Disclaimer: some rated r scenes

Last Time
B: -followed me- baby tell me what happened.
Me: not everybody turns out who's anda expect them to be.
B: umm.
Me: he is dumb .. and I ain't got time for that.
B: -sighed- well he's coming back over tomorrow anda think anda can handle it.
Me: yeah I can
Me: - turned on the tv-


// Bre POV //

Man I gotta stay inside this house .. and there's no Makanan in here! How does this man eat?

Me: where's the food?
M: I put it away cause I know anda were to be hungry.
Me: can anda make me some hot wingz
M: sure.
Me: thanks -hugged him-

// Leah POV //

So August left something and b went to a Friends and now I'm stuck w/ August . -__- what the hell

So me being me went downstairs to get something to eat . I saw august but rolled my eyes.. no I'm not playing hard to get.. that's what he thinks.. but I have a husband what part of I'm married does he not understand?

Me: -looking in the refrigerator-
A: I guess its just me and anda tonight .
Me: yeah .. don't get any ideas .. I have a husband.
A: I don't .. I'm gon be down here watching football atau some shit.
Me: - made some lempeng, penkek - good. I'll be back down in a jam .
A: okay -sitting on the couch-
Me: -walked upstairs-
A: -slipped a pill in a glass-

// 1 jam later //

A: -holding a glass of milk-
Me: -grabbed the glass out of his hand and drank the milk-
A: want to watch a movie
Me: yeah but we're not watching it in here the TV is to small .. we'll watch it in the back room .. like I berkata don't get any ideas -finished the susu and put the glass in the sink-
A: what shall we watch?
Me: umm madea
A: okay

// 30 minit later //

Me: what did anda do to that milk
A: nothing
Me: weird
A: what
Me: I'm like -burped- excuse me .. I'm like so horny .. and I don't know why.
A: that is weird..
Me: -continued watching the movie-
A: -whispered in my ear-
Me: stop.. y-you're making me wet *hiccups*
A: are anda okay?
Me: no I-I w-want anda *sounds drunk*
A: *sat up* are anda sure ?
Me: *kisses him*
A: *kisses back*
Me: *grabbed his kolar pulling him closer*
A: *grabbed me and got on bahagian, atas of me*
Me: *starts unbuttoning his shirt*
A: *unhooks my bra*
Me: *took his baju off*
A: *takes off my baju *
Me: *kisses his neck*
A: I'm in control now
Me: okay *bit lip*
A: *kisses/sucks on my neck*
Me: August *bit lip*
A: *trails his kisses down to my breasts*
A: *sucks my nipples playing with them with his tongue*
Me: *moaned*
A: *kisses back up to my lips*
A: *takes off my shorts*
Me: *biting lip*
A: *takes off my underwear*
Me: *takes off his belt*
A: *rubs my body*
Me: *moans*
A: *kisses my stomach and trails it down to my meow*
Me: *legs shaking*
A: *spreads my legs*
Me: *legs getting weak*
A: *starts fingering me*
Me: *grabbed his tali pinggang loop and pushed him on the bed*
A: *biting lip*
Me: *unbuckled his pants and starts riding him*
A: oh shit!

// The seterusnya Morning //

I woke up the seterusnya morning. I felt like I got drunk last night because I have no clue what happened. I turned to my left and saw August .

Me: what did I do?
Me: August get up!
A: what *raspy voice*
Me: what happened last night?
A: *smirked* ummm I think that
Me: anda don't think nothing what happened??
A: we had some awesome keldai sex.
Me: what do anda mean? I didn't *looked under the cover* shit! Did anda at least use a condom?
A: uhhh.
Me: are anda trying to get me pregnant.
A: naw. anda was horny .. anda kissed me
Me: that's because anda drugged me!
A: *smirked* I hit!
Me: do anda think that's funny?
A: am I supposed to answer that
Me: yes asshole!
A: um. I don't know.
Me: now what if anda get me pregnant? Do anda have a std. anda got herpes. HIV? Aids? Crabs?
A: naw I ain't got none of that. If anda get pregnant .. then I'd be a good daddie
Me: *glared at him* are anda for real? Whatever I'm going to take a shower.
A: can I come
Me: No!! And if anda do .. your going to get beat up

// Layke POV //

So Isaac and I are arguing over some stupid stuff and I'm like so close to snapping

Me: Isaac I'm going to f-cking hit anda if anda don't shut tf up!!
I: hit me then
Me: what are anda going to do?
I: hit me
Me: get out my face
I: *grabs my wrists* Layke anda need to stop taking your anger out on me I didn't do shit to you!
Me: anda did. anda got mad at me because I fought at a party.
I: do anda know how embarrassing that was?
Me: *snatched away from him* oh so I embarrass anda now.? That's fine that's all anda had to say! I can't live like this especially because of this damn baby growing inside of me.
I: *face expression softened* You're pregnant?
Me: *slammed the door in his face*
I: *ran his fingers through his hair*

// 2 hours later //

I: *came inside my room with a bar of chocolate* I got anda this
Me: anda know its serial killers on the loose?
I: yeah but nobody was outside so I just got anda this.
Me: thanks *took a bite*
I: how come anda didn't tell me?
Me: I was scared what anda would say.
I: *sighed* baby I'm just not ready for a kid yet.
Me: so anda want me to abort ..
I: No! I'll just have to be the best father I can be.
Me: so I have a soalan is the baby gon be normal atau
I: probably take my Supernatural powers
Me: *smiles*

// Leah POV //

A: yo baby come here.
Me: don't call me that .. I should f-cking fight anda for drugging me and *got in his face* and making me have sex with yo trifling keldai self! I should molly whoop yo keldai I can't stand you
A: *pushed me out his face* calm down anda act like b is going to find out.
Me: he is going to find out.
A: why are anda playing anda act like I don't make anda horny *touches my inner thigh and kissed my neck*
Me: because anda drugged me and anda knew what anda were doing
A: *touched my g-spot*
Me: *moaned softly*
A: see I made anda moan.
Me: that's because anda touched . *bit lip*
A: I touched whaa?
Me: nothing ... just go. Leave me alone.
A: okay *smacked my keldai hard*
Me: dude!! What tf ?
A: what?
Me: *punched him in the groin*
B: *walks inside*
Me: *grabbed August baju and kicked him outside the house*

The serial killers were captured.

Me: bye!
B: what happened to him
Me: *sighed* can we talk?
B: sure
Me: anda won't get mad
B: it depends.
Me: okay so when we had to stay inside and anda went somewhere. August drugged me and we had sex.
B: *silent*
Me: without any protection
B: *clenched jaw*
Me: baby I'm sorry

Jessica POV
It was a sunny hari and I was taking a walk in the park . It was nice and quiet so I sat on the bench on instagram, it was peaceful and nobody was here but me.

