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msyugioh123 posted on Apr 15, 2011 at 11:43PM
my 1st letter i write:
well i love you and i like you
you are cool i go crazy when i see your anime pics i cant stop so what are you going to say? Serious i love you
you are on my head like a clock is ticking i am burning up LOL Serious i am always thinking of you when you comeing online i always look at the IM thing
so you are really in my room all the time right you say you are near closer and my friend is getting marry next year lol... do you know ppl can do that on the net?
my wiccan sister was crazy about seto kaiba before she say she want to marry every seto kaiba
so what we want to do now?
plz send this messege if you are online

my 2st letter i write:
i really like your old queen she is really pretty and she is look like me
hey do you live with someone? i really love you with you and i want to make ppl really happy like at the work shop we are chating crazy even on the radio we dance nuts! its just like on project plus its a medical center ppl its really easy
so... how we going to meet each other in real life? is that going to happen? man i need new charms form the fair grounds i always do that if its heavy in my neck i make it light or change it around lol.... thats fun to do so what going to happen with yami yugi? i cant stop chating with you! i hop this IM problem well fix what happen today

my 3st letter:
I need to find your love Switch LOL
so how we going to meet?! LOL
You Are A Fish!! You Need A Freaking Mermaid like me LOL
my bus drive say its 4 hours away you live in Atolantis right? go to wish well put my screen name on my paper and wish it lol thats what Japanese Temple Do All Wish Will Come True i been write Ranma Saotome's name before XD i am nuts when i was in japan i serious did it!! i was eating Ramen i remeber lol...... so lets get marry

my 4st letter:
i add some more pictuers of you do you like them?
are you really mermaid? can you sing? i can sing really good
I Am Luhica form Mermaid melody pitch pitch pitch and what are you? i really love you want to marry me on the net? lol
 my 1st letter i write: well i Cinta anda and i like anda anda are cool i go crazy when i see your Anime p
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