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msyugioh123 posted on Apr 22, 2011 at 08:24PM
What type of God\Goddess are you (Anime pics)
You're the God/Goddess of Soul! you're the most beautiful and majestic of them all, one look at you and people are dieing to get to know you. the only problem is you can tend to get a little courrupted easly witch makes you prone to becomeing a popularity type. and always worrying about appierence and stuff. but that's ok cuase once that's over you can most times recover and become a wonderful fun filled person and that's what makes you so majestic. you always love to watch people be happy and endours being happy(how ever you make yourself happy is up to you)you're also a well knowlaged person and can teach many about the ways of life and love. seeing as your not shuning them cuase they're unpopular ofcorse(depending on witch path you choose that may occure) otherwise you're a great person to have around.
 What type of God\Goddess are anda (Anime pics)

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What Ancient Egyptian God\Goddess are you (Cool anime pics!)

You are Hathor! Hathor is the goddess of art. As Hathor you love anything art related, whether it be poetry, writing, drawing, dancing, or singing. You tend to get lost in your dream world and push people away. Be careful with that. It's not good to be alone all the time. (Oh and stay away from Ra. You don't like his kind very much.)
 What Ancient Egyptian God\Goddess are anda (Cool Anime pics!)
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Which Seasonal God\Goddess Are You (with anime pics)
You are fall. You are creative and very compassionate.Once you have completed something you are jumping for joy. You have a wide varites of intrests too but don't let people say that the things you like are stupid. If they try to make you upset just say 'to bad I like it!' or something.
 Which Seasonal God\Goddess Are anda (with Anime pics)
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what anime picture are you
you are dull
not many enjoy you you are shy and dont speak try to be herd
 what Anime picture are anda anda are dull not many enjoy anda anda ar
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What lies behind your eyes link
I'm peaceful
 What lies behind your eyes
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i'm darkness
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 i'm darkness
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big smile
i'm just wondering... what anime/manga is the girl in the picture above from?? been wondering for a while... three or four years?
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What lies behind your eyes?

You know what you want. You are a very nice person. Your most confortable outside, and with people who are honest and trustworthy. You probablly have contemplated doing bad things, but you will always stay true to your roots, feelings, love, and friends. You will have an amazing life.
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