Me: No.. I'm not I got into a fight
A: Unique..?
Me: yeah?
A: are anda telling me the truth?
Me: ....
A: Unique I really care about you.. anda can tell me anything
Me: yes!!.. he beats me just to get the anger out he takes all of his angry out on me.. I can't take it anymore... I want him dead!!
A: -comforting me-
Me: anda don't understand .. I'm sorry .. I gotta go
A: No I understand .. we can do this whenever
Me: -smiles- thank anda for understanding
A: -grabs my hand-
Me: *sighs*
A: -lifts up my chin-
Unique you're very welcome.. and whoever is beating on anda deserves to be put in the electric chair .. anda are a very attractive girl.. a baddie.. my baddie
Me: -in tears- August that was the sweetest thing I ever heard .. and yes I agree I'm your baddie! -chuckles-
A: -cups my face and kisses me-
Me: -shocked but kisses back-

Diggy: hello .. yeah his name is August... yeah I'll be waiting for her in her bedroom and anda come in and anda know do what anda gotta do

So I went in my room and found Daniel in my room wtf
Me: Daniel what are anda doing here
M: Daniel your dismissed
Me: Michael get out of my house!!
M: nah baby I'm good
Me: don't call me that
M: what anda gon do about it
Me: ....
M grabs my waist and pulls me close to him
Me: stop it !
Micheal pushes me
Me: why are anda so violent
M: shut up
Me: I asked anda a question
M: my business
- he leaves-
Me: -calls August-
A: hei bae
Me: hei can anda come over..
A: Uhh I'm sorta busy
Me: my mom isn't home
A: I'll be over in 15minutes
Me: okay
My mom wasn't going to be utama in like another jam and so...
// In my room//
Me: -kissing August-
A: -kissing back-
Me: August.. I'm not sure .. I'm kinda scared...
A: don't worry I'll go easy
Me: okay
- 15 minit later-
Me: August go faster!
Me: oh hei mom.....
To be continued..............