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 He Is So Cuite <3
He Is So Cuite <3
~Author Notes~
Im Going To Start Penulisan Imagines That Pertain To Michael. sejak The Way These Are All Originals So If anda Want To Use Them Please Give Credit,Thanks. And Guess What In The komen-komen atau On My dinding anda Can Ask Me To Write anda One. But It May Take Time So I Do Hope All Of anda Guys Understand. And All anda Have To Do Is....
1.Tell Me What Era J5/Jackson's,Off The Wall,Thriller,Bad,Dangerous,HIStory,Invincable, This Is It.
2. If anda Want To It To Be Clean atau Dirty Because I Know That Their Are MJPervs On Hear. Lol
3.What Do anda Want To Do. For Example First Date,Movie Night, And So On.
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According to The Sun, Matt Fiddes (28) has worked for Michael Jackson as a bodyguard on several occasions - and is proud to count him as a personal friend. When his mum was battling breast cancer, the entertainer even called her regularly to cheer her up. And dad-of-five Matt also had no qualms about his children meeting Michael. Matt says:

Michael must be the most misunderstood man in the world.

He is such a nice guy behind closed doors. Once anda get to know him, anda see that - but for most people his huge international profil tends to get in the way.

Michael definitely wants to keep the...
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