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pelangi, rainbow Power help?

Guys, do anda know what pelangi, rainbow Power is? Toyline in which the ponies are pelangi, rainbow colored. Like if anda cari it up you'll see some imej in which the ponies are in their play kuda, kuda kecil form but, pelangi, rainbow like. So this is what I did, I searched up Hasbro's phone number and I called and this guy named Johnathan picked up and he berkata there was no such thing of a toyline and he berkata the only close thing to that was the old mlp. So like what the heck? I got nervous cause I didn't know what to say at first and if anda look at ebay and cari it up anda can find them. Also here is the link to the image of the toy: link
here is Hasbro's phone number if anda have any soalan related to Hasbro: 18002555516
 Mylittlecute12 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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