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"Hey give that back!" a 10 tahun old taven said.
"Why dont anda make me big brother!" A 7 tahun old daegon yelled.
"Give it back now before I tell mother!"Taven threated. His eyes were getting watery already. All his brother ever did was mess with him.
"Here anda go anda big cry baby! Thats all anda do! Father should make me a god! anda are too much of a cry baby to be one."
For Taven those words went to his heart. He and his brother did have many problems, those words hurt more.

"DAEGON! Go to your room right now!" Argus yelled at his saat born son. He then looked at Taven and said
"Taven, my son anda can not take those words to heart. As my first born there is a better chance that anda will become protecter of Edenia. Do not lisen to your younger brother. Do anda understand Taven?"
Taven nodded his head slowly. Daegon was right! He is alwaysed babied sejak their parents. It is as though Daegon was meant to be the older one.
Taven just walked it off. He went to his guardian dragon, Orin. Maybe he would help cheer him up.
"Hello there Taven. Hmm i sence there is something wrong? Orin asked
"Yes, Daegon took my Drakesword and he called me a baby and i shouldnt become a god."
"Oh Taven dont listen to daegon. He just jealous that your lebih stronger and Argus favors anda over him." Taven smiled
"Thank anda Orin. anda alwas make me happy when i' sad." Taven then hugged and patted Orin.

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