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posted by 123Naki456
Dear Nic,
first of all, I am really sorry for being a forgetful jalang, perempuan jalang and for giving anda a sucky gift but I will make it up to anda when I come back home, I promise!

So, basically I just wanted to say a few words on why I Cinta anda so much.
When I came back to Fanpop I really didn't expect that so many new people will be here and I felt really awkward because that is how I am with people I don't know. And I thought I wasn't gonna fit back in but then you, one of the first people from the "second generation" welcomed me back and wallposted me and that felt really nice. We started talking and realized...
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posted by just_bella
hei girls <3 I don't know if any of anda are still Membaca this but I figured it's time to write again :) Hope anda like it

End of Chapter 3

"Trust you?" I berkata as my anger took over. "Trust you? Why in the name of all that's good should I trust you? I have no clue who anda are!"

"I just said," Dom berkata as he grinned mockingly at me. "This is Elizabeth, and I'm Dom."

"Nice." I berkata as I turned on my heel and started walking away from them both. I don't know if it's just because of my lack of sleep last night, atau the fact that I didn't know what the hell was happening but I was angry..and no one...
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posted by -lostgirl-
Hello :D

So, this is your birthday! Diet Coke and a pizza please, diet Coke I`m on my knees screaming Big girl anda are beautiful! Happy happy haappy birthday, to you. anda anda youuuu♥ Don`t try to be like Grace Kelly, coz all her looks are too sad. Ain`t they?! You could be brown, anda could be blue, anda could be violent sky, anda could be hurtful, anda could be purple, anda can be anything anda like! Because.. you are not what anda think anda are, anda are golden, anda are golden, my love! And whoever don`t like you, can walk out the door! Live your fucking life to the fullest. It is too short to spend...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 2

This was going to drive me nuts! I closed my eyes and thought of the dream..running through the snow, being chased..and the voice at the end. It was all so real, like I could almost feel the breath of his words against the back of my neck.

I wished and hoped that something would happen, that I would suddenly understand what was going on with me..was I going nuts? Was I going to deserve all the names I had been called when I was little? I made myself stop thinking about all of that, rolling over onto my side, a bantal tucked into my side. I closed my eyes and seterusnya thing I know...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 1

"Alexandra." I mocked my mothers voice as I sighed and eased my feet over the edge of the floor, putting just the slightest pressure on my toes. The pain was not like anything I have known, I would imagine this is close to the sensation anda get when a person walks through hot coals...pure hell, pure pain.

I grab onto the bed, my breath coming out ragged as the pain races up my feet and into my legs causing the worst cramps I've ever had. I knew that I don't deal well with pain, and I've never felt anything like this..I knew I was most likely going to pass out but before I did...
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posted by KaterinoulaLove
There are so many important things in life. Some of these things aren't really things; perhaps they are the precious people in your life - your family atau loved ones. But please forgive my lack of distinction between people, places and things.

I want to impress upon anda the most important aspects of life and so I ask anda to indulge me and allow me the flexibility to reference anything, anybody atau any place as things - just for the purpose of this blog post. I promise, it will help anda gain valuable insights into maximizing your time on earth.

You'll notice that The 11 Most Important Things in...
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posted by just_bella
Ok girls..this is the new story I'm writing. I'm super anxious to see what anda think. If anda like it I'm continuing it on mine and brys page :)
ly <3

She woke screaming, her hands clenching the sheets in her hands so tight that her fingers were white. She looked around the room as she tried to figure out where she was atau what was going on. She felt the warmth of her dog pressed against her side, she knew this room with it's pale green walls, the hardwood floors that lay beneath her bed.

She takes a few deep breaths as she tries to calm herself, she's had many disturbing dreams before but none...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Got my head on the pillow
Ready for a new night
Got my dreams to hold on tight
Wanna stay asleep forever
‘Cause when I wake up I’ll feel so alone
When I wake up you’re gone

Still I have to believe
That of all this loving can’t be for nothing
Don’t care about other guys ‘cause I made up my mind
It’s anda atau no one
It’s worth the pain
If only I knew it isn’t in vain
But even though we’re apart you’ll be in my hati, tengah-tengah forever

I’m keeping my eyes closed
Trying to keep the noise out of my head
Holding onto anda for as long as I can
Wanna stay in katil forever
‘Cause when I wake up I’ll feel...
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posted by just_bella
Maria...I tried to think of what to do for your birthday (happy sweet 16!)'s what I thought of.

A Beginning
It was A hard days night and Maria was trying to find a picture of Dominic in a Dr. Pepper T-shirt with no luck. HELP she screamed as she threw her sisters Sponge Bob across the room. I've searched Across the Universe and I can't find a damn thing!

Just then Amy logged on and Maria sent her the following message.

"Amy, Don't let me down. I've been looking Eight days a week and I can't find this picture."

"Good hari Sunshine" Amy berkata as she laughed at Maria who was once again freaking...
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posted by HaleyDewit
It was at the age of thirteen
When I first saw you
What did I know about love
There was still so much I needed to see

But now seven years later
And me being all grown up
I’m still in Cinta with you
I must be crazy

Don’t say I don’t know what I want
‘Cause I know all I want is you
Don’t say I should turn around and walk away
When all the roads lead to you
I wish my hati, tengah-tengah was made of rock
Or at least it had a lock
And anda couldn’t get a hold of the key
But on and on anda sneak in and drive me crazy

I know it’s impossible
I keep telling myself
I should try to alih on
But my hati, tengah-tengah won’t listen to my...
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posted by just_bella
Bbay, I tried to think of something I could get you..and it was really hard to decide...but I was listening to the Killers and it came to me. I know I'm kind of copying the ideas from anda and Maria..but I hope it makes anda smile.

