and took her with him and lune looks at him

Lune: thanks a bunch. What's you're name?

???: I can not tell anda my real name sorry.

Lune: it's ok

The unknown person left
Lune just stood their while the principle took sunset shimmer

Lune: .... Anyways (left)
??: wait!

Lune turns back)

Lune: hm?

???: are anda ok?

Lune: yeah I'm...
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posted by lunehedgie
seterusnya day.

Lune quickly wakes up and goes to the living room and sat seterusnya to her grandmother. Lune's grandmother smiles

Lune: grandma, will I be able to go to school?

Grandmother: I'm afraid not because you're grandfather leaves early and hates to be late

Lune: oh ok

Grandmother: wonna go walk??

Lune sways her tail

Lune: ok~

Oh wow, well anyways
Lune and her grandmother went on. Stroll for a couple of minit And went back home.

Lune: grandma

Grandmother: yes?

Lune: anyone coming today?~

Grandmother: why yes even I have to watch someone today

Lune: really?~

Grandmother: let's see I forgot his name...

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posted by lunehedgie
Lune walks sejak herself to her utama when she got utama she opened the door and her parents were arguing and fighting and yes the dad was drunk as hell. Lunes mother quickly saw Lune and took her somewhere to hide while the dad was distracted Lune looks up.

Lune: mommy, what's going on??

Her mother berkata nothing but looks back at lune)

Mother: honey, what ever anda do, do not make any noise

Lune froze and wonders why her mother berkata that but Lune looks down

Mother: Lune, since anda didn't had any Friends I felt bad for anda but guess what

Lune: what? (Her little tail wags quickly )

Mother: here (hands Lune...
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posted by lunehedgie
When king scourge wife was getting sick, Scourge had to try to bond with Lune and stuff which it will probably never happen but she tried was to make them bond in with each other until one hari she wanted to pretend that she was dead but she went to far the illness came in and yeah the illness became worse so she was dying and sejak the time scourge came utama with Lune he saw her body on the ground he sets Lune on the Ed quickly went to the wife tried to wake her up but it is no use, she did not respond so he realize that she was really dead. Scourge looked at the meja and looked at the note saying...
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posted by lunehedgie
It was Krismas Eve it was snowing her parents rejected the helpless child but they did not realize what this child can change so they left her in the cold she survived about 2 days atau lebih without Makanan atau water so one hari sir Lancelot was walking with the knights and king and queen, the king was never happy but the Queen is always happy so the knight stopped
King scourge: What is going on here!
Sir Lancelot: there is a child here which she looks like she was there for a week
King scourge: so, she is probably dead sejak now let's just go!
(His wife hits his shoulder)
His wife: scourge! Gets the child...
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posted by lunehedgie
Lune's age: unknown
Her abilities: unknown
Truth about her:
Her family left her for a good reason Shadow took her in until her family was been found she looks for her family. Lune was scared to people in age 3 if anda get near her she may hiss atau bite but may need be careful. At age 3 the same where her parents left her for a good reason eggman took her and yes huge mistake for Sonic to make shadow take care of her he gave it to eggman. Eggman does treat her like a kid but in public she treats her like if she was her servant it was not a well idea. She ran away from eggman but eggman is still after...
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posted by lunehedgie
Amy: ok girls we will pass out the bracelet and we will pass the color to you
Rouge: Oh is this exciting! Is it Lune?
Lune: ummm.... Maybe.....
Rouge: Lune is Silver is still at ya again?
Lune: no,no! We are partners...
Rouge: then.what's wrong?
Lune: i won't ask, ok rouge?
Rouge: fine
Sonic: so Lune what's up?
Sonic: Damn it Shadow! (sits down)
Lune: .....
Rouge: need to rest?
Honey: ok let's go (sits down)
Sonia: THIS WILL BE FUN! (runs,sits down)
Manic: count me out! (left)
Elizabeth: why?
Manic: (looks) i dunno
Sonia: plz stay!
Manic: ugh fine!...
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Tails: hmmm.... hei sonic.
Sonic: what is it buddy?
Tails: can anda help me test the enlarge ray?
Sonic: sure buddy... (helps tails,the ray fires)
Tails: (dodges)
Sonic: (same)
Lune: (in the living room the ray hits the mirror)
Sonic/Tails: LUNE LOOK OUT!
Lune: (gets hit in the ray but her chest did) SONIC! TAILS!
Sonic/Tails: we are a goner........
Lune: (runs to her room to check her size) ! 38KKK! SONIC! TAILS!
Sonic/Tails: (nosebleed,runs)
Lune: (runs after them)
Shadow: (comes in,see's Lune) Oh damn! O.O
Sonic: Shadow! Help!
Shadow: let me guess...... No!
Tails: DX
Shadow: (grabs a popcorn,grabs a chair,sits...
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posted by lunehedgie
Yes i am 17
But my life was never normal ......
My life began to get awful when i was 4 my parents had to take me with them everytime they go somewhere. The last time i tried to make stuff normal....... It gets worse! Everything seemed ok until some friend of my best friend came and tolled me " anda better stay away from her!" I got totally upset! I stayed in my room for days...... My parents (real) they tried to cheer me up but did not work..... At my 5th birthday....... I was excited because my mother (real) she was having a baby..... At the hospital the infant died........ I got upset..........
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Every single person is eyeing real estate as it’s the most thriving sector presently of course it comes with share of risk and gamble. However, pricing a property to abah-abah profit is a very complicated task any wrong step can lead anda under estimation and lower profit. Similarly making the investment is equally difficult unless one don’t have a proper and accurate knowledge of the particular property the decision may lead to either higher bracket payment incurring a Lost to buyer atau a too low value which will fetch no ROI to the seller. So it’s important to have an absolute knowledge...
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