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This Monster High foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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Frankie Stein (voiced sejak Kate Higgins) is the sixteen-day-old daughter(three-year-old as of date) of Frankenstein's Monster and his bride. She has waist-length black and white hair and has heterochromia (her right eye is blue and her left one is green). Frankie's fashion style is preppy, which usually revolves mostly around plaid prints (including lightning bolts) and schoolgirl style. In "Miss Infearmation," Frankie has developed a crush on Jackson, unconcerned that he is a normie. However, in the seterusnya episode, "Hyde and Shriek," she is blushing near Holt. After the stress both...
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Monster Parent: The Werewolf
Age: 17
Killer Style: Casual a la would be dumb for me to not listen to fashion Nasihat from her.
Freaky Flaw: I shed...a lot. When I get out of the pancuran, pancuran mandian my family becomes the proud owners of a fur-lined tub. I might as well comb my hair with a lint brush and save the extra step.
Pet: A gargoyle bulldog named Rockseena. She's my number one rock solid fan.
Favorite Activity: I Cinta football. I Cinta the training, the strategy, the competition, and the atmosphere on game day. It's the perfect sport.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who think that football players...
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