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Mickey tetikus Soalan

Do anda know the past of the character of Mickey Mouse? How was this character?

I am writting this post because I am a Spanish student who is doing a work for my final grade and I need some information.
I want to know all kinds of information about the values of Walt Disney, particulary the values that conveys the character of Mickey tetikus and what they pretend to instill on us.
I saw that anda have a website and I wanted to get information from you, because I think I can get information than what I can find online from anda than from another place in the web.
I would like to know the values of Mickey Mouse, the contents (formerly stories) and pautan and pages where I can find information on the psychological analysis of the Mickey tetikus films.
I thank anda for your cooperation and help.
 evaalonsoo posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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