Here's my feelings through The Killers:

I berkata I Cinta anda like the stars above, I'll Cinta anda till I die. True

But anda always hold your head up high, because it's a long, long way down. Hold your head up baby, things always get better

So what, I don't mind...if anda don't mind. Cuz I don't shine..if anda don't shine. I don't shine if anda don't shine love

The stars are blazing,...
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posted by AnnaSmiley
So, first of all, I wish anda the happiest birthday ever. In your whole life. And I wish every seterusnya birthday to be the same. :D
I am not very good at expressing my wishes, but here's a try.

Bren, I wish you. . lebih then everything. I wish anda to be happy, but not always, because anda wouldn't appreciate when everything is going smooth. I want anda to live a true first Cinta story anda would tell us here. I wish anda health, money ( *_*), happiness, joy and, well, I wish anda everything I can wish to a friend like you. I want anda to live a life the way anda want it and I want anda to promise that you...
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posted by just_bella
hei girls, I was having a totally horrible hari at work today then coming utama it just got worse...nothing and no one could make me smile until I came on here....then I heard a song off my ipod and it made me think of all of here are some of the lyrics...or all of them maybe..


here we go...

I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I knew you...

Like a comet pulled...
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Since I´m such a jalang, perempuan jalang all the time XD I thought I could make something for anda that could redeem me from my sins <3
I wrote anda smthing using BSB lyrics bcause anda know HOW MUCH I Cinta BSB and bcause I know that anda Cinta them SECRETLY too XD
You know I Cinta anda lebih than the sky loves the moon ♥
So here it goes:

Baby, I promise anda I´ll never break your heart. I couldn’t live without anda anymore because you´re my fire, the one desire.

Without anda I´m a house of cards in a hurricane. A reckless ride in the pouring rain.

I would go anywhere for you, anywhere anda ask me to. I wish...
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posted by AnnaSmiley
20 reasons why we Cinta Amy :)

1.) Because of her personality!
2.) Because she makes everything better!
3.) Because she is kind!
4.) Because she loves us in so many ways!
5.) Because she makes us smile!
6.) Because she's always there for us when we need help atau comfort!
7.) Because she's a truly great person inside out!
8.) Because she's fun and sweet and cute and I could go on forever!
9.) Because she’s a BEATLES FREAK!
10.) Because she’s excited about Rawak stuff because we are there with her!
11.) Because she’s too obsessed with tattoos!
12.).Because she's a part of our family!
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 Happy Birthday, Amy ♥
Happy Birthday, Amy ♥
Heeeeey Amy, don`t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better! =]

Dear Amy, won`t anda come out to play
Dear Amy, greet the brand new day
The sun is up, the sky is blue
It`s beautiful and so are you! :*

Has it been a hard day`s night and you`ve been working like a dog? Don`t worry coz when anda get utama (idiots spot) to us, anda find the things that we do & will make anda feel alright!;D

I`ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside
Oh yeah, Oh yeah. That`s right!
I`ve got a feeling, a feeling I can't hide
Oh no. no. Oh no! Oh no.
Yeah! Yeah! I've got a feeling. Yeah!
I`ve got a feeling that it`s gonna...
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posted by just_bella
It was a beautiful day, Maria and Cat were sitting in the strawberi fields for what seemed like forever. The two of them had been laying in the rumput staring up into the sky, trying to figure out the shapes when Cat screamed that she had found a awan that looked like Lucy in the sky with Diamonds.

"Cat, anda seriously need some HELP!" Maria berkata as she rolled her eyes and looked around. "Oh...that one looks Octopus's Garden!"

"And anda say I need HELP!" Cat laughed as she sat up and looked around. "Maria, can we go somewhere else and look? Great, Here Comes The Sun. I know...Why...
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posted by Jennx
How it ALL Started;

Sexy picture of Hot M&Kat legs.
Jenn: Hot stuff, much ?! huh . hihih :D ♥
Kat:Yeah Maria and I will have camera sex seterusnya time xPPPPPPPP LMAO
Jenn:Aw how romantic , LMAO! xD
Kat:haha xD I know But She is Unstoppable xP
Jenn:Ohh like i don`t know that :P
Kat:Haha She is being Perv with anda in the Camera too !? :O
Jenn:Yeah couple of times. I had to tunjuk her my bra * :D
Kat:Oh I had to took my clothes in front of her ! Thank god i had the camera a little bit down xP She had her head stick on the screen xD
Jenn:OMFG LMAO! Your`s is worse hahahahahah! :P
Kat:OMFG LMAO! Your`s is...
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 Nadia. Our unique ♥
Nadia. Our unique ♥
1)Describe our idiot family with just one word!
absolutely-amazing :D

2)Are there any girls anda dislike on fanpop?
Hm,yes! The one who have everything against you. Like when anda ask for rating anda are medal whore, i mean come one! :P

3)Find the word that describes the best...
Dorna:Freaky [awesome].♥

4)What does `friendship` mean to you?
Frienship means a LOT to me! Friendship is what makes us stronger! It...
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OKAY So last couple of days were really messed UP for us , like MAJORLY!
So much bad stuff happened. But we will work it out.
It was a HUGE fight and we all done and berkata stuff we regret and we cried it out. Now it`s time to alih ON! Time to forget the huge argument and just to enjoy this place like before.

I was wondering what will happened with ALL of us , after the fight and i wasn`t sure that we will work it out , atau that this place would feel like before but i was SO WRONG! Amy proved me that.
She was like AMAZING trough it ALL! We are SO lucky to have her with us , in our family.

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