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For the electronic Muzik fans?

-Favourite genres that fall under it?

-Favourite era?

-What do anda look for in songs that fall under it?

-What got anda into it?


-Hard trap, riddim, dubstep, drum and bass, metalstep, big room house, hard room house, progressive house, melodic dubstep, future bass, future house, Dutch house, trap, hybrid trap, some dance-pop, some industrial, ghetto mainstream, bass house, bassline, UK garage, hands up, etc.

-Late 2019 on up.

-Depends on the genre.

-Top 40/pop back in 2011.
 CokeTheUmbreon posted ·5 bulan lalu
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zanhar1 said:
kegemaran genres: Witch House, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Hands Up, and Speedcore.

Eh, I like all eras but I really like the 90's and 2000's.

What do I look for: Honestly I'm not picky. But I have things that are pluses (if that makes sense). For Witch House, it's eeriness and a good sample. For techno it's a fun and catchy beat. For Trance, it's nice vocals. Handsup is like Techno and Dubstep is like Trance in terms of what I look for. With Speedcore, the lebih bizarre and disorienting, the better.

Honestly I really had a thing for synthesizers and vocorders. And EDM is full of that. But I think it was actually Avatar AMV's.
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posted ·4 bulan lalu 
Dubstep can be like trance. anda know, melodic dubstep.
CokeTheUmbreon posted ·4 bulan lalu
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