??: *grabbed my hair and covered my mouth while holding a gun to my temple* surprise .. I'm back.
Me: *didn't say anything*
??: get up
Me: *did as told*
??: *took me to the darker part of the park*
??: *pushed me* sit
Me: *sat down*
??: *grabbed my face* anda forgot all about us. Don't be sad *smirked evilly*
T: *grabbed my arms and tied them behind my back tightly*
Me: why don't anda just leave me alone!
??: are anda mad?
Me: Go f-ck yourselves!!
T: the only f-cking that will be going on is me and you
Me: f-cking keldai
??: get up
Me: where are anda taking me.?
??: just for a ride. Where's Layke?
Me: I'm not a snitch !
T: where is she?
Me: I'm not telling you!
??: put her in the truck and blindfold her

// 30 minit later //

??: *grabbed my arm and pulled me out the car*
Me: can anda take this blindfold off
T: *put a gag in my mouth*
Me: mphhh mppphhh mphh??
??: *pushes me into somewhere*
Me: *stepped in water*
??: *took my blindfold off*
Me: *looked at them both*
??: *smirked*
T: *cracked his knuckles*

// 45 minit later //

T: *kicked me out the truck*
??: *drove off*
Me: *stumbled up and limped to the front door collapsing at the front door *
Momma Rose: *walked outside* oh my gawd!! *ran inside* Calvin!! *went to the store*
Calvin: *ran outside* baby? *took the gag out my mouth*
Me: *crying/whimpering * they took me *going through phases of unconscious *
C: baby stay with me *took me inside*
Me: take me to the hospital
C: *called Layke and Isaac*
L: hello?
C: Layke can anda and Issac come over immediately its Jessica .. she's hurt.

// 10 minit later //

Layke: *ran upstairs* omg Jessica who did this
J: they found me and they beat me..
I: and raped her. Whoever did this its two partners in crime. Both of them raped her.
J: nooo
L: I'll be back.
Calvin: where are anda going?
Me: I know who did this
Me: *ran downstairs*
I: *followed me* Layke.
Me: *turned around* yes?
I: be careful.
Me: I will anda guys make sure she stays conscious if she goes unconscious take her to the hospital. *walked out*

Layke POV

I got in my car and left. As I was driving I drove exactly where those fools would be in the back of the woods.

Me: y'all got some serious issues.
??: *held a gun to my head* sit on that bench
Me: *sat* y'all can't beat me. I mean I gotta baby delvoping inside so..
??: so.
Me: what's wrong with y'all beating up a poor little teen.. for what?
T: that perahu nelayan kecil, pukulan talk ain't gon do nothing but get that baby killed.
Me: and if anda do that I'll have my boyfriend slice your face to pieces so watch it yu, ikan jerung boy.
??: funny .. keep talking shit.
Me: I don't why anda guys are mad are anda sure y'all are actual men.?
??: was anda saying that when anda was sucking my d-ck?
Me: *glared at him*
??: yeah anda on silent mode now.
Me: *stood up* boy I would f-ck yo keldai up. Don't play with me nigga.
??: *punched me in the stomach extra hard*
Me: *grabbed my stomach in pain* okay then .. woo!
T: yo I got this
??: when anda get done let me know.
T: alright.
??: *went and slashed my tires*
T: *wrapped his hand around my throat so tight*
anda listen here. I surely wish the baby would've lived .
T: *stabbed the back of my leg behind my knee with his claws and ripped some flesh out*

Me: *screamed in pain*
T: *threw me on the ground*

// 45 minit later//

I limped to the car in pain with blood running from my mouth . I got in my car and sat in the front kerusi, tempat duduk looking for my phone. I finally found it and I got out my car and walked back to Calvin house.

Me: *fell at the bottom of the steps weak*
Calvin: *helped me upstairs* why are anda bloody
Me: Isaac *screaming in disbelief *
I: *took me to the bathroom* baby tell me what happened.
Me: he beat me ........... then took a chunk out of my leg....... and he .. he .. he
I: what did he do?
Me: he beat me until I miscarried. He killed my baby *crying my eyes out*
I: *comforting me*


Calvin: Jessica tell me everything they did
Me: they beat me... and then they they *starts crying*
Calvin: take your time.
Me: they raped me. I cried telling them to stop but they went rougher and rougher.


So Michael went to work so I got a personal trainer so I can get in shape.

Doorbell Rings

Me: *answered the door*
P/T: hi I'm Jerry you're personal trainer
Me: I'm bre so how about we get started.
P/T: yeah *steps inside*
Now we gotta stretch before we do these warm ups
Me: I already
P/T: anda want to get in shape right.
Me: yeah
P/T: and get that fatty looking good for me right?
Me: what?
P/T: I berkata and get those nice curves right.
Me: yeah I do.
P/T: okay so let's get started first we gon warm up those legs
Me: alright
P/T: okay first anda lay on your back.
Me: right *laying on my back*
P/T: now lift your legs up
Me: okay. *did that*
P/T: now anda open them horizontal
Me: how is this
P/T: *pulled my leg further to the side*
Me: oo that burns I can feel that
P/T: * "fell" between my legs*
Me: woahh
P/T: I had to he some water see u.o.e.n.o
Me: okay
P/T: *opened his legs* okay so anda sit here and we try to touch our toes then come up and relax.
Me: are anda foreal this time
P/T: yeah.

// 15 minit later //

So seterusnya thing I know his baju is off and he's grinding between my legs.

Me: *pushes him off* nigga get the hell out my house damn.
P/T: *grabbed my waist* baby come on!
Me: get out!! I better be getting my money back to!!
P/T: *grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist pinning my arms down* baby we gotta work anda out.. sweat out yo hair
Me: if anda don't get the hell off me in the seterusnya 10 saat
P/T: oh this my song
Me: *pushes him off me*
Me: *grabbed his baju and pushed him out the door as Michael is coming in* I better get my money back!!!
M: *closed the door*
Me: hei baby *tried to Ciuman him*
M: *put his finger on my lips as he was shushing me* who was that
Me: he was my personal trainer but he got fired
M: how come anda didn't ask me?

// Leah POV //

So turns out b is really really upset he hasn't berkata a single word since I told him what happened. Why is this my fault? If anything he should be mad at August. I guess he didn't hear me say I was drugged. I had enough .

