Jackson Jekyll
Jackson Jekyll

The son of Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Jekyll, and the first human character within the original doll franchise.
The website lists him as Deuce Gorgon's best friend.
According to Deuce's diary, they met when Deuce went to play casketball.
Jackson had a short-lived relationship with Draculaura in the doll diaries, who grew tired of Jackson not menunjukkan up to their dates at night.
Jackson's alter ego is Holt Hyde, but, until "Dueling Personality," he is not aware of this.
Jackson only shows up during the day.
baru-baru ini information implies the transformation might be related to loud music, atau is just another way to make it occur.
His first webisode appearance is in "Fear Pressure," where he is shown to be the only normie on campus and the cousin of Heath Burns. His being human makes him a constant target for bullies.
In the books, he and Melody are a couple and he becomes aware of DJ.
In the Lost chapter in the first Monster High novel, it is revealed he probably helped Ghoulia in illustrating her Dead Fast peminat comic.
Like Holt, his pet is a chameleon named Crossfade; Crossfade is tan and green when Jackson is the dominant entity.
In "Dueling Personality," Jackson is repulsed to learn that Holt is his "loud" alter ego.
He is voiced sejak Cindy Robinson.

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