Hi everyone!

I've been meaning to write this artikel for a couple of weeks now but just never got around to it. Since tonight is Krismas Eve, I thought I'd finally share my bahagian, atas ten Krismas songs with anda guys. Hope anda enjoy the article!

1. White Krismas - Bing Crosby


Christmas' iconic song and the best-selling single of all time. I remember swaying along with my Friends a long time lalu to this song while sitting down at an outdoor konsert - and after a while we got a little off in our swaying and started bumping into each others' shoulders lol. It was hilarious.

2. All I Want For Krismas Is anda - Mariah Carey


This song just really resonates with me in general. I also Cinta the song's opening and I think the chorus is simply irresistible.

3. I'll Be utama For Krismas - Bing Crosby


Beautiful and solemn wartime Krismas song.

4. utama For The Holidays - Perry Como


Very heartwarming and pleasant song to listen to.

5. Krismas (Baby Please Come Home) - Mariah Carey


Mariah's vocals are displayed well but not too much, as I think they unfortunately are in her version of Joy to the World.

6. O Holy Night - Josh Groban


Josh Groban has an amazing voice, and this song allows him to do so much with it. The result is stunning.

7. Snoopy's Krismas - The Royal Guardsmen


This is an adorable song based on The Krismas Truce during World War I. I Cinta how its first words (albeit in the background) are in German, since I take German.

8. Feliz Navidad - Jose Feliciano


This used to be my kegemaran Krismas song but has since dropped. My kegemaran part of the song is when the brass comes in with the main chorus.

9. Little Saint Nick - The pantai Boys


This song is so catchy and I Cinta the chorus. It's the same with every pantai Boys song I've listened to, though.

10. I'll Be utama - Meghan Trainor


Heard this on the radio and instantly took a liking to it. It helps that the song is in my kegemaran key - D major.

Hope anda enjoyed the artikel and please feel free to komen :)