Third part to my bahagian, atas 50 songs artikel-artikel link & link I decided to go all out and senarai the other 50.

75. Gives anda Hell (All American Rejects): Most of the reason why this song made it into my bahagian, atas 100 is because of the fond memories. Way back in 8th grade my friend introduced me to it on the bus ride to one of our field trip locations. It was Cinta ever since. Not to mention the song itself is very catchy and enjoyable. And I feel like a lot of people can relate.

kegemaran Line: Now where's your picket fence Cinta and where's that shiny car?

kegemaran Part: When anda see my face hope it gives anda hell hope it gives anda hell.

74. To Cinta anda lebih (Celine Dion): This is another childhood song that I really enjoy--at one point it was my kegemaran song. Plus the vocals are very impressive. I Cinta the part where she just holds out the note. And the instruments have always impressed me too; especially when they went silent for a few moments before going all out.

kegemaran Line: I'm the one who'll stay when she walks away.

kegemaran Part: I'll be waiting for anda here inside my hati, tengah-tengah I'm the one who wants to Cinta anda lebih anda will see I can give anda everything anda need let me be the one to Cinta anda more.

73. Believe (Cher): Believe is (like To Cinta anda More) a childhood kegemaran of mine. In fact this was one of the first songs I ever listed as a kegemaran of mine and alongside Evanescence's Fallen was on the first album I bought. What's lebih is that I adore Cher's voice, it's very unique. I Cinta her general sound and this song is definitely good for menunjukkan off her skill. Plus I think the message of this song is pretty cool.

kegemaran Line: Cause I've got time to think it through and maybe I'm too good for you.

kegemaran Part: Well I know that I'll get through this cause I know that I am strong I don't need anda anymore.

72. Obscure (Dir En Grey): Okay now this song is a crazy adventure and I Cinta it. It's just so creepy, borderline scary--rather the Muzik video is. Though the vocals are very eerie sounding as well. Kyo is just a wonderful singer in general.

kegemaran Line: Hirari hirari to kanashige ni mau
someiyoshino ni wa nareru kegare wa michita biran no tsuki to outo no yoru egutore. (It can seem like a someivoshino a ceri, cherry blossom petal, that dances sadly. The stain is the moon that's fullfilled.)

Favorite: Part: Kogane iro... toge no haeta kumo ni naritai namida iro... kioku wo megurasete. (Colour of golden yellow...want to be the labah-labah that stings
colour of tears...remembering the memories.)

71. In The Middle Of The Night (Within Temptation): This is another really awesome Within Temptation song. Of course Sharon's voice is always on point. The gitar solo was completely badass. Likewise was the song's breakdown. I loved the background choir as well. This song is just so intense and I adore it for being so. All of the vocals compliment each other so well and the instruments are perfect.

kegemaran Line: I've been begging for blood on the wall.
I don't care if I'm playing with fire, I'm aware that I'm Frozen inside.

kegemaran Part: The breakdown.

70. Runaway (Kristy Thirsk): I just think that this song is simply really beautiful. Kristy just has a lovely and soothing voice. The song is actually kind of sad but I think that's why I like it. I also really Cinta the meaning of the song; a person who is having trouble seeing the best of things and his atau herself. Simply lovely song.

kegemaran Line: anda have built a sunless world, it's your design, not someone else's mind.

kegemaran Part: Run, run, run, run, run oh anda don't face yourself.

69. Eye (Eve's Plum): Eye is yet again another childhood song. A song that I forgot about for a good long while because I could never figure out what it was called until my dad finally played it again. This song is extremely catchy for me and tends to get stuck in my head. If you're a peminat 90's pop-rock, this is a good song for you. I know I Cinta it.

kegemaran Line: anda seem so real anda haven't changed.

kegemaran Part: No, it can't be I'm dizzy from the twist of fate. I want anda here with me I'd never leave anda standing there.

68. Sumerian Haze (Sirenia): Above all, I really Cinta the violin introduction to this song, it did a great job setting the keseluruhan mood to the song. This is another sad sounding song--to me these sad ballads are often the most beautiful and breathtaking. This one has a particularly dismal set of lyrics that speak of a hoplessness and ones inability to heal his/her hurt and mind. In other words I enjoy the deep meaning of the song. And the vocals are angelic; Sirenia has had a few singer switches and while I like each in her own way; I think Fabienne Gondamin's voice really stood out.

kegemaran Line: Profoundly deranged anda go through another hari I guess it was meant to be this way.

kegemaran Part: In sumerian haze anda cari for another hari guess another vail left anda this way.

