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pilihan peminat: Luchia
pilihan peminat: Legend of The Mermaid
pilihan peminat: North Pacific Ocean Kingdom
pilihan peminat: Idol Dress (version 2)
pilihan peminat: Mermaid Princess Outfit
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MissAlyvia berkata …
We all online and muat naik our Fanart. In the future I will lapor on my friend and hate Anime attack! Grrr I can not stand (╬) telah diposkan ·18 hari lalu
XSecretGardenX berkata …
These people prefer not to come to us Mermaid Melody Club here! Then we will be really angry (╬◣д◢)
Hannah would attack a few people instagram! telah diposkan ·22 hari lalu
Hanna467 berkata …
In the future I will not let mermaid melody fanart steal anymore! It affects all of anda because i want to save my land now!
Japanese websites are getting very angry about stealing fanarts. telah diposkan ·22 hari lalu
XSecretGardenX dikomen…
I do not steal anymore I draw my own fanart.Hannah know best of me already : ]| ·22 hari lalu
MissAlyvia dikomen…
We will post something Fanart still Birthdays ಠдಠ ·18 hari lalu