Me: *walked into the room* can anda at least say something?
B: what do anda want me to say?
Me: ion know say something .. instead of looking angry .
B: anda had sex with a other guy and didn't use protection
Me: I was drugged!
B: *starred at me*
Me: I drank the glass of susu and I didn't know it was something in it. If I did I would of never drunken it!
B: I want anda to go to the doctor and find out if you're pregnant .. you're not having a baby sejak my best friend.
Me: *mouth dropped wide open* I'm not going to abort the baby! That's killing a human.! No way! Are anda taking sides with him.?
B: where was the glass of milk
Me: it was in his hand.
B: anda shouldn't of touched the milk.. if anda would of done that anda wouldn't have been drugged.
Me: I'm not aborting the baby if I'm pregnant.
B: *grabbed my hand and took the ring off it* then as of now *took off his ring* we are seeing other people. I'd appreciate if anda packed all your things and leave
Me: *tears up* you're breaking up with me.
B: think of it as a break from each other.
Me: w-why are anda doing this?
B: *kisses my forehead*


M: we're going to start with push ups
Me: no I don't like push ups.
M: we're doing push ups
Me: *walked upstairs and grabbed some chips* I'm not working out today
M: what are anda doing eating my salt and vinegar chips?
Me: *ate the rest* oh those were yours?
M: yup
Me: anda didn't give me a Ciuman today.
M: come here
Me: no anda come here
M: I guess anda won't be get a kiss
Me: *grabbed his arm*
M: *kisses me*
Me: *kisses back*

Layke POV

So Isaac was downstairs and his phone was in the room so I wasn't going through it. Well I just went to yu, ikan jerung boy contact and texted : anda wanna beat the baby out of my girl, meet me at the forest at 10:00 tonight so we can settle this . .. and send.

It was 8:30 right now so I also told him its just me and him.

He replied: okay I'll be glad to beat your ass.

So me and Isaac have the same phone but mine has a lock on it. So I just switched our phones. Now time to get my weapons .

I grabbed a pisau . A gun . And my brass knuckles but I just put them in my makeup bag . I took a pancuran, pancuran mandian then put my hair in a ponytail. Time for me to do this.

// 9: 58 //

I: where are anda going?
Me: I'm going outside I'll be back before midnight.
I: why are anda going out this late
Me: I need to take a breather , so I can get some things off my mind.
I: okay be careful.
Me: thanks babe *walked outside*

I walked into the woods where I told yu, ikan jerung boy to meet me. He came about two minit later. He saw me and smirked.

T: oh I get it , anda sent that message didn't you?
Me: yeah and the fact anda beat me until I miscarried which is un f-cking acceptable
T: *slapped me and pushed me into a tree*
Me: *got up*
T: *kicked me in the face and pushed me into really sticky mud*
T: *grabbed my collar* anda chose the wrong one
Me: *pepper sprayed him and stabbed him in the arm*
T: *eyes turn a bloodshot red*
Me: *got up and pushed him down and started punching him in the face*
T: *kicked me off him*
T: *dug his claws into my stomach* anda just put your hands on me , not very smart baby girl *shot me in the back and twice in the leg*
Me: *fell on the ground trying to back up*
T: *grabbed my leg and pulled me closer*
Me: *tried to punch him*
T: *grabbed my fist and squeezed it*
Me: *screamed in pain*
T: baby girl anda should've known better than to mess with me.
*slashed my cheek leaving 3 long Slash marks on my cheek with blood oozing from them*

// The seterusnya hari //

I woke up in a katil and I only had on an oversized jersey and the sheets smelled like sex.. I hope I really hope yu, ikan jerung boy didn't drug me to have sex with him.

Me: *tried getting up*
T: *tighten his grip around my waist* where the hell anda think you're going
Me: I'm leaving.. getting away , let me goo! *getting a little loud*
T: hei stfu and be glad I didn't kill yo ass.
Me: where did anda put my clothes!!
T: excuse me ? Who are anda getting loud with?
Me: anda ! F-cking loonitick !! Get off me!
T: *got out of the bed*
Me: yes leave
T: *grabbed my legs and yanked me off the bed*
Me: *stood up*
T: look at me
Me: what?
T: anda wanna be bad then hayun, swing
Me: no I'm not stupid , but you're going to let me out of here!
T: says who?
Me: I did now led me out before I
T: *pushed me on the ground*
Me: anda know what .. I hate anda
T: prove it
Me: *got up and punched him in the face*
T: *fell on the ground* anda stupid keldai bitch! *molly whooping him*
??: *ran into the room and broke us up*
T: *got up* anda wanna go.. bet seterusnya time I see anda I will kill you.

Jessica POV

So I was in the park with Calvin and we were talking

Shay: *grabbed my bun and dragged me off the bench punching me* jalang, perempuan jalang bitch!
Shay: *molly whooping me*
Calvin: *pulled her off me*
Me: really?
Calvin: *put me in the car and drove off*

Me: anda know it's a new years party tonight?
Calvin: yeah its at tyga place.
Me: we going?
Calvin: yeah.


Me: *put on some leggings and tied a plaid baju around my waist *
Me: mike we wearing the same J's?
M: I'm wearing my 11's
Me: alright.

Layke POV

I'm not going to the party this time. I'm injured .

Me: Isaac anda going?
I: no I'm going to a friend's
Me: seriously?
I: no I'm playing.

Leah POV

Since b and I are "taking a break" I can actually talk to other guys without him being mad. So what other way of making him mad then flirting with his friends.

So I put on some high waist shorts and a crop top. I did my makeup and headed out.

// The Party //

So I arrived at the party as I got out my car I noticed b's Friends checking me out. This is going to work well. So I waved to them and walked inside the house.

Jessica POV

So I was out back where the pool was and I had on my gym shoes of course Shay was there it was just at matter of time before I popped off.


So I was in the back with Jessica and we we're having a great time.

Me: so how are things going with Calvin
Shay: like anybody cares..
Nicki: yeah he seems so humble and quiet
J: he is at times but he's a nice guy.
Lauren (London): So we're all girls here . How's the sex?
Nicki: omg anda guys know D rose right?
Eb: yasss!!
Nicki: we hooked up the other night and it was amazing !
Lauren: really?
Nicki: yes!
Leah: so anda guys know b right?
Eb: so we got married right
Shay: congrats !
Me: thanks so August came over and some things happened and he berkata we're taking a break.
Lauren: what??
Riri: really that's so weird.
Me: what?
Riri: he was telling me about it yesterday just before we had sex.
Me: how long has this been going on?
Riri: umm that hari he left .. he came to my house..
Me: so anda knew he had a wife and anda still decided to f-ck him?
Riri: No jalang, perempuan jalang I'm the main your the sideline.
Lauren: shit is about to get real
Nicki: *pulled out her phone*
Riri: maybe he was tired of yo stank p-ssy and wanted some better p-ssy ..
Me: *got in her face* atau maybe its the fact you're a thot.
Riri: *pushed me on the ground*
Me: *threw my drink in her face and started punching her*
Lauren: oh shit. Lemme get my phone out!

// Inside //


T: yo looks like yo ex just found out
Me: shit! *walked outside*
Me: *grabbed Leah and pulled her off*
L: suck on that bitch!
R: jalang, perempuan jalang shut tf up.

