Mirmo The make your own Muglox Game!

PoddoChan posted on Feb 09, 2010 at 12:03PM
How to play:
A) Make the main base of your fairy/What your Muglox looks like:
1. Select a name
2. Select the color of the outfit of your Muglox
3. Hair Color
4. Instrument
5. Type(Example: Like Mirmo's a love type Fairy, You's gotta have a type too!)
6. Gender
7. Anything els I forgot or you wanna add!

B) Extra(Optional):
1. Choose lover/crush
2. May be brother/sister of any other fan-Muglox or original Muglox! Or may be a friend of them, Anyway you want them to be related to other Mugloxes...
3. Yes, You can make a partner if you want!
4. You may draw your Muglox on your PC or on Paper, Does'nt metter as long as it's made by you!

C) Rules:
1. May not be an original Muglox or May not be Stolen!
2. May not be fanart of someone els' Muglox!(If you decide to draw a picture of your Muglox)
3. May not be partner of any original character!
4. No flame comments to other user's Muglox!

So have fun and enjoy!
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hampir setahun yang lalu siory said…
mystery gothica
electric guitar
goth muglox
personality: quiet stubborn but very caring
anna's cousin
 mystery gothica electric gitar goth muglox female personality: quiet stubborn but very caring anna