Chapter 7: Jackson Jekyll

Jackson walked towards Monster High in shame. Holt was getting out of control and Jackson couldn't stand him anymore. Rochell walked up to him, with Roux jumping after a ball Rochell had thrown.

"I can't do this anymore Rochell..." he berkata quietly..
"What kind of can't?" Rochell said, a worried look creeping onto her stone cold face.
"I can't deal with Holt anymore! He's driving me crazy!"
"Well. i don't know how to help anda sorry..." She said, obviously saddened.
Just then, something caught Jackson's eye. It was a foto of her and another gargoyle. He picked it up and adjusted his glasses. Rochell was frozen.

"Who's this?!"
"'s noth-"
"No! It's not like tha-"
Jackson threw the foto on the floor and stormed off.

He couldn't take it anymore. He ran into his room and cried. Holt was ruining his life....he wanted to kill Holt. But to kill Holt he would have to kill himself but he couldn't do it. He held the gun to his head as Rochell ran into his room.