Leah POV

Me: get off me.!
B: *put me down*
Me: *slapped him* f-cking trifling keldai bitch.
B: I guess I deserved that.
Me: *pulled the ring out my pocket* does this even mean shit to you? *threw the ring at him* I'm done.
B: wait wait Leah come back here.
Me: go to you're girlfriend
B: anda are my girl.
Me: *turned around* I'm done with anda I don't want nothing to do with anda *fixed my hair and walked back into the backyard*
Riri: *ran towards me*
Me: *talking to b*
Riri: *grabbed a handful of my hair and threw me to the ground punching me * jalang, perempuan jalang jalang, perempuan jalang bitch!
Me: *grabbed her hair and flipped her over me and started punching her* anda wanna snake me? *punching her in the face*
T: *grabbed my waist and tried pulling me off*
Me: dafuq bitch!
B: *grabbed riri*

T: *took me to the front*

Jessica POV

Me: okay ..
Lauren: y'all its 12:00 cheers !!
Nicki: happy new years bitches!!
Eb: *cheers*
Me: cheers

LOL Okay I'm serious about this.. all this happened in SLOOOOOWWW MOOOTIONN .

Me: *grabbed Shay's ponytail*
Me: *yanked her head back and punched her in the face*
Shay: jalang, perempuan jalang ! *pulled me to the ground*
Me: *punching her in her face*
Shay: *punched me*
Me: *got up and was dragging her sejak her hair still punching her in the face* anda wanna snake me?
Shay: *got up and pushed me to the ground*


I'm so confused somebody please tell me what just happened.

Me: Jessica get off her.!
Jessica: *punching her in the face*
T: *pulled her off*
Jessica: *still holding her hair*
T: let go of her hair!
S: *grabbed my hair*
B: *grabbed her* let go of her hair!
Jessica: *let go*
S: jalang, perempuan jalang I'll beat your keldai again!
Me: take that filthy keldai hoe!

We get in his car and he locks the door.

Me: let me out! I'm bout to go beat that jalang, perempuan jalang ass!
T: chill ma *placed his hand on my inner thigh*
Me: remove your hand from my thigh before I beat yo keldai
T: *stepped out of the car*
Me: *got out and went looking for Leah when I ran into b*
Me: watch where tf you're going
B: chill ma
Me: no riri is your ma .. *walked away*
B: Jessica wait can we talk?
Me: I have nothing to say to anda cheat on my friend with that jalang, perempuan jalang why?
B: it was a one time thing
Me: lebih like a one week thing .. I'm not stupid . *fixed my hair* I know anda just wanted to hit so tf what I don't appreciate that and the fact anda didn't even tell her? You're sick and disgust me.

Lauren: I'm confused what just happened
Bre: Jessica and Shay just fought and now we don't know where they went.

// The seterusnya hari //

So Calvin invited 4 of his Friends over this afternoon . So I called up some of my girls and invited them over.

Doorbell Rings.

Calvin: *got up*
Me: sit down its for me
Calvin: okay then..
Me: hei girls

Me: just go sit sejak Calvin guy friends..
Jaylin: hei this is my friend Destiny .
Me: I know y'all go sit down *glared at her*

// In the Living Room //

We we're all talking about Rawak stuff when destiny just had to bring that shit up.

D: so I heard anda fought my sister
Me: yeah but I'm over it .. it is what it is .. so guess what I got my driver's license today!!
Eb (except Destiny): that's great
Destiny: and does it say male atau female for the gender
Calvin guy friends: oooo
Me: it says female . *staying calm*
D: and how many times did anda have to put on makeup to cover that gremlin face of yours
Me: I'll be back anda guys *ran upstairs and closed and locked my door*

Me: *put on some bola keranjang shorts and threw a hoodie on*

I looked in the mirror and put my hair in a bun. Then walked back downstairs.

D: I'll tell her to her face. *walks up to me* put your hands on my sister again and I'll f-ck yo keldai up so bad you'll need to go to the ambulance. Oh yeah and here * threw some water in my face*
Me: Calvin .. Calvin Friends I'm sorry baby tuck my hud, hood in
Calvin: *tucked my hud, hood in*
Me: *sat down*

Doorbell Rings

Calvin: *let the girl inside*
Shay: hei guys *glared at me
Me: oh no shay what happened to your face? Oh yeah I fcked it up yesterday forgot.
Shay: *sat sejak her sister*
Me: so how was anda guys day?
Shay: good until I saw your gremlin keldai
Me: *walked into the kitchen* Calvin come here
Calvin: wassup
Me: I'm so close to beating their asses ..
Calvin: okay if they do something do something
Me: glad we understand *pushed him back into the kitchen*

So I sat back down.

CJ: so Destiny where are anda from
Me: she came from the lab. There was an outbreak of patting yo weave to much
EB: *laughed*
D: where did anda come from
S: her cangkul, hoe keldai momma p-ssy
Me: anda know its quite shocking that anda out of all people are talking.
S: right *grabbed her bottle of jus and dumped it on my hair and threw the bottle at my face*
Me: *lunged at shay*
S: *kicked me in my knee*
Me: jalang, perempuan jalang I'm not even gon do this .
S: yeah *stood up* sit your scary keldai down.
Me: *punched her in the face throwing her to the ground*
D: *grabbed my hair and pulled me off her punching me*
S: *got up and was punching me also*

CJ: aye *grabbed shay and pulled her off me*
Andre: *grabbed Destiny and pulled her off me*
Me: *spit out blood in the garbage can*
Justin: she got her keldai whooped
Calvin: why would anda say that.
Me: *grabbed some paper towels*

They busted my lip and made my nose bleed! Aw hell naw

I went back in the living room where destiny and shay sat down and they were calm.

Me: *fixed my hair* y'all really think I can't take on both of anda .. iight bet! Now who berkata I got my keldai whooped

Justin: I did what are your Friends going to jump me.
Me: *got in his face* ain't nobody get they keldai beat I got jumped so before anda start talking shit get your f-cking facts straight.
Justin: anda need to get out my face before I hurt you
Me: don't worry I got something coming for yo ass.

