Muzik Generation of Muzik Kekasih

alicia386 posted on Jul 05, 2012 at 02:48AM
Music can be describe as the window to the soul. Just yesterday I thought my best friend was all girly but when I found out she likes rock and roll and punk music I learned she actually had a dark side. She never shows this dark side unless you dragg it out of her. So i learned something new about my best friend.

Another important discussion. I don't really care for Justin Bieber (gasp). I mean his music is okay but I surely wouldn't hate him because of his voice. That is kinda stupid. So what if he had or has a girl voice. I could care less! I dont like to hear someone say "Ugh! I hate JB because he looks like a girl!" Some of you say i dont say that but that is exactly what you mean though.

Last discussion for the day. What music is really about? No music is not about the singer or how they dress. Music is mainly about the amazing songs that we will always have. To listen to for the rest of their lives. From this point on we are critics. We judge the music and not the singer. If you want to judge the singer then go to a Judge Sing Club. This is not club for you to be mean to any singer. One it starts stuff. Stuff you dont want to be started.

I have spoken. Now let my words forever rewind in your young minds.

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