Part 2: Ghostly origin

Here we go again. anda still remember me, right? Hades Mortem, the son of Death. If anda do, I suppose anda also remember my problem of not being able to touch anyone and therefore not having any friends. Well, today something really unexpected happened to me regarding that matter. But that's not all. Something else also happened today. Something that brought back some painful memories. anda see, I met someone. Someone I hadn't thought of in years. Before I go any further, I just have to say, that anda might not like everything I'm about to tell you. So keep Membaca at your own expense. Anyway, lets begin.

It was lunch time in Monster High. I was sitting alone at the smallest and the most secluded meja, jadual of the creepeteria, enjoying my meal. All the other tables were filled with monsters speaking about school, dating and latest gossip. Few Vampires complained about the quality of their Makanan and some younger students were looking for a place to sit. So basically nothing unusual. I was already about to leave, when I happened to glance at the door. And there she was. A female ghost called Spectra Vondergeist, Monster High's very own journalist. Even though she is one of the most popular ghouls around here, there aren't many who actually know how she died. Unfortunately, I'm one of those who do.

A small car was driving along a quiet and empty highway. It was a cold winter night and all roads were slippery because of ice. It was also snowing heavily, which made the driving conditions even worse. Inside that car, was a family of four. A sixteen-year-old girl was sitting on the backseat with her five-year-old brother. She was Penulisan something to her notebook, while her brother was sleeping. I quess anda already know who she was? Their father was driving and their mother was sitting seterusnya to him. Everything seemed fine even though the father had some trouble seeing in front of him, due to the bad weather.

Me and my own father were spectating the events from a short distance. The only reason I was there, was because my father had decided to tunjuk and teach me how to take people's lifes. He was basically training me so that I could one hari replace him as the Grim Reaper. Now we were just waiting for a disaster to strike, so my father could get to work.

And then it happened. Suddenly, from the midst of the snow storm, a large truck appeared. It was driving to the opposite direction of the road and was heading directly toward the car. The father driving the car noticed the truck far too late. He tried to brake, but it was nearly impossible on the icy surface of the road. I was watching helpless as the truck and the car came closer to each other, when my father nodded to me. Time slowed down, as we flew closer to the car.

Inside the car, the mother was screaming and the father was squeezing the wheel with all his strength. The little boy was crying and her sister clenched him tight with her arms. I could see the despair and the fear in her eyes. "Don't worry. I'll be here with you," she whispered to her brother with a sorrowful voice. A tear drop fell from her eye, as the car crushed to the bow of the truck. My father entered the car and briefly touched the mother, the father and the little boy to the forehead, killing them instantly. However, he left the girl inside the car untouched.

"Didn't anda forget to..." I started, when he came out of the car, but he interrupted me with a firm and simple "No," . I was confused for a little moment, but after I took a quick peek at the car, I realized what was going on. The girl was trapped between the truck and the car wreck. She groaned in her agony and was slowly bleeding out. Her death would certainly be a painful, but not a quick one. I felt myself ill. That girl had gone through a lot, but she would still have to suffer some more.

And so, me and my father just stood there waiting, for almost 20 minutes, until eventually, that poor girl took her last breath. "Mom? Dad?" She whispered with a weak and powerless voice and then closed her eyes. My father approached and then killed her with a pantas, swift touch to her head.
It was finally over. I didn't know what to do. I was emotionally devastated. I just wanted to cry and shout at the same time. My father clearly saw there was something wrong with me. He didn't say anything, but when we returned utama later that night, he apologized to me that the first death I had to witness was so gruesome. However, I didn't feel sorry for myself. I felt sorry for that girl.

And now, there she was, standing just a few meters away from me. She looked so happy and cheerful. Perhaps it was due to the fact that no undead creature can remember their own death. Actually, the only ones who do remember, are me and my father. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about Spectra anymore, when I heard someone say my name. "Hi, anda must be Hades, right?" She said.

I turned around. The speaker was no other than Frankie Stein herself. Some ghouls say that she is the kindest person in Monster High. "Is there something wrong? I noticed how terrified anda look," she continued. I was terrified, indeed, but it was only caused sejak the memories Spectra had brought up. "Everything is just fine, thank you," I replied calmly. "Come on, anda can tell me," she said, reaching her arm to grab my shoulder as a friendly gesture. I stood up, quickly backed off and yelled as loudly as I possibly could: "ARE anda INSANE?! TOUCHING ME WILL KILL YOU!" .

An awkward silence followed my words. All students were staring at us. Well, staring at me, to be precise. No one berkata a word, but they were all frightened, and for a good reason. That reason was me. I tried to come up with something to say, but I couldn't. Everything was ruined. Frankie looked at me with a puzzled expression on her face. "I'm sorry," I muttered briefly and then ran outside.

I went straight to my locker and began packing my stuff. I just wanted to get out as quickly as possible. I felt like I was no longer welcome to Monster High.

I opened the front door and was already about to exit, as I heard a familiar voice behind me. It was Frankie. "Where are anda going?" She asked politely. I took a deep breath and turned around. "I can't stay here. Everyone is afraid of me. anda saw what happened in the creepeteria. Besides, I could actually hurt someone," I berkata with a desperate and tired voice. "Don't worry. We all have our own problems, but we can learn how to overcome them," Frankie berkata compassionately. "For me, it's easier berkata than done," I replied cynically. "Well, anda still shouldn't give up your hope. In fact, I want to help you. Let's be friends, shall we?" Frankie continued and smiled softly.

I was speechless for a moment. I wasn't prepared for a soalan like that. "It's pretty dangerous, anda know, being my friend," I then said, still little hesitantly. "But that's a risk I'm willing to take," Frankie berkata with a determined voice. "Okay then...Friend," I replied shortly. "Good! Now come with me," Frankie berkata encouragingly and smiled brightly. I closed the door behind me and followed her. I, Hades Mortem, had a friend.