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Michael Jackson
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Like a chameleon, Michael could reinvent himself in many whether it's a new hairstyle, atau a new fashion trend. Having been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years, Michael has made the successful transition from child performer to the world renowned entertainer we've come to know Cinta over the years. Michael was the one who reinvent in so many ways, and I guess that is why other entertainers were in awe of him.

As a recording artist, Michael showed his peminat-peminat he sing any type of Muzik from a different genres ranging form soul, pop, rock and new jack hayun, swing just like the songs on his 1991...
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the song they dont really care about us is a strong message that michael was trying to get across to people but some of them took it the wrong way here are some points about the song

michael was trying to say they dont really care about us meaning the media the press the news dont care about us at all that's what michael was trying to say in the song but the media took it the wrong way saying oh he berkata racist slurs in the song and who is he talking about when he say they

what he meant sejak they like i berkata before the media the press the news atau anybody he wasnt trying to be racist...
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Michael woke up and sat up. The window was open and he could hear birds outside. He got up and walked to his mirror and heard the phone ring. He looked at his cell phone and saw a number he reconized and answered it. "Hello?" Its was 8 O'clock in the morning and he was tired. "Hey um could anda call back later?" Michael said. "um yeh ok." The person berkata and hung up. Michael traveled down his stairs and poured himself a bowl of cereal when he got down to the kicthen. He sat himself down and started eating.

After Breakfast.

Michael walked back to his room and changed into his everyday cloths....
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this makes me cry
Michael Jackson
king of pop
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 The dress Kate wore
The dress Kate wore
Over the seterusnya few days Kate has been thinking of a way to get Michael. She decides to go over to his house and hopefully suduce him, and make him hers.

In an jam after coming up with that plan she gets ready. Wearing a red lace back dress with draping shoulderes. She put her tallest pair of red high heeled shoes on, with ruby red lipstick, and red rouge. She looks into the mirror she berkata to herself. "Michael won't resist me now, and if he does he's crazy!" She gets an evil grin on her face and get into her car. She gets into his driveway and knocks on the door. Their maid answers, "Yes may...
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