Muzik Song Quote Contest (3 pujian to 1st place, 2 to 2nd, 1 to 3rd)

ninjacupcake88 posted on Jan 08, 2011 at 03:27PM
Every week, I'll give you a letter. You must find a song that starts with that letter and quote a part of it you like. Then fill out my little example chart. Then I shall post the quotes on picks and have fanpop decide :D
Whoever wins will get 3 props, 2nd gets 2 and 3rd gets one

Letter: M
Quote: I love you more then I can ever scream
Song: Mortician's daughter
Artist: Black veil brides

Round 1: Winner: bubbles4u22
Second: fake_alibi13
Third: b_flow

Round 2: Winner: KowalskiTheLich
Second: Arabika345
Third: CSI_Rachael

Round 3: Winner: Anichu90v2
Second: Kadaj
Third: KowalskiTheLich

Round 4: Winner: h2o-fen-site
Second: SelenaCantSing
Third: Lovetreehill

Round 5: Winner: KowalskiTheLich
Second: h2o-fen-site
Third: SelenaCantSing

Round 6: Winner: h2o-fen-site
Second: KowalskiTheLich
Third: Arabika345

Round 7: Winner: h2o-fen-site
Second: viju
Third: tellymaster

Round 8: Winner: h2o-fen-site
Second: Kadaj
Third: ryans_love

Round 9: Winner: tellymaster
Second: Darkshine
Third: h2o-fen-site

Round 10: Winner: Arabika345
Second: h2o-fen-site
Third: ryans_love

Round 11: Winner: Kadaj
Second: Arabika345
Third: fanfly

Round 12: Winner: b_flow
Second: Arabika345
Third: h2o-fen-site

Round 13: link

First letter is A :D begin!
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