Bre: y'all some weak asses
Me: *turned around and looked at Destiny*
Me: *grabbed her bun and yanked her out of her kerusi, tempat duduk punching her*
Shay: *got up*
Bre: *punches her in the face*

// 15 minit later //
Calvin: *broke up me and destiny*
Me: let me go I'm cool.
Calvin: *holding Destiny back*
Me: *fixed my hair*
Justin: why do girls just grab hair in fights
Me: *ran up on him and slapped him and tried to punch him*
Justin: *kicked me down*
Me: *fell but got up*
Justin: *kicked me back* get away from me before anda get a whopping
Me: *grabbed his leg and pulled him off the sofa, kerusi panjang and started punching him in the face*
Calvin: *grabbed me and pulled me off him and took me outside*
Why'd anda do that!
Me: he was talking shit he deserved it.
Calvin: man
Me: *standing on the table*
Calvin: get down.
Me: *ran past him and grabbed Shay hair and started punching her in the face* wanna jump me!!
Calvin: Jessica *grabbed my waist pulling me*
Me: *punching shay in her face*
Calvin: *pulled us apart*
Justin: *grabbed Shay*
Me: *ran up behind him and punched Shay in the face* bitch!
Me: *dragged her out of his arms*
Shay: get off me!!
Me: stupid bitch!
Shay friend: *grabbed my hair*
Bre: *yanked her off me *
Calvin: *grabbed shay*
Justin: *pinned me to a wall*
Me: get off me I'll fight you
Justin: stop Berlakon like a jalang, perempuan jalang
Me: *heard those words repeat in my mind* a jalang, perempuan jalang a jalang, perempuan jalang a bitch
Me: *kicked him in his groin and started punching him* don't anda ever call me out my name again!
Justin: *grabbed my arms and threw me to the ground*
Me: get off me!
Justin: don't put your hands on me
Me: jalang, perempuan jalang get off me!
Justin: *feels on my upper inner thigh reign*
Me: *pushes him off me *
Me: *punched him over and over and over*
Calvin: *grabbed me and pulled me off him*
Calvin: *locked me in a room*

// Layke POV //

So Isaac left to get me something to eat and I limped my way downstairs and I turned to walk towards the kitchen.

??: *pushed me on the ground*
Me: *laid on my stomach*
??: *kicked me turning me over on my back*
Me: look anda remember when anda berkata seterusnya time anda see me anda were going to anda know chop my head off well how about
T: shut up.
Me: *silent*
T: anda put your hands on me and so now I put my hands on you. You're going to get up and sit on the sofa, kerusi panjang ..
Me: *did as told*
T: *sat across from me*
Me: that's why anda don't turn people on in the first place *mumbled*
T: huh? anda wanna say that a little louder!!
Me: I berkata that's why anda don't turn anybody on in the first place!!
T: *got in my face* I can turn anda on for sure.
Me: anda can't because
T: *starts seducing me*
Me: it's a not working!
T: *kissed me*
Me: *kissed back for some reason*
T: *pulled away* right .. so about this death thing.
Me: *had a pocket knife* yup?
Me: *slashed him right across the face and jabbed him in the eye*
T: *stabbed me in my back with his claws* I see anda didn't learn your lesson.
Me: *in pain*
T: *threw me into the wall*
Me: *fell and hurt my already injured leg lebih to where I couldn't get up*
T: *walked into the kitchen*
Me: *panicking and yelping in pain as I try to get up*
T: hmm *grabbed a butcher knife*
Me: *saw a phone and tried grabbing it*
T: *stepped on my hand*
Me: *had the phone under my hand*
T: *grabbed a hammer and nailed the doors and windows shut and put plexiglass over the windows*
Me: *grabbed the phone*
T: *took the phone and crushed it to bits and pieces*
Me: *still in pain*
T: *grabbed his duffel bag and started going through it*
Me: *looked around for any weapons*
T: *pulled out some chains , rope, a whip and a machete*
Me: *managed to turn over on my back*
T: *pulled out a body bag*
Me: * trying to crawl*
T: *pulled out some gasoline and a lighter*
Okay now which ones will I use first... oh yeah I almost forgot *pulled out a scalpel*
Me: *reached the refrigerator*
T: *grabbed my legs and pulled me down into the basement*
Me: *screaming and grabbed the wall*
T: *yanked me down the stairs*
Me: please at least write him a note!
T: *grabbed me and placed me on the pool meja, jadual and chained me down*
Me: *weeped*
T: shut up right now! *his voice was stern and cold blooded*
Me: *kept crying*
T: *grabbed my leg tightly*
Me: *screamed in pain*
T: *grabbed my face and looked my in the eyes* shut up.
Me: *in pain*
T: okay so anda like hitting people soooo.. *grabbed the whip and whipped me with it about 20 times*
Me: *cried in pain*
T: *grabbed his butcher pisau and placed the tip on my cheek* anda remember when anda gave me this mark from cutting me?
Me: *looked away*
T: look at me
Me: I'm sorry
T: oh now you're sorry. It's way too late for sorry. *sliced my cheek open*
Me: *didn't say anything*
T: I should take your hati, tengah-tengah out of your chest and make anda eat it.. matter of fact. *pulled out a hati, tengah-tengah from his duffel bag and put it in my face* eat it
Me: No I .. I can't!
T: oh well to bad. *stabbed me in the leg*
Me: *screamed in pain through clenched teeth*
T: *laughed*

// 1 jam later //

Isaac POV

So I got back utama with Layke Makanan there was a traffic accident causing me to be late so I walked inside and called Layke.

Me: Layke?

There was no answer I began to become worried when I saw a note on the fridge and it read .

Maybe anda should control your girlfriend a little bit better.

And it had blood on it .. I ran downstairs to the basement and couldn't believe my eyes.

I saw Layke and I ran over to her

Me: *picked her up*
L: I-Isaac *her voice was hoarse and faint*
Me: baby can anda walk
L: h-he tortured me ..
Me: who?
L: he berkata that I shouldn't of put my hands on him.. he tried to make me drink gasoline.
Me: can anda walk?
L: No .. what if I'm paralyzed ? I won't be able to walk again!! *cries*
Me: *picked her up and carried her to the car*
L: Isaac
Me: yes baby?
L: I'm so sorry this is all my fault .
Me: No no don't say that.
L: put me down
Me: Layke anda can't walk
L: take me to the bathroom
Me: *took her to the bathroom*
L: *threw up* ooh
Me: anda good?
L: yes ..
Me: *called the ambulance*

// At the hospital //

So I was sitting down sejak Layke and she's sleep when some detectives walked in.

Elliot: anda must be Isaac
Me: yeah anda are?
Elliot: Elliot.
??: Margot

Elliot: what happened
Me: I came utama and saw a note on the refrigerator and I ran down to the basement and saw her .

// Later On That Night //

Taylor POV

I'm so tired of living like this .. time to have some real fun

Me: dude anda ready?
??: yeah let's go *pulled down his ski mask*

Isaac POV

Nurse: sir anda have to leave now
Me: *sighed* alright *kissed Layke forehead*
Me: *leaves*

Taylor POV

So we got in the car and drove to the hospital that Layke was at.

Me: *pulled up into the hospital* anda take them down and I'll grab Layke..
??: gotcha

We walk into the hospital (which is pretty small) we had our ski masks on. Now time to follow through our plan.

??: *grabbed the front meja lady hair and held the gun to the back off her head* everybody get down !

I fired two shots into the air and everyone dropped to the floor , and some girls screamed.