67. Let It Roar (Battle Beast): Now this is a song that just kicks ass. I adore Noora Louhimo's rough and scratchy vocals. This woman knows how to roar and this song was perfect in menunjukkan that--roar is in the tajuk for a reason. Not to mention the instruments are absolutely wonderful and very much complete the song. As for the lyrics; if you're gonna write a metal Cinta song anda might as well put it in angkasa lol.

kegemaran Line: I am a angkasa traveler on a distant Planet X, seeking directions back to Earth.

kegemaran Part: Just let it roar, there is Hell inside of me that no one knows, just let it roar, oh baby, put your api, kebakaran in my soul.

66. Lagoon (Nightwish): Lagoon is definitely one of my kegemaran Nightwish songs. It just has this very darkly enticing and soothing melody. As always Tarja's vocals are just so alluring especially since in this song, they are so soft as opposed to the usual power they hold. The song just has a great melody and excellent instrumental bits to back up the stellar vocals. And to bahagian, atas it all off, the lyrics are just so poetic and enchanting.

kegemaran Line: Feeling lonely and content at the same time, I believe, is a rare kind of happiness.

kegemaran Part: Imagine a perfect pantai without a mermaid.

65. One lebih Time (Fractured): No song says 'futuristic' like One lebih Time. I've always been fond of electronic Muzik especially if it veers on the darker less dancy/cluby side. This song is electronic and robotic alright but it's no dance song. It's actually a rather grim Cinta song that has an extremely catchy and addictive sound.

kegemaran Line: Wasted time is all I have left, the broken promises I kept.

kegemaran Part: One lebih time I'm left broken, one lebih time words unspoken.

64. Hanging sejak A Moment (Lifehouse): So many memories in one song. Of all of my nostalgia songs, I think that this one is the most nostalgic. It's just such a calming and lovely song. The lyrics are sweet and it has a good beat. LOL rhyming words. I used to play this one over and over again on repeat when I was really little.

kegemaran Line: Forgetting all I'm lacking completely incomplete.

kegemaran Part: There is nothing else I'm desperate for changing starving for truth I'm closer where I Started I'm Chasing after you.

63. Gypsy Road (Cinderella): Cinderella's Gypsy Road is simply a fun listen. If you're into 80's rock, this song is perfect for you. It's catchy, it's upbeat, and it is a perfect match to that 80's sound we love. Of course that's because it is an 80's rock song. Naturally this is another song I grew up on due to my dad's enjoyment of all things 80's rock.

kegemaran Line: And who's to care if I grow my hair to the sky I'll take a wish and a prayer menyeberang, cross my fingers cause I always get by.

kegemaran Part: I used to be now I'm not what anda see, Lord I try and now it seems all those dreams have come true, but they're passing me by, some fast talkin' mama for a dollar put a smile on my face.

62. Bring Me To Life (Evanescence): This is another song that I had to put somewhere on my bahagian, atas 100 list. I mean at one point it was number 1 on the list. Amy Lee's vocals have always impressed me and this was the song that got me hooked. It was a song that constantly got stuck in my head, not that I minded. It's just such an intense song, listeners can really feel the emotion in it and I appreciate a song that is so expressive.

kegemaran Line(s): How can anda see into my eyes like open doors? Leading anda down into my core where I've become so numb without a soul my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold.

kegemaran Part: Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul don't let me die here there must be something lebih bring me to life.

61. Superstar (Toybox): This song is another song that brings back memories. Like this was my jem back in '08 when I was just starting my weeb phase. I first head this in a Naruto Akatsuki AMV and it was Cinta ever since lol. This was the song (alongside Caramelldansen) lead to so many musical discoveries.

kegemaran Line: Cinta it when anda say my name.
Cinta to party, I am naughty.

kegemaran Part: I am a superstar with a big big house and a big big car, I am a superstar and I don't care who anda are, I am a superstar with a big big house and a big big car, I am a superstar and I don't care who anda are.

60. Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters): This song is just one of those songs anda can hum along to. I remember it being one of the many songs I'd constantly ask my dad to play in a loop during car rides. I think that the meaning of the song (as I interpreted it) is kind of neat; using evolution as a metaphor for a guy looking for a way to fix things but can't seem to do it.

kegemaran Line: We live happily ever trapped if anda just save my life run and tell the Bidadari that everything is all right.

kegemaran Part: I'm looking to the sky to save me looking for a sign of life.

59. Walk Like An Egyptian (The Bangles): Walk Like AN Egyptian was the other song I had my dad playing over and over again. In fact this was probably my most repeated song ever. When I was little I went through and Egypt phase so I naturally fell in Cinta with this song. In general The Bangles make some great Muzik and the vocals in this song are stellar and I Cinta the riff.

kegemaran Line: All the school kids so sick of books, they like the punk and the metal band.

kegemaran Part: Blond waitresses take their trays they spin around and they menyeberang, cross the floor, they've got the moves.

