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 Dance Rehearsal For "Thriller" Video
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This Michael Jackson foto might contain mata air and air pancut.

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As a jury hears a civil case brought sejak Michael Jackson's mother, information about the superstar's role as father to his children is becoming public.

Courtrooms have supplied the epilogue to Michael Jackson's life. They've provided the forum where his debts have been settled, his final days dissected and his life depicted as a cautionary tale.

In nearly four years of court proceedings, two juries have watched Jackson come to life on video screens. They've watched him spin, dance and then disappear. They've heard his voice, seen his handwriting and viewed foto-foto of his lifeless body.

His role...
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Chapter 18,

January 25, 2011,

I am so excited because I'm in London and finishing my last four concerts of my "legacy" tour and that means I get to go home! Don't get me wrong, I Cinta being on tour but; I miss Carter!

I was just settling in back in my hotel room, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it assuming it would be room service but, instead there was a tall, good-looking teenage boy with brown hair and blue eyes standing there. I got worried because I thought he was an obsessed fan. I berkata "sorry but anda can't come in! peminat-peminat aren't even supposed to know what room I'm in!" I started...
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posted by foreveraMJJFan
After about a 30 minit drive, michael and lacey finally arrived to the resturant. Unlike the one where her and michael had gone to lunch at the sebelumnya week this one seemed a lot lebih seculeded and romantic. Lacey and Michael were quickly seated once they walked into the resturant. They were seated towards the back of the resturant in a private booth. The light was dimmed and in the center of the meja, jadual was a lit candle surrounded sejak rose petals. "What would anda two like to drink?" the waitress asked. "i would like a water" michael replied. "And anda ma'am?", "I would like a sweet tea" Lacey...
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Chapter 16,

January 2, 2009,

I was lying in my katil with Carter in his tempat tidur bayi, katil bayi on the other side of my large bedroom. Dad came in and berkata as he walked over to pick up Carter because he was crying "AJ; anda need to get up." I put a bantal over my head and rolled over. He berkata "you need to get up!" I complained "Carter kept me up all night long every jam and a half! I'm tired; can it be your turn?" He berkata "no, no, no, that's not how it works! I told anda that if anda wanted to raise Carter as your child then it's your responsibility to take care of him; not mine! I understand that you're tired but;...
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posted by Neverland_Joy
It's strange I normally try to stay far from

trouble, never try to glaze at it lebih than

one second

But... I don't know... what happened, but now

trouble is staring straight at me, and I have welcomed

her in

Never have I welcomed such a thing, like this

in my life, nor have I desired to change anything

from proper orbit

I've seen evil transform into beauty, and hell look like heaven

without desiring any problem that storm

being in my life

I've glaze now into the eyes of trouble, and enjoy the

company there of

Slowly those lips gentily Ciuman away the pain from the struggling day

as this creature, so sweet...
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