??: anybody calls the cops that's her life that's gone.
Me: *looked at the board and saw what room Layke as in*

Layke POV
So I woke to the sound of gunshots and I felt better so I could alih my arms but not my legs. I knew exactly what was going on. I knew he was coming for me . I couldn't do nothing but push him away and stuff.

T: *walked into my room* well well well
Me: I'm sorry just leave me alone!
Doc: hey!!
T: *shot him in the head*
Me: *sat up* Taylor what do anda what from me!!
T: that's all I want is you.
Me: so what are anda going to do kidnap me?
T: *grabbed my torso and threw me over his shoulder*
Me: put me down!!
T: shut up.
Me: let me go!!

He walked back out to the car along with his accomplice. He threw me in the back.

Me: oww!
??: *sat in the back*
Me: oh not anda too.
??: *pushed my head down* keep your head down until we tell anda to.

// Hospital //

Margot: *walked into the hospital* looks like our crooks struck again.
Elliot: I'll go find out some information.
Margot: I'll go talk to Isaac

Elliot: so what happened
FDL: so two gentlemen came in and one held a gun to the back of my head and they told everyone to get down

Margot: so do anda have any idea who did this.
I: No but I know someone who does ..

Margot: *rang doorbell*
Calvin: hi detective can I help you?
Margot: I need to talk to Jessica.
Calvin: okay. Come on in *invites her inside*
Calvin: Jessica!
Jessica: *walked downstairs* umm.. what's going on?
Margot: I'm Margot we need to talk.

// In her room //

Margot: Layke was severely beaten , almost to death do anda have any idea who would do something like that.
Jessica: of course
Margot: who?
Jessica: His name is Taylor. I don't know his accomplice name he never told us.
Margot: so she was kidnapped from the hospital do anda think Taylor did this?
Jessica: I know he did.. it's something wrong with him .. just the other day.. he kidnapped me .. they beat me and raped me. So I know they would do something to like this. I know where they are I want to testify against them.
Margot: what do anda think he's doing now.
Me: he's either beating her atau torturing her. ..
Margot: did he ever torture you?
Me: yes, he'd tunjuk me a hati, tengah-tengah from an actual body. But he'd try to make me eat it.. atau he'd cut anda open whip anda then dump alcohol on you.
Margot: is he a cannibal?
Jessica: yeah ..
Margot: *sighed*

Layke POV

So they took me to an abandoned house and Taylor threw me on the bed. What is wrong with this guy?

Me: *tried sitting up*
T: *pushed me down* lay down.
Me: what do anda want from me?
T: *looked at me and continued going through his duffel bag*
Me: *sat up looking in his duffel bag* please don't kill me.
T: *looked at me and chuckled*
Me: anda know you're jealous that's why you're doing this. You're jealous Isaac got a nice loving caring girlfriend and anda don't no wonder it all makes sense now anda jealous .. *bit my tongue*
T: *got in my face* anda want to finish that sentence Layke .. hmm? I'm giving anda the chance!
Me: I'm good.. I don't have anything to say
T: my point exactly.. keep your mouth shut before anda end up in a ditch with all the other people I killed
Me: you're not going to get away-
T: *grabbed my face* shut up. I'll going to give anda 3 days to get better .. if anda get better we'll play a game where I'll tell anda to do something if anda don't then I'll kill anda and some Rawak girl

// 3 Days Later //

I feel better now I can walk again .. I grabbed my back-up phone and looked at the news.. they're looking for me.

T: *walked inside and grabbed my phone and threw it out the window*
Me: *looked down*
T: how anda been ? Gloo now you're going to go to Isaac and tell him everything I did, tell the police but if anda don't come back at 12:00 am oh you'll be sorry.

// Later On //

Isaac POV

Doorbell Rings

Me: *answered*
L: *hugged me*
Me: *hugged back*
L: I need to tell you.. something important. If I'm not back sejak 12:00 am it's going to be bad.

Jessica POV

Calvin: *unbuttoned my shirt*
Me: *took off his tank top*
Calvin: *pushed me on the bed*
Me: *kissed him*

// 12: 01 am //

Layke POV

Me: *looked at the clock* Isaac I'm in serious trouble.
T: yes anda failed your mission now let's go to the hospital

// Hospital //

I: oh my cheek it hurts
T: how about this Layke we tongue Ciuman and I'll stop harassing you
Me: Isaac?
I: go head
Me: fine

Margot and Elliot: *walked into the room*

Me: *screamed in pain as blood poured from my mouth*
Margot: honey what's wrong ?
Me: he bit 1/4 of my tongue off!!
Margot: Elliot
Elliot: *arrests him*
Me: *blood comes from my mouth*
T: *looked at me and laughed* take that *spit the piece of tongue on the floor*
Margot: Doctor!!
T: *broke free and slammed Elliot head into the cabinets giving him a concussion*
Margot: Layke come on honey *we fast walked outside*
T: Laykey Wakey *laughs* come out and play!

Margot: *took her to the girls bathroom* honey stay here
Me: *hid sitting on the toilet*
Margot: *put two metal pipes to hold the door back so no one could get in*
Me: *spit blood into the toilet*
Margot: *hid in the stall with me* what's wrong with him?

The lights are off.. but anda can still see the person.

T: *broke the door and grabbed a metal pipe*
T: *swung the pipe at the mirror breaking the glass*
Me: *shaking*
T: *grabbed the pipe above him and broke it causing water to pour everywhere*
Margot: Layke run out the back entrance
Me: through all that glass
Margot: anda have to trust me. Now go
Me: *looked for Taylor feet*
T: *by the back entrance*
Me: he's standing there!
Margot: try to run past him and if anda can't get past kick him in the groin and run out the other entry
Me: okay *crawled from up under the stall and ran towards the back entrance*
T: *pushed me down into the broken glass*
Me: get off me! *got up and kneed him in his groin several times then ran out the front entrance*
Margot: *followed me*

Me: I got cut he's going to follow the blood trail!
Margot: anda gotta calm down!
Me: *made a left* turn around!
??: *loaded his gun*
Me: this way!
??: *fired his gun causing the glass to break*
Me: follow me *crawled into the doctor office*
I: *pointed his gun at us* oh it's just anda guys come over here
Me: Isaac I have an idea .. I'll go and grab a pipe and hit T with it several times and get him chasing after me and Margot anda get ?? chasing after you.
I: what am I going to do?
Me: go help Elliot ..
I: alright Layke... please be careful ..
Me: I got you.
I: anda don't understand Taylor we grew up together he's stronger than me.. especially when he's angry the madder he is the lebih likely he'll kill you.
Me: that's why I have a pipe.
Margot: we ready?
Us: yeah

I grabbed my pipe and walked back into the bathroom but Taylor wasn't there.

