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Dear Anime/Manga lovers! :3

I have a request for anda guys:
I’m a Dutch student (btw, I think this English message is going to have some grammar mistakes ^^’’) and currently in my last tahun in middle-school. Everybody in his/her last tahun has to make a sort of project about a subject anda like. The goal of this project is that anda learn new things about your subject and I chose the subject anime/manga!

I want to find out why Anime/Manga started in Japan. Why Jepun and not for example Korea atau China? I think it has to do something with the strict/formal culture (in the past mostly) in Japan.

My soalan for anda guys is if anda want to fill in these soalan down below this message. This way I get to know opinions about Anime/Manga other than mine! It’ll take some time to fill in all the soalan so if you’re not interested that’s allright^^

So please fill in those soalan and it would be a big help! 
Thank anda very much!! :D

(Photo below: My own drawing of a monster hunter 3 Ultimate hunter :D link)

Name: (You don’t have to fill in your name if anda want to stay anonymous) :

1. What’s the reason anda began watching atau Membaca anime/manga? (Like: It made me happier atau something like that)
2. Are anda interested in Jepun only for the anime/manga atau did anda became, for example, also interested in it’s culture atau past? If so, please explain why ;)

3. Do anda think that every anime/manga story has a (secret) special meaning that can change your life?

4. Do anda think that Jepun could stay “Japan” if there was no anime/manga? (I mean, is it so important for the Japanese culture?)

5. Last question! Why do anda think that anime/manga started in Japan?
 AngelOfAnime13 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Manga Jawapan

Lanalamprouge said:
Name: Anonymous
Country: America/ U.S.A

1. I began Membaca Manga after my friend introduced me to Tokyo Mew Mew and Fruits Basket. I read the former thinking it was cute, short, and mainly entertainment. The plotting was fast and I was frustrated at the loose ends it let but mainly enjoyed it. Fruits Basket on the other hand I took lebih for emotional enjoyment. The situations were extreme and while the premise sounds cute it got dramatic real fast. I enjoyed learning many stories from many characters in this format that were vastly different. Each story was like a magnified value of the penulis and that was interesting to read magnified emotions and values like that. mostly it is for fun but sometimes it gets me thinking about nuances in people's personalities and is kind of a catharsis when I read emotional scenes close to my heart. It's interesting, creative and a better way to get the drama of a soap opera than watching those clunky messes.

2. Sort of. After being introduced to Manga/Anime I wasn't really interested in anything else Jepun had to offer until we got to choose a country to research their deitites. well I am way into mythos so I checked it out and was interested. Their cultural differences , their history and value system are just intriguing. along with the snacks they offer. (Banana popsicles anda can peel..... never getting over that)

3. Not really, no. some can offer new viewpoints and soalan to ponder but some I take purely as innocent entertainment like "Yotsuba" a Manga about a cute girl doing cute things and one of the few slice of life I read.

4. I think that Jepun would still be Jepun but as far as I know Manga and Anime are a big identifier for Jepun outside itself. It's one of the few things that I guess it has in common with outside countries because it is an obvious one that invades a lot of cultures. It's very important for accumulating outside civilian interest I guess.

5. Hmm. This last one is tough because I never really thought of it. I guess as an outlet for emotions and ideals in their simplest forms because whenever I watch Anime and Manga that is something that I always notice. Galileo wrote buku and did demonstrations for the common people to understand sejak using a medium they could easily access and learn from. Manga probably started sejak wanting to artistically get across ideals without being to political about it.... wait I just got too political about it.... and the whole entertainment thing too...

Well I hope this was of help and hope anda do great on your project
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
Thank anda for answering the questions! :D
AngelOfAnime13 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
no problem :)
Lanalamprouge posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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