Madonna hei people, tell me what anda think of this composition I wrote. I hope anda enjoy it

madonnanature posted on Dec 23, 2012 at 05:01PM
Turn Up the Radio to
Jump in
Music and
Get Together
Into the Groove for the
Celebration, I'm
Like a Virgin but
Deeper and Deeper I feel so
Erotica, on
Holiday I go
Miles Away to
La Isla Bonita and meet a
Beautiful Stranger, suddenly it's a
Love Profusion, now I'm
Burning Up 'cause you give me
Fever, but I tell my
Papa Don't Preach, 'cause I'm not
Sorry and I won't
Justify My Love, so
Give Me All Your Luvin', it takes
4 Minutes to
Open Your Heart and
Give it 2 Me, so
Express Yourself but don't be like a
Material Girl
Hung Up on the
Vogue of
American Life of
Hollywood, I'm gonna
Die Another Day, 'cause I'll
Live to Tell you my
Secret, but
Don't Tell Me a
Bedtime Story, come and
Rescue Me from this
Drowned World,
Take a Bow
Like a Prayer and
You'll See a
Ray of Light after the
Rain, I'm
Crazy For You, 'cause you are my
Lucky Star and when we
Cherish each other
Nothing Really Matters

Madonna No balas