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posted by EmilyCross
I Cinta her so much, at first i found her character on Desperate Housewives, weird and strange, but as i watched it lebih and lebih i grew to Cinta her, each hari i think about her and what it would be like to meet her atau to know her, i fantasize about being in Filem atau T.V series with her, i loved, loved, loved her in Melrose Place and i loved her even lebih when she was crazy, i'm gonna miss her Berlakon because she has stopped hopefully not for good but she has stopped. I have watched all her interviews on YouTube and i'm trying to watch every T.V tunjuk she has been in but only the episodes she's been in and i have nearly watched every film, some people may say i'm obsessed but i don't care she is an amazing person and it would be an honor to meet her. <3
posted by ghosty_girl
 Marcia Anne menyeberang, cross
Marcia Anne Cross
i loved marcia menyeberang, cross ever since i began watching desperate housewives. she potrays bree van de kamp hodge, my kegemaran character on desperate housewives. bree is the kind of person who is perfect on the outside, and cold on the inside. i Cinta it. in real life, marcia is a sweet mother and husband. before she came onto DH, she was playing the crazy Kimberley Shaw, (it must have taken all of her strengh to act her out!) anyways, Marcia is my kegemaran actress and i cant wait to see what shell do next!