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posted by Mamatattletail1
Here lately parents have been asking for what to give their child
For Krismas this year. The hottest new toy that all the kids want this tahun is the new baby talking tattletail created sejak waygetter electronics. According to commercials, the toy has brushable hair, a charging station that it stands on, and it even eats real human food. All the kids Cinta this toy and want it. If they dont have it they claim they need it. Parents are reminded of the old toy from 1987 the Mama Tattlertail. Mama had cassete tapes that had bedtime stories on them. The Mama Tattletail was mainly made for orphans to feel as if they had a nourishing mother at their side.
posted by Mamatattletail1
Mama tattletail sits with the purple tattletail, holding a spoon full of carrots.
Mama: sweetie carrots are good for you.
Tattletail: but i dont wanna mama!
Mama: dont anda want desert like your brothers?
Tattletail: yes but they didnt even eat theirs! They gave
Em' to the person at the front desk!
Mama: what?
Yellow tattletail(yelling): UNTRUE!
Mama: Yellow Blue anda ARE BOTH GROUNDED!
Yellow and blue: but mama!
(Turns to evil mama): I berkata UR GROUNDED NOW GO TO UR ROOM!
Blue and yellow run to their room.
(Turns to regular mama): sorry anda had to see that.
Tattletail: its ok mama
(Mama Ciuman tattletail forehead): anda can go have ur brothers' desert. I will make sure they eat your carrots since they didnt eat theirs.