Part 1: Who am I?

Okay then, how should I start this? My name is Hades Mortem, and I am the son of Death. Yes, THE Death, atau the Grim Reaper, however anda wanna call him. The same guy who wanders around the globe dressed in black robes, ending lifes with his scythe. But this isn't a story about my father, it's about me. So, lets get started then, shall we?

I study in Monster High, the most clawsome school of all time. Well, the most clawsome at least in my opinion. I began my studies here few weeks ago. Even though it is one of the best schools in the world, I haven't been able to make any new Friends here yet and I'm not even planning to. And I suppose it would be a bad idea anyway. Don't get me wrong, the ghouls around here are friendly and they all seem really nice. There is just one problem. anda see, being the offspring of Death has some downsides. I CAN'T MAKE PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH ANYTHING atau ANYONE THAT'S ALIVE, atau I'LL KILL THEM!

Yep, anda heard that right. I do not kill them on purpose of course, it just happens, because, anda know, I have the same powers as my father and it is impossible to prevent the "touch of Death". Now anda might be wondering, why is it a problem; I go to a school of monsters after all. Some of my schoolmates are dead already, right? Well, let me explain. If I touch gargoyles, they will become lifeless pieces of stone, just like regular statues and if I touch ghosts, they will disappear forever. And if my victim is a vampire, a zombie atau a skeleton, he/she will turn into a normal inanimate corpse and, anda guessed it, will remain that way forever. And then, there are the monsters who would just die normally, like werewolfs and -cats, because they aren't, atau haven't ever been dead. To put it short, my touch will end the life of any living creature.

So, maybe now anda understand why it is best for me to spend all my time alone. I must think about the safety of everyone, and therefore i can't have any Friends around me. Not even one. Too bad I already have a crush on this one girl here... Who? We'll get to that later, even though it wouldn't even matter, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I'm Hades Mortem, and this is how my story begins. I hope it has a happy ending, but then again, there's never anything happy about death, right?