Filem The most important thing I ever learned from a horror film is...

Pick one:
Never pick up a hitchhiker ~ The Hitcher
Don't run upstairs when being chased sejak a madman ~ Scream
Never go into a creepy house in the middle of nowhere ~ Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Avoid taking shortcuts ~ Wrong Turn
Don't let yourself get bitten sejak a zombie ~ Dawn of the Dead
Make sure your house isn't built over a cemetary ~ Polgergeist
Never investigate strange noises
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Stay away from the kabin in the woods (Evil Dead)
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Be kind to people- Carrie
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Don't try to pull a prank involving birds - The Birds
All of These
All of These
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Having a gun on anda at all times is a good thing!
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Quit running straight ahead. Take a left/ right!
Quit running straight ahead. Take a left/right!
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