T: *kicked me face down into the broken glass and kicked the pipe away from me*
Me: *screamed in pain as the glass cuts me*
T: *flipped me over and grabbed my arms and slammed me into the counter between where the mirrors were* so anda gon knee me?
Me: *kicked him off me*
Me: *ran down the hallway*
T: *walking after me* come out come out wherever anda are.
Me: *ran upstairs*
T: there anda are *starts walking upstairs*
Me: *threw the soda machine down the stairs*

I reached the bahagian, atas of the stairs and someone put their hand over my mouth and pulled me into a lab*

Jessica: what are anda doing?
Me: Taylor was chasing me.
Jessica: anda got cut up pretty bad
Me: I know.
T: *walked upstairs and smashed the glass*
Jessica: cover your head!!
T: *walked into the room*

I could tell what Isaac meant his nostrils were flaring and his eyes screamed murder . We needed a way out of here and NOW!

T: *cracked his knuckles* looks like somebody leaving in a body bag
Me: Jessica how big is it upstairs
T: *walked out and poured gasoline over the stairs and the landing and in front of the elevator and lit 6 matches and threw an*

The stairs were engulfed in flames but what made things worse he poured grease into the api, kebakaran now when the sprinklers come on the api, kebakaran will become bigger.

Me: Jessica
J: we're doomed come on *grabbed my hand and pulled me out the room*
T: I hope anda meet me friend Justin
Me: he's dead.
T: oh no he isn't anda think he is. *smirked*

So we all got outside and it was pouring so hard .. water was up to our knees so we couldn't drive so we found a bot kedai and we got 2 motor boats .. so we drove out and the water was about 12 ft deep.

Me: guys something isn't right.
Jessica: what if Justin turned into I don't know a shark!! Cause anda remember last time
Me: it's something worse than that.

The bot starts rocking back and forth vigorously.

Layke: we should get into that cage for safety purposes.
Margot: I agree.
Jessica: okay whatever

Then all of a sudden it's starts thundering.. and then we see a sail and its coming our way.

Margot: oh no this can't be happening.
Layke: anda remember last time he turned into that dinosaur? What if it's an even bigger one?
Margot: spinosaurus
J&L: whattt?
Margot: *showed us a picture*
Me: oh my g-
Jessica: L-L-L-Layke!
Me: yes M-M-M-M-M-Margot! I think we're staring into the eyes of Justin
Margot: we'll be alright if anda don't shine light into-

So he grabbed the cage and ripped it from the bot and threw the cage in the water and it sunk slowly.

Me: *called Isaac*
I: Layke? Where are anda guys?
Me: he's *end of call*

( Pictures


Me: *screamed*

Justin: *pushed the cage into the water*
Me: *opened the cage door*
Justin: *using his mussel and shaking it from side to side in the water*
Me: *saw Jessica was stuck*
Me: *grabbed the pisau and pierced the skin of Justin*
Justin: *roared in pain*
Me: *grabbed Jessica and swam to shore*
Justin: *looked at us and walked away*
Margot: we need to get moving.

Me: I see a nice cage. Follow me *carrying Jessica*

So we all fell asleep and woke up the seterusnya afternoon. I guess the boys found us and slept seterusnya to us.

// Afternoon //

Me: *looked at the long unsteady looking bridge* who's going first.
Jessica: I will *grabbed both ropes and walked slowly down the bridge and into the thick fog*

Once Jessica got over.

J: come on Layke it's not that bad.
Me: *sighed*
Me: *started walking down the bridge I reached about halfway when the bridge shook*

Margot: oh my God.
Calvin: what?
Margot: this is a bird cage.
Isaac: for what?
Margot: I don't know.

Me: who's there.

A large figure appeared coming closer I was trying to see what it was but I couldn't until we we're face to face.

( how big it is compared to a person: link)

Me: *screamed and ran back towards Margot*
Bird: *dug its claws into my shoulders and lifted me away*

Isaac: Layke!
Margot: *ran down the bridge*
Calvin: *attached a parachute to him and walked down to a big drop with nothing but water underneath*
Isaac: Calvin don't do this
Calvin: a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do *jumped down and pulled out his parachute*


L: let me go!!
Bird: *dropped me over it's nest full of hungry babies*
Babies: *started pecking at me*
Me: *pulling them off me*
Calvin: Layke anda gotta jump!
Me: jump??
Calvin: trust me!!
Me: *ran throwing things at the Bayi and jumped*
Calvin: hold on

We started gliding back when we got caught on a rock and those birds were closing in.

Calvin: let go
Me: are anda crazy *helped him unfasten his gear*
Calvin& Layke: fell into the water
Me: *came up to the surface coughing*
Calvin: come on!
Me: I can't I'm stuck!!
Calvin: *went underwater*
Me: Calvin!!!
Calvin: *came back up* oh Crap! *picked me up and guided me to shore*

I could hear Jessica voice then I felt two smacks to the face.

Me: *woke up*
Jessica: come on this place is going to burn down we have to leave they're not dead!
Me: *stood up* that's impossible! We killed them!
Jessica: we thought we did but someone aided them back to health we'll talk about this later we have to go before they find us!!
Me: where are we going to go?
Jessica: *grabbed a hammer and started making a hole in the wall*

The hole was big enough for us to go through but we we're running out of time. Jessica went first.. then I started crawling through.

Chris: *walked into the room* boys
Jason,Taylor,Justin,and Jason: *walked inside*
Chris: *grabbed my legs and started pulling me back*
Me: Jessica!!
Jessica: *grabbed my hands and pulled me back*
Chris: *yanked me through*
Me: *got stabbed sejak broken pieces of glass*
Taylor: take her .. Chris we're going after Jessica

J: *banging on the metal* hei hey!! I'm right here!!
Chris: let's go
Me: *ran down the hallway*
T: anda go that way I'll go this way
Chris: anda got it.

So I was running and I turned around and saw Chris then I turned to my right and nobody was there.

Me: *ran down the stairwell*
Taylor: *opened the door* surprise!
Me: *kicked him down the stairs*

I turned to go back upstairs

Chris: *pushed me down the stairs*
Me: *fell and grabbed a pie*
Chris: *kicked it out my hand* bye bye *kicked me in the head*
Me: *passes out*

Layke POV

T: *tied my hands behind my back*
Jason: *duck taped my mouth and put a bag over my head*
Me: *whining*
T: shut up.
Me: *kicked him in in shin*
T: anda little *put all his weight on my back*
Me: *muffled sound*
Taylor: *picked me up*
Jason: I'll take her.
Taylor: yeah anda do that.
Jason: *grabbed me and threw me in a trunk*

Maybe Taylor is right. What's going to happen to me? What if I end up in a ditch like he said?

So someone hopped in the car and took off causing me to hit my head. I needed something sharp that could cut this rope from around my hands. I felt something but I couldn't tell what it was until it cut my finger.

Omg he has a machete in here.. let's see what else . I felt something cold and heavy.. these are chains .. then I felt something plastic . It's a gasoline tank... what would he be doing with a machete, chains and a gasoline container.

