15 Ways on How Maka is Different from the rest of the girls

Note: When I say "rest of the girls", I was referring to Liz, Patty, and Tsubaki. :P

**Warning: This artikel has some spoilers**

1. Maka is the only girl to have green eyes.
2. Maka is the only girl known to have two ponytails.
3. She's the only meister, the rest are weapons. (Yes, I know, Maka is also a weapon).
4. She's flat-chested.
5. She's the SMARTEST of the girls (I'm not saying the others are stupid, I'm just saying Maka is the smartest).
6. Maka (and Soul) are the only team out of the main three groups to have capture a witch's soul.
7. Maka's father was shown in the ANIME. They didn't mention about the other girls' parents. (But they showed a picture of Tsubaki's parents in the manga).
8. Maka was the first girl to be introduced in the anime.
9. She doesn't have any siblings.
10.She's the daughter of the current Death Scythe.
11.She's the only one who can do a Maka-Chop.
12.In the manga, when Maka was turned into a boy, she didn't look like she changed at all.
13.Maka appeared in almost every episodes except episodes 15, 23, and 30, which marks her as having the least amount of absences of all the main characters.
14.If anda were to take a tinjauan of which girls the peminat-peminat like, most people will pick "Maka".
15.Maka successfully made Soul into a Death Scythe. ;)
*Thank anda for Membaca it. ^^
And NO, I did not copy and paste it from a website... this came from my imagination.
Okay, I did use some facts from the Soul Eater wiki... but that's acceptable right? :P *