recap: michael and jayla are having a baby in 7 months .tatiana and jason are planing to put her bhind bars.

"alicia im so execited to become a father soon" michael berkata "ok anda told me that like 100 times already its not like im not excited for anda but really do have to keep reminder me "alicia berkata "but
it about to happy in 28weeks left through her pregnancy can u beliv....."michael berkata as his phone is ringing as he looked at his phone it was jayla "hey baby girl" michael berkata "hi mikey menanggung, bear do anda want to come to the baby's ultrasound "jayla says "yeah of course do anda want me to bring alicia"mike berkata "yeah of course i do"JAYLA says
"see anda there baby girl Cinta anda bye" mike says
"love anda too "jayla says. "come we need to go to the hospital"michael says "why do we need to go to the hospital"alicia ask "to see jayla's ultrasound"mike says "oh...ok is she ok"alicia berkata "there's nothing worng with her "michael berkata "oh why then "alicia asked "because we're going to see her ultrsound" michael berkata "oh cool"alicia said.

at the hospital because of jayla ultrasound

congrats anda two are having twins"the doctor berkata
michael and jayla look shocked at eachother