The lebih I thought the lebih it made sense he's going to kill me . Omg I gotta get my cellphone from my boot. So I used the machete to cut the rope then I grabbed my phone and panic already set in.

Me: hello
Op; this is nine one one what's your emergency
Me: I've been kidnapped .
Op: what's your name honey?
Me: Layke R.
Op: do anda know what type of car you're in ?
Me: No there's a bag over my head *takes bag off*
Op: can anda tell me what anda see
Me: Oh my goood... it's a dead body in here *cries* and it's laying on me *pushed it off*
Op: Layke is there like any paint in the trunk.
Me: Yes but it's almost empty
Op: can anda break open the rearlights
Me: *took the machete and pushed it out*
Op: okay now what color is the paint.
Me: white.
Op: pour that out
Me: okay .. *did as told*
Op: do anda know who kidnapped you.
Me: it's a group of them. Chris (last name) , Jason (last name), Justin ( last name) Taylor (last name).
Op: did anda say Taylor?
Me: yes
Op: *searches his profile*
Op: *reading it* Layke I'm going to put anda on mute.
Me: k
Op: *talking to her co worker* guys Taylor has a bad record
Op 2: *walked over Membaca his profile* he's been charged for kidnap , murder , sexual assault , and aggravated assault.
Op: *clicked on recent* oh no just recently his partner held a girl hostage and he kidnapped Layke.. what's going on?

Op 2: he did the same thing to Lucy , Erica , and Hailey
Op: we might be dealing with a serial killer.
Op: *took Layke off mute* Layke?
L: yes
Op: what is in the trunk?
Me: a machete chains and gasoline container.. he's going to kill me and bury me in a ditch *wails*
Op: Layke listen to me. Make him angry
Me: are anda crazy?
Op: anda have to trust me
Me: if I do that he's going to kill me .. he's tried it many times before so what makes anda think he won't do it again.?

Taylor POV

So I had Layke in the trunk. And I was listening to Muzik until someone tried getting my attention.

Me: *turned my Muzik down and rolled down my window*
How anda doing?
Lady: good anda have paint dripping from your tail light.
Me: *looked in the back* thanks for telling me I appreciate it.
Lady: *rolled her window back up*
Me: are anda there?
Op: yes what's going on now.
Me: he's off the road we're on a trail now.
Op: Layke listen whatever he does .. be sad ball your eyes out.
Me: okay
Op: scream for help at the bahagian, atas of your lungs
Me: the car stopped he's getting out don't say anything..
Op: put your phone somewhere selamat, peti deposit keselamatan so we can track you
Me: okay *put the phone in my boot*
Taylor: *got out of the car and slammed the door*
Me: *bit lip*
Taylor: *opened the trunk* give me your hands
Me: *showed him my hands*
Taylor: anda did that didn't you?
Me: *kept my mouth shut*
Taylor: answer the question
Me: yes.
Taylor: *clenched jaw* give me it.
Me: give anda what?
Taylor: *wrapped his hand around my throat*
Taylor: *reached into my boot*
Me: *screamed for help*
Taylor: *released his grip*
Me: help! He's kidnapped me! Call the police!!
Taylor: *smirked* we're in the middle of nowhere and your screaming isn't helping.
Me: *slapped him*
Taylor: *looked at me then grabbed my legs and threw me on the ground and started beating me*
Me: I'm sorry!! Stop ! Please!!
T: *pushed me* I gave anda your three chances and anda blew them now you're dead meat
Me: *started running*
T: *grabbed my torso and pulled me back* where anda going huh?
Me: No let me go!!
Taylor: *grabbed my legs and threw me over his shoulder*
Me: *bit his shoulder*
Taylor: *threw me on the ground* anda want to bite me? How about I bite you?
Me: *grabbed a piece of corn*
T: what are anda going to do with that?
Me: *grabbed my phone and started talking*
T: *ran up behind me and picked me up causing me to drop my phone*
T: *threw me back into the trunk* I berkata no funny business. Do something like that again I promise I'll kill anda and sever your limbs from your body and burn your body.. don't try me.
Me: I-I won't *gulped*
Taylor: *slammed the batang closed and drove off*

I needed to get out of here and there was no way possible I'd get my phone back.. so there is a hole where anda can pull this cup holder down and anda can crawl through.. so I managed to get open it and I grabbed his phone and started going through it ..

I read his texts

T- yeah I'm about to drop off this dead body pick up another girl and the fun will start.
C- what are anda going to do with Layke?
T- torture atau maybe kill her if she does one lebih thing I'm going to lose it.

So I was debating whether I should call someone and possibly get killed atau put his phone back ..

I was thinking when I felt air hitting my neck . Why can't I follow my instincts??

T: *pulled me out of the car* I guess the buck stops here
Me: look I was thinking about what to do I wasn't going to call the cops atau anything like that.. please don't kill me
T: *smirked*
Me: this isn't funny!!!!
T: who are anda yelling at?
Me: nobody
T: *grabbed the back of my head* you're really begging to be kilt .. I enjoy killing if anda don't want to be killed .. anda better keep your mouth shut.
Cops: put your hands up!
T: *looked at them then back at me* anda did this.. *chuckled and whispered in my ear* when I get out.. anda can run anda can hide but I will find anda and I'll kill you. Nobody will be able to save anda .. not even your little precious Isaac.

The cops arrest him and I stand there dumbstruck .

Jessica: Layke anda okay?
Me: *walked over towards the cops* please don't arrest him.
Margot: honey what are anda talking about? He's going to jail!
Me: *fell on the floor and started panicking*
Margot: what are anda so stressed about?
Me: I have to move.
T: *smirking*
Margot: what did anda tell her?.
T: what she needed to hear *starred into my eyes*

// A bulan Later //

Me: *sleeping*
Me: *grabbed my chest in pain and started screaming*
I: *turned the light on* Layke get up! *shook me*
Me: *woke up and hugged him crying*
I: baby what's wrong?
Me: Isaac he's going to break out and he's going to kill me!
I: Layke what did anda dream about?
Me: Taylor he came in the middle of the night and dug his claws into my chest and took my hati, tengah-tengah *gripping my chest*
I: Layke
Me: my chest it hurts!!
I: *ran his fingers through his hair* put some clothes on and come on.
Me: he's going to find me Isaac
I: would anda rather wait for him to find anda atau anda be dead*
Me: Isaac what are anda talking about? *put on some sweatpants and a jacket*
I: Layke
Me: *screamed in pain through clenched teeth* it's getting worse!!
I: Layke if we don't get anda out of here. You're chest is going to hurt lebih to where the point anda won't be able to alih and he's going to come take your heart.
Me: Isaac he's getting closer .. help me!
I: *picked me up and carried me down the stairs*
Me: *chest pain gets worse and worse sejak the second*
T: surprise. *smirked*