Chapter 6: Draculaura

Draculaura was walking down the halls of Monster High. Clawdeen wasn't there because she was suspended from school. Headmistress Bloodgood also berkata her leg needs to heal before she came back. Draculaura spotted Lagoona at her locker re-applying her red lipstick.

"She will be the one I'll tell....She won't tell anyone!"
"Will she?" Draculaura quietly muttered to herself.

"HEY GHOUL!" Frankie berkata loudly in her ear.
"AHHH!" Draculaura jumped with fright.
"Oh my ghoul... SOOORRR-YYYY!" Frankie said.
" I gotta go tell Lagoona something..."

Draculaura walked over to Lagoona, confidently but will she be able to hear Draculaura out?
"Lagoona....can I tell anda something?"
"Sure mate...whats up?" Lagoona berkata with a giggle.
"Well....ummm.....I'm....uhhh.....I'm pregnant."
"Hmmphhhh HAHA! Yeah right! Nice joke mate."
"'s true.....and Heath's the father."
Lagoona stopped giggling and looked at Draculaura seriously for a second.

"Are anda serious? Why did anda tell me?"
"Because Frankie would tell Clawdeen and Abbey and Cleo would tell Deuce who would tell Clawd who would then break up with me!"
"Ok, ok mate I gotcha, but it seems like a crap thing to do, to get knocked up at 1600 years old. Sorry mate but you're on your own."

Lagoona walked away, leaving Draculaura in hysterics.