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monster high get in custums to hide from the humans when i walked in lawdeen PINK! lagoona WHITE beards and mushches glasses and wigs wut are those monster highs urning into! they seem diff every picture!
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Source: Made and designed sejak Nicole Church
Frankie cried in the restroom, but then she heard another cry. "Cleo? Why ate anda in here?" Frankie asked "Deuce was cheating on me this whole time" Cleo responded crying. Frankie could sympathesize with with Cleo "everything is going to be fine" she coaxed "no it won't be" Cleo whined. Clawdeen, Haylee, and Spectra heard noises as she walked sejak the restrooms "hey Spectra I think there's a good story in there" She smirked pointing at the restrooms "we're already on it" Haylee grinned walking in. "Cleo?!" "Haylee!?" "Clawdeen!?" "Frankie?!" "and I'm surprised no one has berkata Spectra yet" she...
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Note:This might have cursing,drama and perverted thoughts.

Draculara held the pregnancy test in shock.She never thought this hari would be so soon.She was young,not really,but what would her father say?!

"How could anda possibly get pregnant," berkata Clawdine."You're vagina is like 16,000 years old!"

"Clawdine!This isnt funny!"Draculara snapped.

"Sorry,I just wanted to cheer anda up."

"It's okay I guess.My dad is the big problem."

"One question,when we all die,will the baby still live along with you?"

"I guess so."

"Draculara c'mon my brother is waiting in the car."

"Where are we going?"


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