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jessy-lu posted on Jul 08, 2007 at 08:42PM
Whats you favourite Olsen Twin movie and why??

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen 9 balas

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hampir setahun yang lalu i_love_aaron said…
i like them all but if i had to choose one id go for

so little time

i think its fun and great and the twins cgharecters are really great the show is totally funny and all the charecters are lie so funny Manuelo makes me giggle so much!!
Tedi is okay i little self-obsessed

and if Larry liked me i wouldent know what to do it would be dead annoying having someone who follows you around and totally obsesses about you.............on secong thoughts that would be good youd actuaaly feel liked as if someone actually liked you
hampir setahun yang lalu marrow2k said…
I love all there film's I can't just pick one. I do however think it sucks the fact thay haven't done anything in a while i love them both there both the same age as me. Actually my son has the same birthday as them i thought turned out really cool lol. I want them to bring out a new dvd i miss there films they were all great.
hampir setahun yang lalu Badger said…
They were pretty good in the movie New York Minute .
hampir setahun yang lalu gymnastlover said…
I liked Holiday In the Sun the most, although I do like all of them, but thats the one I liked most. No real reason just that one stuck with me the most. (brilliant insight i know)
hampir setahun yang lalu bethanyjtetlow said…
i like switching goals i think tht is coz i like football!!
hampir setahun yang lalu RemindMe said…
I love them all (thoese i've seen!)
Can't choose one.. But that movie i've been seen most, is ' New York Minute'.. That's a pretty amazing movie ♥'
hampir setahun yang lalu supraman90 said…
My favourite Mary-kate and Ashley film would be " Our lips are sealed ". Maybe this is because I am an Aussie, and so I get a different angle to the girl's humour, and are familiar with the backdrops. I also love the "Austin Powers" dresses that they had designed for them. The soundtrack is quite good too, and I have purchased the CD. Some of the close-up head shots are fantastic and really show their true beauty.
Winning London is also my favourite, and the close up work on this is stunning, as it also is on "Holiday in the sun".
I also want to add the performance by Mary-kate in the baseball scene in "It takes Two" - a classic !
I do admit that I can watch any of their works , but I do find it difficult to watch " When in Rome". The movie is OK but the way the camera angle tilts side to side just makes me feel motion sick !!!
 My favourite Mary-kate and Ashley film would be " Our lips are sealed ". Maybe this is because I am a
hampir setahun yang lalu DSLady said…
Holiday In the Sun and Our Lips Are Sealed are my top two
hampir setahun yang lalu Socool2678 said…
big smile
Hip Hip Holiday In The Sun It's Funny
 Hip Hip Holiday In The Sun It's Funny