Part 3: The Interview

Hello! It's me, Hades Mortem, once again. I assume anda already know who I am, what I do and what kind of problems I have, so I'm not going to spend any lebih time on explaining all that over again. Instead, I'm going to tell anda about some major things that happened here after the "incident" in the creepeteria few weeks ago.

Everyone is speaking about me right now. The students are divided into two groups. Some of them find me and my powers really interesting and fascinating, and they actually care about me and want to be my friends. Then there is the other group, who thinks that I'm a threat to everyone and that I should be locked away forever, so that I can't continue my "murderous rampage" any further. To be honest, I agree with the saat group more. I really am a threat, but I'm fully aware of that and that's why I'm extremely careful around others and try to avoid them as much as I can. In fact, to better help me avoid other students, I joined the Disappearing Club. Well actually, I got invited sejak the club members: Catty, Invisi-Billy and Twyla. They are among the friendly students that understand how hard it is to be me and want to help. I've already learned a lot from them.

Anyway, today something really big happened. When I was preparing myself for the biteology class, Frankie came to talk to me. "Hey Hades! Do anda have a moment ?" She asked cheerfully. I turned to Frankie, and said: "Yes I do. What is it?". "Spectra wants to interview you, since anda have become so well-known here in the school lately," she continued with an eager voice. "Well-known? lebih like notorious and infamous," I retorted sceptically. "And that is exactly why anda should go to the interview! To tunjuk all students that anda are just like everyone else around here despite your...special powers," Frankie continued and gave me a wishful and meaningful look. I sighed heavily. "When and where?" I asked. "Five o'clock after school. Spectra will meet anda at the lockers. Don't be late!" Frankie said, smiled at me and walked away.

My final class for the hari had finally ended. I saw Spectra standing in front of my own locker. I was nervous. "There anda are! Come on, Cupid is already waiting for us," she berkata impatiently. "Cupid? But why?" I wondered. "The interview will be broadcasted sejak her. We'll reach a huge amount of students this way since everyone is listening to her program," Spectra explained. I nodded and we made our way to Cupid's "office". She greeted us at the door and we went inside to start the broadcast.

"Good evening, my lovely listeners! Today we have a special guest here with us," Cupid began with a calm and friendly voice. "His name is Hades Mortem and because he has created so much buzz around here lately, we decided to invite him to this tunjuk and interview him," she continued enthusiasticly. "But the best part here is, that instead of me and Spectra, anda my lovely listeners, will be the interviewers. So pick up your phones, call in and ask your soalan straight from Hades himself," Cupid berkata and turned off the microphone. I was shocked and even lebih nervous now. I didn't know we were going to do it like this. But there was no backing off anymore. Cupid's phone rang and we took our first caller into the show.

The caller was Holt Hyde. "Hey dude! I just wanted to know what kind of Muzik anda like?" He asked and began waiting for the answer. I turned on the microphone and said: "Well, I mostly listen to celtic music. My favourite band is called The Deathnoughts and I'm a big peminat of them,". "Wow, dude! That is so cool! I will check them out! Bye!" Holt berkata and ended the call.

The seterusnya caller was no other than Cleo de Nile herself. "I was wondering one thing, Hades. anda do not look anything like I pictured Death. Why is that?" She asked. Typical Cleo. For her, it was always about the looks. "So anda were wondering why my face isn't a skull?" I confirmed. "Yes...Exactly," Cleo said, clearly embarassed. "As a universal being, I can alter my shape and physical appearance in any way I want to. I choose to look like this, because the skull is a little bit stereotypical portrayal of Death in my opinion. My father, however, has a skull for face. He is still a bit old-fashioned" I explained. "Okay...Thank you," Cleo berkata quietly and the call ended.

So, Cleo got her answer, but have I ever told anda how I look like? Well, let me do it right now. I have dark grey skin, eyes that are completely white and really black hair that I usually put a lot of hair gel into, to keep it in shape. I wear jeans and a leather jaket to school every hari and I also use metallic jewellery, such as bracelets, rings and necklaces.

We continued our broadcast and the students kept asking me lebih and lebih questions. The soalan were mostly just normal kind of stuff that anda would ask from your new friend, such as "What is your favourite food?" atau "Do anda have any hobbies?". I wondered if anyone would ask me anything that would actually matter something. Luckily, someone did.

That someone was Skelita Calaveras. "Have anda ever tried to get rid of your powers atau prevent their effect?" She asked. "I have. Multiple times infact. When I was just a little kid, my father told me about the powers we both possessed and what would happen if I wasn't careful with them. I was only six atau maybe seven back then. From that hari on, I regularly tried to find cure for my condition," I told. "How did you...Test your powers?" Skelita asked hesitantly. "With insects, such as cockroaches and grasshoppers. They are also living creatures just like us, but killing them isn't as harmful as killing other persons," I explained. "I tried wearing gloves when touching them, I tried taking all sorts off medicine, I tried letting them touch me instead of me touching them, but none of it worked. I eventually gave up when I was about eleven years old and accepted the fact that I could never make physical contact with anyone," I continued and sighed. "I...I'm sorry to hear that Hades," Skelita berkata and finished our call.

For a few minit we didn't get any new calls. Then Lagoona Blue called. "What is your darkest memory related to your powers?" She asked. I could hear from her voice that she was worried. If I wanted to answer truthfully, I would have listed the names of half of the students in Monster High and berkata that I was there to witness their deaths, but I decided not to. "The darkest memory I have, is probably when I tried to pet this cute dog I saw and it died in front of my own eyes. I was five years old back then," I lied. "Is there anything good about your powers?" Lagoona continued, still obviously worried. "No, I don't think there is," I replied shortly. "Okay...Bye," Lagoona berkata and ended our call.

"Okay, I think that was our last caller then," Cupid berkata and turned off her phone. "But as anda listeners know, this wouldn't be Cupid's program, if we didn't talk anything about love," she continued happily and then turned to me. "So Hades, do anda have a crush atau a secret Cinta here in Monster High?" Cupid asked and smiled friendly. I couldn't do anything but lie once again. "No, I do not," I berkata shortly. "Very well. Thank anda for the interview, Hades," Cupid berkata and quit the broadcast. I stood up and walked outside.

As I came out of Cupid's room, Toralei Stripe was there waiting for me. "Hey, I just heard your interview. You're quite an interesting guy," she berkata playfully. "Did anda come here just to insult me?" I asked with a tired voice. "No! Not at all! I like bad boys," Toralei berkata and smiled teasingly. "How about a kiss?" She then continued and came dangerously close to me. "You know I can't even if I wanted to!" I berkata with a strict voice and backed off. "Come on! I have nine lives, anda know," Toralei berkata and watched me straight in the eyes. She berkata it with so much confidence, that I almost believed her. Fortunately I came to my senses before anything disastrous could happen. "I'm sorry, but I just can't," I berkata with a firm voice. "Shame," Toralei berkata and walked away. Suddenly she stopped and turned around. "I do hope anda find that cure anda were looking for someday," she berkata and then continued walking. I sighed heavily.

This is just my usual luck. I just can't believe this. When things finally start to seem great, then something like this happens, ruins everything and then nobody is happy anymore. Perhaps now would also be a good time to tell you, that Toralei Stripe was indeed that crush I mentioned before. She is a beautiful girl and a really nice person when anda get to know her better. Sure, she can be a little mean sometimes, but she is a clever cat and I believe she speaks the truth. I must find the cure.