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paparazzi was menunjukkan up every where.in the closets the cabniets any way htey could get in the house to find out lebih about jjj aka janet jen jackson. finally jen and michael decided to let jjj into the public and everybody went crazy and everyone started wondering once agian how the baby happen but simplt told the truth that they did it the normal way.people wanted everything to do with jjj,posters,her own star,and songe but poor jjj was only a few months old .MJ decided to a song with jjj a few years later wen she was 5.they called the song heal the world,jjj was the little girl alking...
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posted by koolkat-1104
Michael Jackson sang, the world hoped.

Michael Jackson danced, the world smiled.

Michael Jackson laughed, the world laughed.

Michael Jackson died, the world cried, but sang, danced, laughed because we know that's what he would've wanted.

Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson, and always will be.

We are all Michael Jackson when we cry, sing, dance and laugh.

RIP Michael Jackson we Cinta anda and miss you. anda are always in our hearts forever god bless u anda made everything so much better for us.i wish u were still here with us u were such a beautiful human being. i know ur in a better place...
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I think coming here on this spot was.. the most beautiful thing I could have done..I Cinta this spot. I Cinta it so much..I couldn't say it in words..

Michael Jackson means so much for me. He is one man who really changed my life and my way of thinking, who helped me get through many many sad periods in my life.

I came here and met you, his fans..children and adults who loved Michael atau started to Cinta Michael after he passed..
I want to say from my hati, tengah-tengah that I met persons I never dreamed I would. Persons I just..love .. real friends. And I am so greatful I met them and they opened up to me..I...
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posted by caligurl16
He just couldn't follow through with the This Is It concerts for his dedicated peminat-peminat and innocent children. He didn't want to work that hard for people who he knew absolutely adored him and wanted to see him perform. He just had to pause everything take a break from it all, all of it.

"Once all alone, I was Lost in a world of strangers"

He wanted to teach each and every one of us on this planet a lesson: do not believe everything anda see atau hear.

Breaking News: "Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has had a hati, tengah-tengah attack." "Michael Jackson rushed to hospital." "Michael Jackson in critical condition."...
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posted by _Blackhearts_xx
Michael Jackson;

A great Mind,
There's only one of its Kind,

A great Heart,
Forever dear to us as he played his Part,

A voice like no Other,
His Muzik much like a secret Lover,

His talent Unique,
No other could ever copy his Technique,

king of pop,
The tajuk of respect; Muzik Rocks

Him they Misunderstood,
But regardless,on his feet he stood,

Him they Misjudged,
But at heart, he was loved,

Michael Jackson we Love,
He was as Precious as a fragile dove,

Michael Jackson we Miss,
Blessed with him we were,

Michael Jackson a living legend,
Michael Jackson we will never forget

xx R.I.P michaell!
Cinta youxxx
Two weeks later, holly sits crossed legged and crossed armed in front of a large mahogany meja as her lawyer John Branca looks over a new contract for holly to sign. He looks up at her and pulls out a pen from his pocket and pushes it ke hadapan to her. “Now Holly, anda do realize that the following contract will dissolve any ties your mother has as your manager on the hari of your birthday.” holly sits up and looks down at the contract with a serious eye before looking back up at him. “John, I may be young, but I’m shrewd when it comes to what I want and what I want is this. Now, where...
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