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 Michael And First Wife, Lisa Marie Presley
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This Michael Jackson foto contains potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup.

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im a peminat of michael jackson not because of who he is its because of his wonderfull Muzik that he sung i can identify with some of his Muzik like for instance i can idenify with childhood ive had a childhood but i can idenfiy with that im misunderstood some people may think they understand me completly but they dont at all some of my Friends would look me in the face and say the know me like a book but they dont at all they dont understand not one thing about me i also idenfity with the one friend that actually understand me and knows where i am coming from most of the time i also identify with...
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The seterusnya Day
Janelle woke up to hearing Muzik playing seterusnya door. She wondered why she heard Muzik playing and looked at her clock to see that it was 8am.
'Who wakes up this early? Then again...I do have to get ready for today anyway.' She thought.
She got out of katil and turned to Coraline, who was still asleep and curled up in a ball. She giggled a little and shook her lightly.
"Coraline, sweetie, time to wake up." She said.
Coraline moaned and opened her eyes. "What time is it, mommy?" She asked sweetly and tired.
Janelle giggled a little and looked at the clock then back at Coraline. "It's 8:05...
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It's been 3 months now, since Michael and Sani have been together and Michael wanted to smooth things out between him and George
" George, I wanna talk to you." "Come in." George didn't wanna talk , he wanted Michael lebih than ever "Watcha wanna talk about?" Michael told him to sit on the katil he walked up to him then berkata "George I want anda to know that I'm with someone and anda can't jeprodize that. When I berkata I Cinta anda that ment I Cinta anda as a friend not a gay boyfriend. When I say things that are affectionate,don't take it all the way ok. Because I have someone who is a friend,lover, and...
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J.K. Rowling says she was approached sejak Michael Jackson to turn her Harry Potter novels into a stage musical.

But the penulis turned him down because she was convinced that the musical wouldn't be a success.

Even though she has agreed to many merchandising deals and even a theme park, she told Oprah Winfrey that there were many things she rejected. She said:

"Michael Jackson wanted to do a musical. I berkata no to a lot of things. For me, I Cinta the films, I Cinta the books, and there's elements that I Cinta around it… like the theme park. But I only wanted to do it because I knew it would be incredible."
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