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pilihan peminat: Interstellar
pilihan peminat: minhyuk
pilihan peminat: Kihyun
pilihan peminat: Shoot Out
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Nisha_Gerl_ berkata …
Hihi! I'm a new member, its nice to know all the monbebe here. I'm new to Fanpop too. Hope to get to know lebih of the monbebe here! Btw I also have a monsta x whatsapp group chat. Do click the link below and fill up the form to sertai the whatsapp group. Thank you! Its nice meeting anda guys :)

https://goo.gl/forms/4GKWX1EVUNou6u8T2 telah diposkan ·3 hari lalu
Miraaa berkata …
There's a saying that a person without a dream is most unhappy.
I have all the dreams that human can possibly have.
I dream in a sleep telah diberi to everyone
And continuously dream to look higher and try my best
Happiness that anyone cannot get
Living in a dream
That I cannot believe
To those who make me dream, I Cinta you.

- Wonho telah diposkan ·6 bulan lalu
Christina0924 berkata …
Happy 3 years boys!! I have been there since the hari Mnet telah diposkan anda guys debut stage and I instantly fell in love!! Thanks for all the amazing albums and funny content, thanks for working so hard, thanks for being so real with your peminat-peminat and not giving up, thanks for blessing us with your amazing vocals & raps...just thank anda for everything...I don't regret spending these 3 years with anda guys...thank anda and I hope to spend many lebih years with anda guys!! telah diposkan ·9 bulan lalu