58. Different Kind Of Cinta Song (Cher): To be honest I don't really know why I fell in Cinta with this song. I heard it such a long time lalu when I was a kid. After Believe and Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, this song was my jam. To this hari I Cinta Cher's vocals; especially on this track. Different Kind Of Cinta Song has a beat and melody that I just adore and I Cinta the electronic spin it has on it.

kegemaran Line: We have living proof, there is some kind of light that flows through everything.

kegemaran Part: This is a different kind of Cinta song. Ooh, a Cinta song ooh, ooh, ooh.

57. Where Is The Cinta (Black Eyed Peas): This song is another one that has kind of always been there. I remember hearing it at a party when I was young so it has a kind of nostalgic feeling to it. On bahagian, atas of that it's such a soothing song with meaningful lyrics.

kegemaran Line: But if anda only have Cinta for your own race then anda only leave angkasa to discriminate and to discriminate only generates hate.

kegemaran Part: Where is the love, the love, the love

56. I WΛŊT (✞ λ₴MѺÐ∆I ✞ x San4os96): This one is a remotely new song for me. There really are no lyrics aside from one repeated vocal string that's been sampled and looped in from another song. But it's been distorted and warped giving it an eerie and ominous feel that I really enjoy. This was one of the two songs that got me into the Witch House genre. It's just such a creepy song with an instrument that sounds like it could be an old scratching record but at the same time it's got that modern electronic sound. I just Cinta the creepy vibe of this song very much.

kegemaran Line: N/A

kegemaran Part: N/A

55. Cookie Thumper (Die Antwoord): Cookie Thumper is one of those songs where I just don't quite know why I like it. I think at the end of the hari I like it so much because it's extremely catchy and fun. Plus Yolandi has such a unique voices. She's almost got this innocent child-like voice that just contrasts the lyrical themes in the most flatteringly wonderful way.

kegemaran Line: I burn them! Ja motherfucker, flame on!
Bow down to her motherfucking majesty.

kegemaran Part: Throw them devilish gang signs in the air. Start giving it up for little evil me.

54. Black Sludge dinding Noise (Ol' Drippy): BSWN is another song that has no distinguishable lyrics. It's another Witch House songs and one of my Kegemaran from the genre. If I WΛŊT was creepy and odd sound-wise then BSWN is on another level. The fact that anda can't understand any of the vocals and that they are so distorted makes it sound very (literally) alien. The song just has a very unsettling atmosphere in a way. And for that, I Cinta the song.

kegemaran Line: N/A

kegemaran Part: N/A

53. Cry For The Moon (Epica): Cry For The Moon is one of my kegemaran Epica songs. The vocals are so darkly haunting and fairy tail like. It's a classic example of true Symphonic Metal. As always Simone's Singing just blows me away and it is accompanied sejak such enticing instrumental riffs. And as per usual the lyrical theme is super heavy and has a deep message. Epica is a very philosophical band and this song is a very prime example of such.

kegemaran Line: Indoctrinated minds so very often contain sick thoughts, and commit most of the evil they preach against.

kegemaran Part: Eternal silence cries out for justice. Forgiveness is not for sale. Nor is the will to forget.

52. Slutbutt (Centhron): In the same way that Cry For The Moon is a great example of Symphonic Metal, Slutbutt is a great example of Industrial Metal/Electro. This song is the one that I'd choose for an epic intergalactic battle scene...well ya know for a non-German movie because the people who actually speak German know what the lyrics are lol. I'll give anda a hint; they're exactly what the tajuk would imply. I am super fond of the instruments and the beat of the song. Especially since it's accompanied sejak harsh screaming vocals.

kegemaran Line: Ich will sie tanzen sehen! Sie soll sich auf mir drehen! (I want to see her dance!She'll spin around on me!)

kegemaran Part: Ich will sie tanzen sehen! Sie soll sich auf mir drehen! (I want to see her dance!She'll spin around on me!)

51. Neon Future (Steve Aoki): This song is everything I want in an electronic song. For me the vocals are very ideal in the way that they are synthesized. Neon Future is perfection to me from the first verses to the hook and the chorus. While the beat and instruments are cool, it's definitely the vocals that I adore the most. Steve Aoki did right in featuring the Empire of the Sun singer in his song. His voice just worked very well for it and created for what I think is the best EDM song produced yet.

kegemaran Line: Future waves, special days, neon future.

kegemaran Part: What is this changing in front of my eyes, in front of my eyes.