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New "Dawn of Justice" trailer revealed too much?

2016 is just around corner, and most of us are hyped for the upcoming Filem in 2016.
But is all the Filem worth your money? I've been seeing a lot of complains in my blog about the new Dawn of Justice trailer, saying that it revealed too much and it isn't worth the money anymore. The trailer revealed DC's super villain Doomsday and was uploaded to YouTube on 2th December and has hit 4,000,000 views! Not to mention I saw some of the same complains at the komen section, why did they make such a trailer? Just because Marvel's Civil War was one of the most bahagian, atas view trailer in such a short time?

To be honest, I think it is still worth the money. Just with half of the excitement gone. Oh, and Doomsday is uglier than I expected.


Here's the link for new Dawn of Justice trailer in YouTube for those who haven't seen it, and I'm sure everyone has their own opinion and it will nice to share them. What do anda think about the new trailer?
 New "Dawn of Justice" trailer revealed too much?
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